Friday Update on This is Love 31 January 2020

Friday Update on This is Love 31 January 2020

Raman seeing Yug leaving. Yug leaves. Raman thinks Yug will doubt seeing my car. He asks watchman to get his bike. Watchman asks why are you firing me. Raman says I m not firing you, just get the bike and wait for me. Yug reaches the hotel. Raman comes there. Aaliya calls Yug and says you forgot your wallet, give me your address, I will come. Yug says very smart, I got my wallet, my friends are here, stop calling else bachelors party will be spoiled. She says so mean, take care. Ranbir comes and says sorry, I didn’t come in partywear clothes. Yug says I will go and call you, don’t come in. Ranbir stays out.

Yug shows invitations and enters the night club. He asks Ranbir to come in. Raman goes after Ranbir. Ishita reaches there and gets a packet. She thanks

the man and sees the parcel. She reads the love note. She gets a call. She says yes, I m getting ready and coming. Ranbir says I m in, I m sitting next to you. Aaliya asks shall we watch a movie. Ruhi says yes. Aaliya says I m upset with Adi, he didn’t take me to party, we will watch the movie, I will tell story to him. Ruhi says we will go and call Simmi also.

They go to Simmi and see her sleeping. Aaliya says strange, she is sleeping so early. Ruhi says she is sweating, I think she is ill, should we call a doctor. Aaliya says AC isn’t on, she looks restless, its very hot, we will switch on the AC. Ruhi asks are you sure. Aaliya says yes, come. Simmi says don’t shoot me, please, don’t kill me Ishita. Ruhi says she just said Ishita, lets wake her up. Aaliya says she maybe dreaming, people talk while dreaming, don’t overthink, lets go and watch movie. They go.

Rohan asks Karan did you talk to Ruhi. Karan says I was busy in work. Rohan says call her now. Karan acts to call Ruhi. He says Ruhi was sleeping, I will talk to her tomorrow. He asks Rohan to go and sleep now. Rohan goes. Karan says Rohan is insisting to call Ruhi for dinner, something is wrong, I can’t talk to mom, why are things so complicated. Mani sees Ishita and calls out Ishu… Shaina doesn’t listen.

She says I will get ready and come, patience, see you, no one will miss me at Bhalla house, don’t worry, I told them that there is an emergency. She goes. Mani says I m sure she heard me, is Raman inside. He calls Raman. He says he disconnected my call, it means they have come here for a romantic dinner date, I won’t disturb them, have fun. He leaves. Shaina gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi says Ishita isn’t answering my call. Aaliya asks her not to worry. Raman asks what’s happening here, I will save you, who is this man.

Yug says actually.. Raman says I know you were talking about some bullet, did this man send the bullet. The man says relax, Yug has come here for an interview, its a unique style of our company, I have called Yug here, I m manager of this club, Kunal. Raman asks is this a dangerous job. The man says this is our way to get attention. Raman says use safer methods next time, isn’t it too late for an interview. The man says its a night club, can we start the interview. Raman says sure, all the best.

Raman says I was scared listening to you. Yug ass why did you lie, why did you call me. The man says I was paid to lie and save you. Yug asks who wants to meet me. The man says I don’t know, I was ordered to give this to you. Yug reads the note… when you were asked to come alone, you should have followed instructions. He thinks who is this person, what does he want. Yug comes to Raman and says I don’t think I will get this job. Raman says I m happy, you don’t need this job, join my company. Yug says no, Ishita doesn’t trust me, no one does.

Raman says she is very sweet, don’t worry. Yug says I don’t want any problem between you two, can Ranbir and I go out for drinks. Raman says its not a bad idea, why don’t we have a round of drinks here. Yug says Vishal is waiting for us. Raman says go, don’t cancel your plans. Yug and Ranbir leave. Raman says I m glad that Yug isn’t hiding anything.

Raman orders whisky. Yug says what’s happening, I don’t understand. He shows the note. Ranbir says its not strange, but dangerous, we should tell this to Raman, its not good to break his trust again. Yug says he is already in trouble, I can’t tell him, he is already in stress, I will have to solve this alone, who is this man, what does he want. Ranbir asks what’s there in your past. Yug says nothing, forget it, we have to wait for next note, don’t tell this to anyone. They leave.

Raman asks why is that section isolated. The waiter says we reserved the section for VIP guests. Raman is leaving. The guard says wait, we will escort VIP guest, then you can leave. Sahil comes there holding Shaina’s hand. Raman gets shocked. Sahil says give the welcome bouquet to my wife, Shaina Shah. Raman looks on from far. Raman tries to go to them. Guard says talk later. Raman says that’s my wife. Guard asks are you drunk, what are you saying, Sahil said she is his wife, get out, don’t waste our time. They throw Raman out. Shaina holds Sahil’s hand.

Yug coming home. He says who is that man, who wants to meet me. He goes to room. Aaliya hugs him. He says sorry, I got scared. She says you are my husband, I don’t like you living in guest room. He says I will come to our room after the rituals happen. She says I was watching a movie with Ruhi, how did you come home so early, you aren’t drunk, you are a good boy. He says I m your boy, go and sleep now. She says I will see your party pics. He snatches phone and says I will show it later. She says fine, I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t know why you are behaving strange. She goes. He says sorry, I don’t want you or this family to get troubled because of me. Raman says I will call Ishita, oh, battery dead, I didn’t even get my car. He sees some men keeping

a big box. He hides inside the box. The men take the box inside. Sahil and Shaina drink.
Raman gets in and hides. Police comes to raid the club. Raman says a big don is here, my wife is with him, catch him. Goons say we have thrown him out, he is drunk and saying nonsense. Raman says my wife is in this club, find her. Inspector says call the people here. He asks Raman to say who is her wife. Goon says throw him out, he is drunk. Raman says maybe I got mistaken. He shows his ID to inspector. Inspector asks him to go home, maybe he is really drunk.

Raman comes home. Mr. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman asks is Ishita home. Mr. Bhalla says no. Raman says her life is in danger, don’t know what will Sahil do, come with me, we have to find Ishita. Ruhi says calm down, she went for emergency. Raman says she isn’t home. Shaina comes from upstairs and says Raman…. He gets shocked. She asks what are you saying.

He says thank God you reached home safely, you were at the club. She asks are you drunk, why will I go to the pub. He says people were introducing you as Shaina Shah, you didn’t mind it. Ruhi asks what, Sahil’s wife. Shaina says I was calling you, your phone was switched off. He says battery was dead, why are you lying. She says you are hallucinating, you need rest, come and take rest. He says don’t lie, say the truth, I went there to meet my friend. She asks why did you get so drunk, I wasn’t there, I slept while waiting for you, you can’t blame me. He says I didn’t drink, stop nonsense.

Mrs. Bhalla says stop it, go and sleep, we will talk in the morning. She goes. Ruhi thinks why will Raman say so, something is wrong. Raman asks Ishita what’s the problem. She says not again please, what do you want to hear, I went to clinic, call my assistant and see. He says I have seen you, don’t lie. She says I m not lying, I wasn’t at any hotel, but at work. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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