Faltu Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024


Faltu Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024

Faltu saying Ayaan didn’t get any proof. Ayaan says I didn’t get any proof here, how to know Sid’s plan, this door is also locked, I have to find a way to go out. Tanu says Ayaan isn’t at office, Faltu is worried thinking of my plan, chill and concentrate on the party. Tanu and Faltu get the makeup done. Faltu sees the bad makeup and asks what is this. The lady says this is latest trend, you look beautiful. Faltu scolds her. Tanu says don’t get angry. Faltu says I know she did this on your saying. Tanu acts and scolds the girl. The girl says sorry. Tanu asks the other girl to do the makeup. Faltu says wait, I have some urgent work. Tanu thinks why is Faltu in tension, where is Ayaan. Ayaan hears the staff leaving. Akshay waits for Ayaan. Faltu calls Ayaan. She thinks to go to office and check. Akshay calls Faltu.

He says Ayaan gave me your number, he didn’t meet me, I think he got locked in document room, his number is not reachable, guard isn’t letting me go inside. She asks him to go inside and get Ayaan. He says guard isn’t allowing me. She says I will come. She thinks to ask Janardhan’s help, but he has to be in the party. Sumitra and Kanika attend the guests in the party. Kanika asks Savita to call Janardhan. Savita asks Faltu where is she going, Faltu says I will tell you later. She reaches the office. He says Ayaan is locked inside, how will you go inside, there is cctv footage. He says its imp to get him out of the room. Tanu and Sid wonder where did Fatltu do. She asks did they ditch the reception. Kanika says no, Ayaan won’t do this. She asks Sid are you sure Ayaan isn’t at office. He says yes. Tanu asks where did he go.

Faltu goes to help Ayaan. He asks what are you doing here. She says it will be a problem if you aren’t at home. He asks her to try. She tries to open the door. He asks her to get key from the guard. She goes. She scares him as a ghost. He runs away. She gets the key and opens the door. Ayaan says Faltu….. He also gets scared seeing her.

She says its me, we have no time to talk, come. They leave. They thank Akshay. She says I m scared, don’t know what is Tanu planning. She asks him to never leave her hand. He says promise. Suhana says Kanika is angry, Ayaan and Faltu are missing. Savita says she was here. Kanika asks Janardhan about them. He says they will come. She threatens him. Tanu asks how can’t you know about them.