Friday Update on Young Love 31 January 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 31 January 2020

Dadisaa telling that her work is done and asks Ganga to send the note book to her class mate home. Jagya praises Dadisaa. Ganga asks him to sit for sometime as she brings the breakfast. Jagya says he has so much work today and tells about his schedule. He says he have to go to college site too. He says that land and laborers are important for us. I have to distribute blankets to them. He asks her to accompany her. Ganga says she have to go to hospital as two operations are pending. Jagya says he will go alone then. Dadisaa asks him to sit and scolds him for compromising with his health. She asks him to have food and then go. Jagya sits and says ok. Ganga goes to bring food.

Ganga comes out of operation theatre and thinks she can go with Jagya. She gets call from Dhawal, informing her about one of the part of college building collapsing and says he is worried that Jagya was there at that time. Ganga is shocked. She asks are you sure? He says he went to collector’s office and now he got the news. Ganga is tensed and calls Jagya’s number, but it is switched off.

She panics and rushes out. She sees an ambulance coming. She freezes for a moment to see the injured men. Doctor asks Ganga to attend the patients. Ganga gets teary eyed and thinks she can’t work until she gets Jagya’s well being news. She then thinks to do the work as it is her duty. She prays for him. Dadisaa comes to the hospital and asks Ganga about Jagya. Jagya says there is no news of Jagya till now. I wanted to go to site and see, but have to attend the patients. Dadisaa and Gehna ask Ganga to go to site and look for Jagya. She rushes out and again sees an ambulance. The patients are brought inside the hospital. Jagya comes out of ambulance. Ganga gets relieved seeing him. She hugs him. Jagya says he is fine.

In the night, Ganga looks at Jagya and thinks she was worried for Jagya while handling the patients. She says she can’t imagine her life without him. Jagya wakes up and asks why you didn’t sleep till now. He asks her not to worry. He says sorry as he couldn’t call her from site. He was worried as the laborers were injured so he was bringing them to the hospital. Ganga says she was very tensed. Jagya says he can understand. He makes her sleep on his shoulder.

Gehna tells Dadisaa that Niranjan left for school. Jagya comes and says he is fine. Dadisaa says I didn’t understand how can this building collapsed, which is not even ready. Jagya says he was thinking the same. He says the complete slab fell down. I will enquire with the Police. The Police men comes and asks about him. Jagya says he is fine. Inspector says he couldn’t find the contractor. Jagya says it is the result of contractor’s greedy. Inspector says material was of bad quality. Jagya looks on.

Anandi is sitting in the NGO, the song plays Maula Mera Maula…….She gets a call from Dadisaa. She informs her that she is in NGO. Dadisaa asks her to keep herself busy in work. Anandi says she is fine with their blessings. Amol comes to Anandi and brings milk for her. Anandi gets touched by his gesture. He asks her to drink. Anandi drinks. Amol makes her sleep. Alok, Daddu and Anoop bring toys for Anandi’s unborn children. Alok says we brought this toys for coming children. Daddu says we brought it after thinking about the possibilities. Subhadra asks where you will keep it. Daddu says in your room. Anandi visits the hospital. Doctor tells her that everything is smooth in the 9th month of pregnancy. Anandi thinks it would have good if her life was like that.

The Inspector coming to Dadisaa’s haveli and tells Jagya that he caught the contractor. He says he told us that he bought the material from some shop. The seller is the relative of LP Shrivastav. Jagya applauds him and says they should be punished. Inspector says he did his duty.

Ira tells everyone that they will stay at home as Anandi’s delivery date is nearer. Meenu says we will be at her side. Alok says he refused to attend a meeting. Anoop says he said clearly to his clients that he won’t have any meeting until his grand children are born. Anandi is coming down through the stairs and is about to fall. Meenu and Ira rush to hold her. Meenu suggest Anandi to shift to ground floor’s room, adjacent to Subhadra’s room. Subhadra hesitantly asks her to shift.




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