Thursday Update on Cost of Love 25th March 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 25th March 2021

Pankti teasing Purva about Monty. She asks her to call him. Purva says no, how will he feel. Pankti says you will feel happy right. Purva says I m scared, do I have a right to get someone’s love and support. Pankti says we won’t get many chances to get happiness, I won’t let you miss this, just message him for my sake. Monty plays video game. He gets Purva’s message. He smiles and checks her DP. He replies her.

Anita calls JD from Pankti’s phone. He checks her call. Sheetal wakes up and asks him to get water. He says I will go and get water. He takes the phone. She asks what’s the need to take phone. He says I got habitual, sorry. He leaves. Pankti reads Monty’s message and asks Purva to reply. Purva says no, we will go and sleep. Anita calls JD again. Sheetal sees the call. She doesn’t answer. JD comes back and gives her water. His phone rings again. He says its imp call, I have to answer this. He goes out and answers. He asks what’s this time to call. He sees Sheetal spying and does drama. Pankti comes to her room and checks her phone on charging. She sleeps.

Its morning, Pankti gets JD’s call. JD asks her is she missing him a lot, as she is with him since a year, she would have fallen in love with him. She asks what are you saying. He says you gave me 5 missed calls yesterday night, it proves Ahaan’s puppy love is nothing in front of my luxuries. She says I didn’t give any missed calls. He says what, it means your flop actress mum did this. She ends call. She goes to ask Anita. Anita asks did JD call back, did he talk sweetly, I m rectifying your mistake, he didn’t come after your birthday, cheques will also stop now, I will try to get him back, you do anything you want.

Ahaan comes and hears this. He says Pankti did a lot, now its my turn, I will not let JD’s shadow fall on him. He calls JD and says enough of this Bade papa’s game, finally the time has come when Pankti should get freed, we will meet on highway in half an hour. Pankti sees Ahaan. Ahaan asks her to see this house, she won’t stay here for long. He leaves. JD says fine, I will agree to you and behave like man to man, the challenge and fights will be man to man.

Ahaan waits for JD. JD comes to meet him. He asks why did you call me here. Ahaan says because I can’t talk at home and office, I had to do my talk privately. JD says you created a drama in front of the family, is there anything to say. Ahaan says I had to say sorry, I was rude to you, I spoke to you in loud tone, I couldn’t help it, sorry, its true I love Pankti, the bigger truth is I have loved you a lot, more than dad and entire world. JD smiles.

Ahaan says when my illusion broke, I couldn’t bear this, you are married and cheated your wife by having an illegitimate relation, you were Lord for all of us, you have ashamed us, this maybe little thing for us, but not for me, Pankti is that girl whom I loved without knowing her and your truth, your relation of dealing is older, but that is past now, I was not there, everything is changed today, I have come now, so I want to forget everything, I came to tell you, just leave Pankti, she was yours before, but now she is mine, she wants to live with me, not you, that’s all I want, her happiness, smile and freedom.

JD asks freedom, you gave a long lecture, if you think I will give her to you, then you didn’t know me till now, what’s mine can’t become of someone else, none can get her, she is my property, not any note fallen on the road that anyone puts her in pocket, don’t forget, you came between us, we were happy in that house. Ahaan says its a jail, free her. JD says Pankti is not caged there, her mum is a witness, Pankti is with me by her wish. Ahaan says not by her happiness, I m saying for the sake of humanity, just free her, if I get adamant, I can snatch her from you, then you and your power can’t do anything.

JD taunts him. Ahaan says you are mean to use someone’s helplessness. JD says I paid a price, they wanted money and I wanted some fun in my life. Ahaan says if you loved and supported her, it would have been another thing, but you always tortured her, just death was left, just free her from now on. JD stares at him. He says fine, I have left Pankti for Ahaan, take her, keep her, but what will I get in return. Ahaan gets shocked.



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