Friday Update on Colours of Love Glow Tv


Friday Update on Colours of Love Glow Tv


MARCH 16, 2018

Sumer says that child means happiness in home, we will al play with him, Maithili says we have sing lullaby too for child, shtabdi says i am very bad singer, you will sing, mohini taunts Maithili, sumer comes and ask Maithili for a sweet, Maithili gives and goes from there, mohini says you are eating sweets for rudra’s child, he will have child and i will only wait for my heir, he says what are you saying maasa, i cant think about shtabdi and child, we cant even give birth to insect forget the child, mohinis says i don’t know anything, i want my heir and you have to give, go to shtabdi now, sumer is tensed.

aman is distributing sweets in bsd, shantanu is in lock-up, he says to aman will not give me sweets? aman goes to him and says that these sweets are for rudra becoming father and your chapter is over, your story will rudra tell to his children in old age, shantanu thinks that why so hurry, this story is not over, only one chapter is over, rest are remaining.

sumer puts frame in his room, shtabdi ask what is this? he says i thought to put our picture together, shtabdi sees the picture and sumer is tied in it, sumer tries to hug shtabdi but she doesn’t let him, light goes off, then it comes back, shtabdi sees sumer trying to kiss her, she shouts and ask whats all this? he gets frustrated and says that 1st i got married to you forcefully, samrat saved himself and ran away from marriage and because of maasa i was forcefully married to you and now maasa thinks that rudra’s child will get whole property and he will get everything so she wants me to have a child with you, shtabdi looks on, she sits beside him and says that you look like a fool when you keep running behind your mother otherwise you are cute, sumer gets happy and goes close to kiss shtabdi, shtabdi moves back, they get awkward and goes from the room.

in morning, rudra gives paro laados to eat, she makes face but then eats it, rudra shows paro painting of her, she smiles happily, the ritual for paro’s pregnancy is about to start, sumer and shtabdi comes there and tells mohini that they are going to be parents too, mohini and all are happy. mohini cant stop laughing, all does ritual and makes paro eat the sweets. the days passes by and happiness is on ranawat house. after some months, paro sees the bump in her belly, rudra sees it too and they smile. otherside shantanu is fuming in jail.

after nine months, paro has given birth to baby boy, rudra is happy, he goes in to meet paro, he comes to paro and says that we will have only child, i cant see you in pain, paro says its bhollenath’s blessing.

rudra brings big toys for child, paro says to child that your father thinks that you will become one month old in one day so he brought bug toys, she says now father will take you in his arms, rudra says no, you know i cant lift him, paro gives him, he takes him, paro says that child is mine, paro says you are his, she says we didn’t only give child birth but he gave birth to parents, you have given me most beautiful gift, you are my raja(king) and he is rajkumar(prince), i would be happy even if i die today, rudra says don’t say this. sumer comes to rudra and says shtabdi is having labour pain but she not fine, we have to rush to the hospital, rudra sasy ok, paro says to rudra that you go with him, don’t worry about me, rudra says ok, take care, he leaves with him, paro says to dhruv(they have given child the name dhruv) papa will come then we will play.

in hospital, all are waiting for news, mohini says i will give food to god all days but please give the child, rudra says i will go home, paro is alone there, doctor comes out and informs that the child is born, sumer ask how is shtabdi? mohini says leave him, tell me about boy, doctor says boy? baby girl has born, mohini doesn’t like it, sumer goes in to see shtabdi, he smiles seeing child, mohini comes and says that this was the last thing to happen, now this child will sit on our heads, sumer says maasa.. she leaves from there, sumer says this child is more cute.

rudra calls paro and tells that sumer has become father of baby girl, paro is happy, he ask about her, paro says that she and his child are fine but dhruv is saying that he will seep only when papa will come, paro says the storm has come, she says bye and ends the call.

aman calls rudra and informs that shantanu has run away from jail, rudra ask what, he says paro and runs from there to save paro.

the light goes off in haveli, paro says to dhruv that are you afraid? you know what that your mother used to be more afraid than you, in darkness the rat even looks like loin, but now i am not afraid as my dhruv is with me.

paro sees the silhouette of some man in house and sees that its none other than shantanu, she is stunned, she runs from there, she hides in one room and protects dhruv from him, shantanu comes there, paro tries to run but couldn’t, shantanu says that i promised i will comeback, ranawat did mistake by leaving me alive and you will pay for his mistake, he points gun at paro, paro runs from there and hides in one room, she sees the child and cries, she prays to god to protect my child, she hugs the child and cries, she puts the child on bed and tries to call rudra, shantanu comes there and says enough, you must be tired of running, now relax your feet and your breath too, he points gun at paro and gives an evil smile.

