Friday Update on True Love 31 January 2020

Friday Update on True Love 31 January 2020

Meethi asking Vishnu don’t you want me to be a suhagan? He very slowly picks up the vermilion. She continues I know you want us to live and die together. He looks at a very happy Meethi and smears her forehead with vermilion as the chant plays in the background. Meethi becomes happy and hugs him. But he doesn’t hug her back.
She asks him why he seems so hesitant today.

She credits it to banjara’s basti and smiles. She notices his mood and wonders. She says I know you want to say something to me but are unable to. I am your Meethi only. You can tell me. I will give you a solution. She shares how in her childhood, when she wanted to say something to Anni she would write in a diary and hide it under Anni’s pillow. This way we would patch up. You too can do this if you are hesitant in saying things face to face. She goes somewhere while Akash stands back confused.

Maiyya is sitting alone in the living area. Someone knocks the door non-stop. She shouts for everyone saying it must be Akash. She goes to open the door and finds Surabhi. She is looking completely scared. Pavitra and Gomti come there.

Akash is writing his truth in the diary. Meethi’s words echo in his mind – you too can write your inner feelings on a piece of paper like I used to do in my childhood. He thinks you rightly said. What I cannot say I should write. He writes, I am telling you something which I never have said in my whole life. My past, my lies everything. I know that I will lose you after saying everything to you but it is important for you to know. Please forgive me. He again starts writing.

Surabhi is in tears. She mutters she got saved by chance today. She hugs Maiyya who is equally taken aback. Agarth and Nirbhay are shown coming downstairs. She sees Agarth and rushes to him. He gets worried seeing her sweating and worried.
She says they would have caught me. He asks who Jogi Thakur? She asks Nirbhay to close the door. They would have caught me. Nirbhay is about to close the door when Rathore stops him and enter with Tappu in tow. Rathore asks them about Meethi. Everyone has tensed expressions and they stare at each other.
Surabhi says to Maiyya, bua ji I was speaking about them only. Maiyya turns to look at them.

Akash starts walking towards the hut where Meethi is. He stops near the bon fire and thinks this isn’t the right way. This is cowardly. I should be strong now. she gave me all her love I cant do tell her this way. He keeps the chit in his pocket and goes inside the hut.

Maiyya looks at them with a triumphant expression on her face. Rathore puts his hand around Tappu’s shoulder and they enter inside the haveli.

Meethi is sitting in a corner (there are no lights so he cannot see her face). He turns his back and starts speaking to her. I tried talking to you but couldn’t. You asked me pen down what I wanted to say but I think it would be wrong. If it is my fault then I should be able to tell you the truth. You would never have imagined even in your dreams what I am going to tell you today. Maybe you wouldn’t wanna see my face again but today I must tell you everything. Meethi, my marriage with you wasn’t for real – it was a fake marriage. It was a fake relation that we entered into.

Scene shifts to Maiyya (keeps shifting minute after minute today). She says I had 2 small kids but Iccha snatched their father from them. Flashback of Iccha killing Avinash is shown.

Akash says your mother killed my dad. That is when my mother asked me to promise her that I will take revenge for the same when I grow up. We see the flashback where a young Akash promises his mother about taking revenge as they lit the pyre.

Maiyya says he was very small when he promised. He grew up with the revenge motto in his mind. You city people wont even understand how hungrily men cast eyes on a young widow. You know that hairs beautify a woman but see. She removes the veil from her head and Tappu steps back shocked to see her cropped hair. Another flashback of her hair cutting ceremony is shown. She says, that Iccha took away my hairs from me.

Rupam dehi starts playing in as Akash tells Meethi that with that just like the pyre there had started an equally engulfing fire in my mother’s heart – of hatred.

Maiyya tells them she has given hatred in legacy to his elder son.

Akash too says the same thing. I came in your life with hatred only. He has flashback of their first meeting. He was the one who had done short circuit thing and he was the one to save her too. Rest are the moments when he helped her in troublesome situations. He says I faked love and the marriage was fake too.

Maiyya says it doesn’t make any difference if they did it by hook or crook. We sent our daughter to our enemy’s house and then made our son your son-in-law. After the first night of their wedding we did everything we could to scare her. it was all for revenge so that that Iccha dies every minute she sees her daughter suffering because of her.

Akash takes it ahead. He says but when your mother died Maiyya couldn’t bear it. She decided to hurt you all the more.

Maiyya tells them how can you do asthi visarjan of Icch’s ashes when I have still not done visarjan of Avinash’s ashes? She wont get peace. Iccha’s own daughter danced on her chautha (4th day after someone dies)…right here. Tappu is shocked and Rathore holds her to support her. Flashback of Meethi dancing is shown. Ekadashi says, she danced so well that I felt at peace. We even tried to feed her mutton but Akash came in the way.

