Faltu Update: Monday 5th February 2024


Faltu Update: Monday 5th February 2024

Kanika and Sumitra giving gifts to everyone. Kanika says Tanu has bought clothes for everyone. Dadi asks did you ask us before buying. They defend Tanu. Sid asks what happened, aren’t you happy with my reception. Suhana asks where is Tanu. Kanika says she has gone to salon. Faltu says it’s the right chance to get the office locker keys. She gets the locker keys. Sid comes to the room. Faltu hides inside the cupboard. Sid goes to get the cufflinks. Kinshuk and Ayesha come with their baby. Dadi asks Kumkum to get the aarti plate. Dadi does their aarti.

Savita says you should have told us, we would have planned to welcome you. Kanika says I have invited them. Sid checks the coats for the cufflinks. Sumitra asks Sid to come and meet Kinshuk and his baby. Sid goes. Faltu runs and collides with Ayaan. She gives the keys. Ayaan says you can’t do any work wrong. He hugs and thanks her. Faltu asks him to meet Kinshuk’s baby. Sid and everyone play with the baby. Everyone gives the gifts to the baby.

Ayaan and Faltu also meet the baby. Ayaan says I have no job, you came as a good luck, I will get a big gift for you. Faltu asks them to let Ayesha take rest. Dadi says yes, we have a party then. Kanika says your one mistake can snatch their happiness, don’t forget. Ayaan takes a disguise and reaches the office. The guy says its you, Sir. Ayaan smiles. Kanika says give me the locker key, I will keep them safe. Sid looks for the key. She asks did you lose the key or leave it at office. Sid says no, I had put it in the bag, did anyone take it. She asks who, Ayaan and Faltu, find out where are they.

Ayaan talks in Punjabi and fools the receptionist. She doubts and tells a man. The man asks who are you. Ayaan says Jogi computer service. The man asks him to check his system also. Everyone is with Ayesha and the baby. Sid comes and asks Faltu about Ayaan. She says he went out. She asks do you have some work. Sid says its okay. He goes. She thinks why is he so worried, does he know about the key.

Ayaan checks the cabin. The peon comes and sees Ayaan. Ayaan calls Akshay there. Akshay says he came to fix the computer, let him do the work, else answer Sid. Sid says Ayaan isn’t at home. Kanika says call and ask if Ayaan has gone to office. She scolds him. He says I m sorry, this was unexpected, I didn’t know they are so clever. Faltu hears them and calls Ayaan. She says Sid and Kanika are sending someone to check the office, just leave soon. Ayaan says I didn’t get anything. She asks him to leave soon. Ayaan hides. The man says there is no one here. Sid says fine, lock the room and no one should come there. The man leaves.

Tanu asks what happened Faltu, where did Ayaan go. She asks her to come in the party on time. She says I selected the dress for you. Faltu says you can show your true colours to me here. Tanu says I will make the evening memorable for you and family. Faltu says I know, I won’t let anything happen to them.