Friday Update on Young Love July 13

Friday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

July 13 Episode

DS calls Bhairon, Basanth and Gehna and she informs them that Shiv has agreed to marry Ananadi. Everyone is estatic hearing the news and she informs that Shiv will be talking to his family and she knew that she had made the right choice. Bhairon states now they need to speak to Anandi about this, DS states not to say anything yet, to give her some time to get over her turmoil. Anandi comes into the room and is surprised to see everyone together, Bhairon makes excuse that they are talking about the birthday. Anandi comments about DS dancing and looking very happy

Jagat is still walking on the road in a trance.Some begger is looking at him and Jagat stares back like some lost lamb, the beggar offers food but jagt calls him a beggar and walks away.

Next day Ashi calls Shiv and wishes him happy birthday and they have some nok jhok about the gift, Shiv informs Ashi about the surprise party, he then tells Ashi that DS asked him if he wanted to marry Anandi, Ashi is shocked and asks what he said, Shiv replies about the talk they had once and how Ashi explained his ideal girl would be like Anandi, he continues that he then realised that he too liked Anandi and that he agreed to the marriage. Ashi is teary and she tells him Congratulations. His PA comes and reminds him about a meeting.

Anandi is getting ready to do pooja, Anandi gets a letter, she opens and finds that its about her divorce to Jagya will be finalised on the 7th July. Anandi recalls signing the papers and is getting emotional, she then gets a phone call Ashi calls Anandi, Anandi explains she gave the present from Ashi. Ashi explains what she gave Shiv is nothing compared hers. Anandi is confused and Ashi confused that it’s the best gift for someone to be able to marry the person they love, Anandi is still confused. She continues that Shiv told her that DS asked Shiv to marry Anandi and Shiv agreed, Anandi is shocked to hear this. Ashi wants they both to come to London after they get married but Anandi is still in shock from all the information. Anandi drops the phone on the floor. Anandi then recalls all the instances DS wanted her to be close to Anandi and to dress up.

Anandi shouts everyone’s name, all are shocked and come running downAnandi asks why DS did this, DS is confused and Anandi explains why she spoke to Shiv about a marriage proposal. She states she now understands why DS was acting like this all along. She continues that she did all this for DS but never once she questioned why she was being made to do this because she trusted everyone. She then give DS the divorce notice letter. She continues that her relation with Jagat will now end forever and on the other hand DS is in talks about her marrying again. Bhairon tries to explain they were about to tell him, she asks why didn’t they. She states that they were all waiting for the divorce to finalise and now it has. She informs instead of her family she found out from Ashima about the marriage proposal. She continues why they hid this from her

Anandi qs all they r taking that big decision of her life without even informing her. ds tells her its true,she did all coz when she saw shiv 1st time and took her after saving her. she decided that he will be the life partner for anandi. They did search for suitable groom for her before but they failed. Anandi shocked.ds again tells her she ordered rest to hide it. They couldn’t find a proper groom bur due to devi maa shiv came and she understood that he is her true life partner. Anandi asked what if her relation will be ended,cant she stay with them.Are they think she is a burden. Ds tries to explain that she wants to see her settled before her death. And all want that too. they r at fault to marry her at childhood and they want to rectify it to find a man who will be with her for life time. Are they wrong. Anandi tells her that her balvivah cant be ignorable and will be with tagged with her. they want her happiness but she is happy with them.

Ds tries to say she needs a life partner. Anandi sternly says she wont marry collector sab. All stunned.Anandi tells ds if ds will adamant like this then she wont sign the divorce paper and divorce wont happen nor her remarriage. Bhairon tries to make her understand not to do that. Anandi too folds hand not to force for 2nd marriage.Anandi asked promise her that she wont put pressure on her for remarriage. Ds asked how she will leave alone for life time. Anandi she doesn’t know what is up for her in future but she cant let her happen that gain what happened with her once. She cant handle the rejection and separation. Basant tells its not necessary that it will happen again. but anandi replied if that happen again then!! Then anandi again asks for ds’s promise.After lil hesitance ds agrees. Anandi relaxed and hugs ds.

Then anandi rush somewhere. When ds asked her. anandi says in anger to meet the person who agrees to marry her. ds stops her but she didn’t stop. Ds panics and curses ashima. Bhairon tells her that anandi refused after that also she wants to marry her with shiv. Ds tells hium what if she refused. She cant live alone like this. basant tells that she promised her. ds says yes she did but once divorce happen with jag, anandi will agree herself. Gehena asked how. Ds tells her she will make anandi no to yes for sure.

Ashi sees the pic of jetsar trip and upset. Shiv calls her and tells her that if she will talk to anandi then pls don’t tell her anything. Ashi is about to tell that she told her already. At that time Anandi comes to shiv’s office and shouts collector saab. Shiv is on phone,stunned to see her like that. She shouts at shiv that how could he do that. He helped her for govt grant for her school, then after that he want to marry her for sympathy. Shiv tries to explain and steps towards her without cutting the call. anandi tells him not to come near. She asked him not to feel sorry for her. her husand left her that doesn’t means she is a bechari and need sahar of anyone. Shiv says he didn’t do anything.

What he thought was right, he did that. But anandi said that her family thinks she will be happy after 2nd marriage, its their POV not her. she is happy with her family. He didn’t even think how ashima will feel when she got to know about all this. the person whom she loves, he accepted to marry someone else.shiv stunned. Ashi too overheard this and feeling bad.