Akash confesses that was the first time when I felt something. When I questioned myself if I was right or not. that was the first time when I understood what it is to be in love.

Ekadashi says that is when I decided it is time to get her killed from my own son only. He has taken swear of my blood that he will kill Meethi. Her end will end my hatred too.

Tappu cannot take it anymore and charges at Ekadashi. She holds her by neck. Agarth tries to help Ekadashi but she stops him saying she (Tappu) cant do anything.
Tappu says if anything happens to my daughter then you too will have to face the same fate like your husband or even worse. If she dies then you die too.
Ekadashi says nothing will happen by doing this. Go to the forest and search if you can find her body somewhere. My son would have sent her to her mother by now. tappu loses out grip and has a fainting spell. Rathore holds on to her and tells her to calm down. He assures her that nothing will happen to Meethi.

There Akash says I know you will start hating me now and would not even like to see my face. But it was important for you to know. He goes but stops at the exit. He turns and notices Meethi asleep and is upset.

Ekadashi says I have full faith that he would have killed her by now. Go and find the body before the wild animals eat her up. You can now do visarjan of both mother-daughter’s ashes together. Surabhi looks troubled and tearful from here onwards.
Tappu says nothing will happen to her. What do you think she would have died by now? iccha is still alive. Did Surabhi not tell you this? Maiyya turns to look at Surabhi shocked who looks away. Everyone else is equally shocked. Tappu puts her hand on her chest. She is here. I have her heart in me. Everyone is astonished while Maiyya looks at Surabhi angrily.

Tappu says a mother’s heart can never be wrong. It is saying that her daughter will be perfectly fine. You wont be able to kill her ever. I wont let you. Ekadashi is restless now.
Rathore tells her to calm down. We have to find Meethi. Its now use talking her let us go. They both stop to look at Surabhi.
Tappu says (to Surabhi) you have returned to your home but wheneve you will close your eyes you will see Ammo’s face. Surabhi has flashback of how Ammo had asked her to inform them as soon as she reaches her friend’s place.
Tappu says whenever you will look in to the mirror you will recall the innocent loving face of your husband Kanha. She has another flashback of Kanha saying I love you to her.
Tappu tells her you wont be able to sleep peacefully. Ammo, Kanha and Iccha’s face will always roam in front of your eyes. You lied to them and ran away from there. You broke your wedding vows as well. But you wont ever get the peace of being a daughter in your whole life. Your bad karmas wont leave you for life. Surabhi is crying silently. Maiyya watches them irked.

Rathore says if you believe in any God of yours then you must start praying that we find Meethi all well. If she is hurt even a bit then I myself will come back to destroy the lone haveli of Aatishgarh I promise. Keep praying that I don’t get such chance. Everyone stares at each other angrily while Surabhi has tears in her eyes.

Akash finds turns and finds her sleeping (I feel so sorry for him 🙁 ). He picks her up from where she was sitting and makes her lie down. He covers her with linen and holds her hand. I gathered so much courage to tell you the truth. He takes out the paper and keeps it near her head. I wrote everything in it that is important for you to know. Tomorrow morning I will take you to your home all safe and sound so that you can do the asthi visarjan of your mother.

He tearfully puts her hand back inside the linen and gets up to go from there. He turns back to look at her once and Madno (edited version – saajna) starts playing in the background. He comes outside and sits somewhere. He has flashback of their past happy moments spent in Mumbai, their wedding, on the way to Aatishgarh and tears roll down his cheeks.
He looks at his hand and recalls putting vermilion in Meethi’s forehead in the morning. More tears start flowing. He looks up towards the sky and notices a shooting star. He closes his eyes. People say that when one wishes seeing the shooting star the wish comes true. I can only ask for this that all the pain which I have given you; you forget them and me as well. Hope life gives you all the happiness as soon as tonight’s storm ends.

Tappu is worrying about Meethi. Rathore asks her to calm down. This isn’t good for your health. We will search the whole forest but we wont give up until we find her. we will get her home all well. Tappu nods her head.

Surabhi is crying in her room as Tappu’s words echo in her head. You wont be able to sleep peacefully. Ammo, Kanha and Iccha’s face will always roam in front of your eyes. Your bad karmas wont leave you for life. Agarth comes and tells her not to cry. He gives her water.
She says you heard what she said to me. It wasn’t Tappu who cursed me. It was Iccha Ma (liked she still addressed her as Ma). The words came from her heart which is of Iccha Ma only. I am very scared. Agarth tries to console her saying she wasn’t any goddess. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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