Friday Update on Promised Love 26th March 2021


Friday Update on Promised Love 26th March 2021

Azaan asking Noor to answer him. Noor says I really don’t know about it. Surayya says Shayra said that file was changed, but had papers. Qazala says this means she changed it. Noor says Surayya chachi came in my room and says it is her trick. She asks Azaan and Shayra to believe her and says it is Surayya’s trick. Azaan sits down. Noor swears on her dead Ammi and tells that she didn’t do this. She tells Razia that you know me since childhood and tells that she is not greedy. She says we shall check in Surayya’s room. Surayya asks Asgar to say something.

Asgar refuses. Qazala says let them check in Surayya’s room and asks her not to be scared as she didn’t do anything. They come to Surayya’s room and check for the papers. They don’t get the papers there. Noor says they might have kept the papers somewhere. Surayya says why we will name the property on your name. Noor says I didn’t change the papers. Shayra says she has sworn on her Ammi and she is not lying. Asgar says Noor must be having the papers. Qazala taunts Noor and says papers must be with her. Surayya says Noor’s room shall be checked. Noor says lets go. They come to Noor’s room and check for the papers.

Qazala says I will check her room. Razia says Azaan and Shayra will check her room. Qazala looks at the book kept there. Azaan and Shayra check the room. Razia holds Noor’s hand. Azaan is about to pick the book. Surayya says papers must be here. Qazala makes Shayra fall on the book. The book falls and papers come out from it. Azaan sees the original divorce papers and tells everyone. Surayya says this is done by naukrani. Qazala asks Noor to tell how these papers came here? Noor says I don’t know and cries asking Azaan and Shayra to believe.

Qazala calls her naukrani ki beti showing her colors. Noor says I am servant’s daughter, but not a thief. She says you must have kept papers here. She tells Azaan and Shayra that she don’t have any proofs, but she just want Razia love and Azaan and Shayra’s friendship. Qazala tells that Noor has done this and brought us on the street. Noor takes papers from Qazala’s hand and goes to lawyer asking him if this is the paper which was attested. Lawyer says yes.

Noor burns the papers relieving Shayra, Azaan and Azaan’s tension. She asks Lawyer why he didn’t confirm before getting the papers attested. He says he has many cases and thought that she has changed her mind. Noor says if I had changed my mind then would have asked you to make new papers. She says she don’t want anything as alimony. Lawyer goes.

Shayra asks Noor not to cry and says you didn’t do anything wrong. Azaan thanks her for clearing Dadi’s misunderstanding. Qazala says you both are trapped in her conspiracy. Shayra says I trust her fully, she can’t do anything wrong. Qazala tells Azaan that she don’t trust this girl while giving him head massage. Azaan says head massage is for relief and not for increasing head ache. Noor tells Shayra that divorce is postponed for 2 weeks. Shayra says its ok. Noor thanks her. Shayra says we are sisters. Qazala asks Azaan not to fall in Noor’s trap.

Next morning, Razia makes Shayra wear pasa on her head and compliments her beauty. Shayra says don’t know if I deserve this. Razia says you deserve this. Shayra takes their selfie. Noor sees that and smiles, recalls telling yasmeen that she wants to become bahu begum and wants to wear classy jewellery like razia.

Qazala tells Noor that when she was a child, if her toy is snatched by someone, she couldn’t keep quiet. She says you lost your husband and asks when she will snatch Pasa. She taunts her and says everyone has desires, but only few persons desires get fulfilled. Noor says yes, you said right, even you couldn’t become bahu begum and gives the bowl in Qazala’s hand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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