rudra comes back to haveli, he runs and tries to open the gate, he shouts paro’s name, he tries to break the gate, rudra breaks it and sees shantanu, he beats shantanu says enough and shows him blood on his hands, he says to rudra that from did the blood came on my hands, whose it can be? think rudra, rudra is stunned, shantanu says that my brother’s soul will be in peace now with this blood , he laughs, rudra points gun at shantanu and ask him what did he do? shantanu says i told you to not leave me alive, rudra shouts and fires at him, shantanu dies. rudra comes in home, dhruv is crying, rudra takes him in his arms and says where is paro, he llooks on floor and sees paro lying in pool of blood. he is shocked. paro is taking her last breaths, she says our son is fine? he says yes, come with me, come to doctor, nothing will happen to you, paro says don’t go anywhere, let be with me, paro says promise me rudra that you will always be smiling with my child? rudra promises, paro says one more thing.. he says talk paro, say what you want, paro couldn’t say as she loses her breaths, she closese her eyes and dies, rudra cant believe it, he says look paro dhruv is crying, you know i cant handle him alone, he cries hugging dhruv. (oh man!! this scene brought tears in my eye

at paro’s funeral, her body is given fire, rudra hgs dhruv and recalls good moments with paro, how he had put sindoor on her forehead, how paro said that we will raise our son with both of our qualities, how they enjoyed in Mumbai.. abhi muj main kahein baki thori si zindagi plays.. rudra says why i couldn’t reach paro on time, why i couldn’t save her life, dilsher says don’t blame yourself, its nature that one breath stops and other person starts taking breath, you wil have to live for youy child now, make him reason for your life now, they all leave, rudra looks at paro body burning and says i wont let you go away from me paro, you will always be with me, till my last breath i will live in wait of you, i wait for you to come back.

rudrs is sitting in his room, mala comes with food and ask him to have it, rudra cries and says its all my fault, i couldn’t save her, i couldn’t reach her when she needed me, its all my fault, he lies in mala’s lap, mala says cry, your pain will be less. dhruvs starts crying, Maithili comes and takes him in her hands, rudra says give him to me, mala says will you be able to handle him? rudra says i have to do it, i have to take care of him, he recalls how paro said that your son is saying he will sleep with his father, rudra starts singing lullaby that paro used to sing, dhruv is crying, rudra keeps singing in bad tone, rudra burst into tears and hugs dhruv.

its morning, 7 years later. the room is all messed up, rudra is sleeping with grown up dhruv, dhruv gets up and pulls rudra’s moustache, rudra is still in deep sleep, dhruv comes in kitchen and makes an omelet, Maithili ask what are you doing? he says when all are sleeping, i had to make breakfast, Maithili says you are saying like you make it everyday, dhruv says maasi do you remember what day is today, Maithili sasy yes, its my good boy’s birthday, she kisses dhruv, dhruv sasy give me imli, she gives him, he leaves, Maithili recalls how much paro used to like imli.
mohini is busy in her photo session, danveer comes and thinks that she called photographer to take dhruv’s pic, he says good mohini, he says we are also grand parents of dhruv, we have to do all this for him. mohinis asy you do what ever you want, she says to photographer that my pickle is branded, he says yes, you told me so many times. danveer says come out fast, mohini says that he is excited and dhruv’s father may even don’t remember when did his son born.

rudra is sleeping, dhruv comes and puts omlet on his side table, rudra wakes up and looks at him. rudra says good morning, rudra says you made breakfast today? he says yes, not a problem, rudra says sorry i couldn’t wake up, dhruv keep looking at rudra, rudra ask what? he says no, rudra comes in washroom and sets his moustache, dhruv says you really don’t remember? he ask rudra that you don’t remember whats special today, rudra says that whats special, its nothing, dhruv is sad. rudra ask dhruv that we do breakfast on dining table so whats special today that we are doing breakfast in room? dhruv says that we do this on this day, rudra ask him to have breakfast, rudra goes and brings gift for him, dhruv hugs him and says you were acting like you were sleeping, dhruv sees the gift and its jacket, dhruv says its like you, i wanted this, he hugs rudra and says i love you, rudra says i love you too. Maithili and samrat comes there and wishes him birthday, dhrvu goes, rudra says thank Maithili for telling me what dhruv likes, Maithili ask did you order cake for him? rudra says yes. he again says thanks to Maithili, she ask for what now? he says to become a good maasi(aunt) of dhruv, rudra looks at paro’s picture which have garland on it, he says paro pur dhruv is 8 years old now, i am trying my best to become a good father but i would still say that it would be great if we both raised dhruv together, if you were with me.

PRECAP- some modern lady is shown to be watching time in her wrist watch, he is wearing western outfit.