Anupama Update: Monday 5th February 2024


Anupama Update: Monday 5th February 2024

Adhik physically abuses Pakhi and says she joined office even after his warning, she thinks she is intelligent and he and his sister are dumb. Pakhi pleads him to leave her as it’s hurting. Adhik warns her if she wants to get into Anuj’s good books and prove them wrong, she should stay away from business. Romila watches them. Adhik shouts at him to stop staring them and go to his room, but stops seeing Anuj and Anupama returning home.

Anuj asks how did the laptop break. Anupama asks if something happened. Adhik says Pakhi accidently dropped the laptop and broke it, all her hard work went in vain. Anupama asks Pakhi if she is fine. Pakhi says yes and apologizes Anuj for breaking his laptop. Anuj says it’s okay, he keeps a backup. Romil walks away murmuring crazy people here act well. Anupama hears him.

Hasmukh and Leela pray god that their family had fights and many differences, but they never thought of division. Vanraj says it’s better to let them stay the way they like instead of sending them away from our eyes, children give immense happiness and immense pain. Kinjal comforts Leela and asks her not to worry. Leela says she is becoming like Anupama. Anupama comforts Pakhi and asks what happened. Pakhi hugs her and says she is unable to understand work and feels she made a mistake by joining office. Anupama says she will find it difficult at the beginning but will learn slowly, she has buddy Anuj to help her. Pakhi looks at her and Adhik’s photo and hopes everything gets well. Anupama informs her that Shah House’s division happened today. Pakhi is shocked to hear that.

Dimpy walks down wearing slippers. Leela asks if she doesn’t know they don’t wear slippers at home. Dimpy says their house, not her house. She orders crockery, fridge, washing machine, etc., and asks Samar to pay for it. She boasts that she got all the latest household items and will not use their old ones, she also got induction top and will not use their gas. Leela asks what will she do if the power goes off. Dimpy says she will order food from outside. She taunts that she will not use their grocery, but they can use her grocery. Leela fumes. Dimpy walks away. Samar silently watches his wife misbehaving with his elders and walks behind her like an obedient puppy. Leela fumes more, and Dimpy tries to calm her down.

Pakhi walks to Romil’s room and asks if he needs his help in studies. Romil says and asks her not knock the door before entering his room. Pakhi requests him not to inform Anupama or anyone about whatever he saw downstairs. Romil says he doesn’t care what she and her husband do, but if her husband tries to oversmart him, he will expose her husband. Pakhi walks away worried. After sometime, Romil joins Kapadias for dinner and demands pancake.

Anupama promises him to prepare pancake for him and describes the complete nutrition home cooked food offers. He asks if she saw it in whatsapp university. She says it’s written in their holy scriptures and asks him to use his smartphone and confirm it himself. Romil agrees to have food. Ankush informs Romil that his admission process is complete and he will accompany him on the first day of college. Romil says he will go by himself.

Adhik drops water on Romil. Romil gets angry and fights with him. Family interferes. Barkha supports Adhik. Romil says he is not dual faced like Adhik and reveals that he saw how Adhik mistreats his wife.