Anupama Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024


Anupama Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024

Romil asks Anupama if they can see his misbehavior but not Adhik. He reveals that Adhik misbehaves with Pakhi. Anupama asks him to be clear. Pakhi signals Romil no to. Romil walks away from there. Anuj asks what was Romil saying. Barkha says he is talking rubbish, Pakhi and Adhik must be arguing like any usual couple and Romil misunderstood. She says Romil spoilt her mood.

Ankush asks her brother spoilt the mood. Their argument starts. Anupama stops them and says they should be taught morales before teaching kids. She asks where would a 16- to 17-year-old kid if they disown him; Ankush did a mistake, that doesn’t mean they will abandon Romil; she reminds what Barkha and Adhik must have felt when their family abandoned them, etc. Anuj warns Ankush not to cover up Romil’s mistakes and punish him when he does mistakes.

Shahs enjoy dinner. Samar walks down. Vanraj loudly asks Toshu to give him some crunchy bhindi. Samar recalls how much he loves Leela’s prepared bhindi. Dimpy brings packed food. Kinjal says they can take some bhindi. Dimpy says they don’t need and as usual argues with them. She offers cold sandwich to Samar. Samar says he doesn’t like cold sandwich. Leela says wife doesn’t know husband’s likes and dislikes. Dimpy asks Samar not to insult her and have whatever she got. Samar eats silently. Shahs feel bad for Samar. Hasmukh comments they can all live together peacefully.

Anupama takes juice for Romil and tries to clean his room. Romil says let it be. She finds an underwear and asks why is it here. He asks her to send it to laundry. She says he should wash it himself. She describes how teenagers of his age behave and says she has handled her 3 children from birth till their marriage and and child is born. She says let’s make a deal, she will prepare whatever breakfast he wants to have and he needs to have lunch and dinner of her choice, she will prepare burger and pizza for 2 days. She then says he never stayed with a family and should adjust now like he will when he attends college and just like he can’t fight with his new friends for silly things, he can’t fight with his family. She says his papa..

Romil gets angry and says he is Ankush’s son, but Ankush is not his papa as he never followed a duty of a father; his mother left him alone with a boyfriend and never called him and checked how he is; his father used to bring him gifts during a business trip to compensate is absence, he needed a father’s love and not gifts; his friends used to taunt him that his father is an invisible man, etc. He finally says he is not dual faced like her son-in-law. Pakhi’s phone rings, and Anupama notices Pakhi standing at the door. Pakhi says she came to ask Romil what he would like to have. Romil asks them both to leave. Pakhi nervously walks away, leaving Anupama suspicious.

Anupama returns to her room lost in thoughts. Anuj ready in a blazer for a party informs Anupama that they are going to his client’s party. He alerts her and asks if she is worried for Romil or something else. Anupama describes how unhappy Romil is, how he is missing his parents the most, how his mother disowned him, etc.. Anuj says he can understand better as he has gone through that situation.

Anupama says Adhik threw water on Romil and recalls watching it. Anuj asks why didn’t she inform him then. Anupama says she feels there is something wrong between Adhik and Pakhi. Anuj asks if she is saying this because of Romil’s words. Anupama says Pakhi was terrified when they returned home and laptop was broken and then Romil’s revelation, he told Adhik is dual faced. Anuj says even he noticed that.