Friday Update on Complicated Love 26th March 2021

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Friday Update on Complicated Love 26th March 2021

Pari comes to meet Mishti at the event. She had come for Mishti’s help. Mishti was worried to see her, she thinks how she will be able to tell Veer about their relationship then. She tells Pari that all the work is done, only management orders are left and some instructions for supervisor. Pari says Veer is extremely aggressive these days, nothing is under control. Arnav says Veer is extremely angry with Mishti, and also paid them advance cheque as well. She suggests Mishti to leave. Mishti asks how they can leave their work in the midst.

Pari says they can complete the work at earliest and leave as soon as possible. Mishti was furious and tells Pari to let her fight her own battle, is that clear. Pari was offensive, and says she only wants to stay here until Mishti completes her work. She wasn’t ready to debate on the matter and was sure to stay with Mishti.

Rohan was lost in Mishti’s thoughts in the flat. A friend of him comes to greet him, he complements his Pune flat. Rohan requests him to give an advance little earlier for their photo-shoot in the resort next week. Rohan says he actually needed some advance, he booked a house. The friend apologizes, as the shoot has been delayed for two weeks because of Milan fashion week. And he hasn’t even got his own payment from the previous photo-shoot. Rohan takes a leave.

Mishti speaks to the bar manager about all the stocks. She instructs him to call her if there is some problem. She turns around to see Pari making arrangements of food. Veer enters the party with Arnav. Mishti walks past them and reaches Pari. She asks Pari to leave, as all the arrangements are complete. Pari offers to check the stock of drinks. Mishti says she will check that out. Arnav spots the girls and tells them to leave. Mishti says Pari won’t listen to her. Arnav convince them to leave. Mishti says there will be a lot of confusion, as the last minute checking of bar is left. She sends Pari to take the car.

Veer scolds the bar men how they have been serving the drinks. He tells them to go and get their supervisor. The two men leave. He appoints two of his men in their place who replace the drinks hurriedly. Veer overlooks them and tells them to complete their work hurriedly.

Mishti spots Veer busy with some guests. She comes to him and taps his shoulder. He turns to her. Mishti says she wanted to speak to him. Veer asks what’s left. Mishti says it’s important, can they speak in loneliness. Veer taunts if she speaks to every guy in loneliness, she traps every guy so easily. He inquires whom she trapped after him. Mishti says if he gets pleasure in her insult, she won’t mind; but people might only deem him wrong here. Can they speak about it somewhere else? The attention was diverted when one of the guests shout at the bar man for serving a cheap brand instead of squash.

Mishti goes to ask the problem. Veer laughs wickedly. Outside, Pari discuss with Arnav that she is scared, they shouldn’t have left Mishti all alone. She calls on Mishti’s number but it goes un-attended. Mishti checks the bottles and wonders where they got the bottles. She can’t recognize the men as well and questions who sent them, they aren’t her staff. Veer comes to attend Mr. Chopra, he promises to send his demanded drink. He insults that these minor company owners take complete payment, but won’t do the quality job. The two bar men now reach the party.

Mishti asks where they had been. The bar men tells Mishti that Veer sent them to find her. Mishti gets that Veer exchanged the wine in his own party, just to degrade him. Veer says he only replaced wine, whom she exchanged him with. He takes attention of all the guests and blames Mishti for this third class tactic.

Pari was extremely scared and says Mishti could have been here. She gets a call from Rohan who asks about Mishti. Rohan senses Pari was extremely tensed. Pari says Mishti was attending Veer’s party, Arnav said Veer is angry with Mishti. Rohan thinks why Mishti didn’t tell him about it, its not a good idea for Mishti to tell Veer about them all alone.

Veer tells Mishti to beg people but not ruin parties like these. Mishti confronts Veer as he is crossing his limits. Veer minds he got into his limits only now. Pari and Arnav come inside, a waiter tell them about the matter. Veer says they must not have felt any insult when they took the cheque. Veer says he wonders why she needs all this money, she must have to show it off the her new lover, surely. She can take the money, a few lacs doesn’t count for him. He gives that money as alms. Mishti slaps Veer. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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