A Touch of Love November Teasers 2022


A Touch of Love November Teasers 2022

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Episode 521

After overhearing Kabir and Thapki’s conversation, Kosi finds out that Vaani is Thapki. What evil plan will Kosi come up with now to get rid of Thapki? Earlier, Kabir reaches Thapki in the nick of time to save her from the time bomb. Later, Kabir is confused over his feelings towards Thapki.

Episode 522

Just when Kosi thinks she has outsmarted Thapki, Thapki reveals that she has planted a bomb around Kosi’s waist. Thapki then lets Kosi know that if she confesses to her crime, she will diffuse the bomb. Will Kosi finally confess to all her crimes?

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 523

As Kosi admits to all her crimes before the family, Bihaan has an emotional breakdown. He curses his own existence and is in disbelief over what he has done to his family and Thapki. Later, Kabir tries to provoke Thapki over losing her child and tells her that she should be happy that Bihaan is in such a state now.

Episode 524

Kosi bids a sour and tearful farewell to Bihaan. When she encounters Thapki on the road, she vows revenge on Thapki for all she has lost. Back home, things are lighting up as Thapki is treated to an intensely heartfelt apology from Bihaan. But Sankar’s incessant intrusion is creating a barrier between him and Thapki.

Thursday 3 November 2022

Episode 525

When Aditi sudden;y faints in front of Dhruv, he suspects Shraddha’s involvement. The doctor informs Dhruv that Aditi is pregnant, which eases everyone’s apprehensions. Shraddha is totally shocked by the news and has an altercation with her father. Thapki is planning to inform Bihaan about the truth.

Episode 526

As Aditi’s baby shower preparations happen in full swing, Sankar hatches her sinister plot by hiring some goons disguised as waiters to abduct Thapki. Meanwhile, a jealous Shraddha plans to use a snake to unleash chaos on the celebration. Will the vixens succeed in their devious attempts?

Friday 4 November 2022

Episode 527

The Pandeys get the shock of their life when Thapki blames them for snatching everything from her and reveals her true self in front of them. Earlier, the Pandeys celebrate Aditi’s baby shower with song and dance, while Shraddha’s plan to get Aditi bitten by a snake fails as Bihaan’s timely action prevents anyone from getting hurt.

Episode 528

While Thapki accuses Bihaan of negligence towards her, he responds with a heartfelt apology. But things take a shocking turn, when Kabir intrudes this reunion. With emotional stakes already high, Kabir reveals a truth about Thapki that even she was oblivious to!

Monday 7 November 2022

Episode 529

The Pandey family is still reeling with the shock that Kabir delivered. When Bihaan accuses Kabir of forging the marriage certificate in front of the police, Kabir delivers his next blow from which Bihaan and Thapki might not recover.

Episode 530

A speechless Thapki and a heartbroken Bihaan watch as Kabir presents their divorce paper before the whole family. While the family loses their last shred of trust and respect for Thapki, Bihaan is in an emotional muddle where he feels compelled to take a drastic step.

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Episode 531

Sankar tries her best to take advantage of Bihaan’s heartbreak, while the latter pushes her away. Shraddha’s plan to harm Aditi’s unborn child is foiled by Thapki. Dhruv decides to hand Shraddha over to the police.

Episode 532

The news of Shraddha’s pregnancy leaves Aditi in shock, but Dhruv manages to convince her that he is not the father. Later, a new information comes up that might change Aditi and Dhruv’s relationship forever.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Episode 533

Kabir’s romantic gestures towards Thapki is weighing heavy on Bihaan’s mind. While Sankar feels happy to see Bihaan in a disturbed state. With Dhruv and Aditi’s relationship in turmoil, Shraddha continues with her plan to win back Dhruv.

Episode 534

Along with Thapki and Bihaan even Vasundhara is distressed by Kabir’s presence and tries to bribe him to leave the family. Meanwhile, Thapki concocts a plan to unveil Kabir’s motives.

Thursday 10 November 2022

Episode 535

Thapki’s plan to uncover Kabir’s motives bears fruit to some extent when she finds his trail ending in an abandoned house. Meanwhile, Sankar, desperate to get her hands on Thapki’s letter, comes up with a lethal plan to achieve her goal.

Episode 536

To stop Vasundhara from revealing the letter to Thapki, Sankar executes her lethal plan to hurt Vasundhara. The doctor reveals that Vasundhara will be in a critical state if she doesn’t regain consciousness in six hours.

Friday 11 November 2022

Episode 537

Sankar’s deviousness knows no bounds as she tries to administer a lethal injection to Vasundhara. However, Thapki arrives in the nick of time and stops Sankar from executing her sinister plan.

Episode 538

Thapki decides to apologise to Bihaan, but is interrupted by Kabir, who announces his ‘sangeet’ ceremony with Thapki. However, as fate would have it, Thapki apologises to Bihaan. Will he forgive her?

Monday 14 November 2022

Episode 539

Based on Sankar’s plan, a couple of goons kidnap Thapki and try to molest her. But Kabir arrives just in time and saves her. When Sankar tries to create a rift between Bihaan and Thapki, Vasundhara reveals the truth about the letter and Thapki’s pregnancy in front of everyone.

Episode 540

Sankar succeeds in her evil plan of branding Thapki as a liar by replacing her letter to Bihaan and her pregnancy reports. Earlier, the announcement of Thapki’s miscarriage leaves Bihaan shocked and sympathetic towards her. But this seemingly positive moment takes a turn for the worse.

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Episode 541

Kabir is wracked with guilt to the point of inflicting pain upon himself when Thapki admits that she is in love with Bihaan. The family is in shock as Bihaan makes Sankar his wife. Sankar soon realises that her plan is far from done, when Bihaan reveals to her that he is still in love with Thapki.

Episode 542

Bihaan feels betrayed by Thapki but represses his anger and offers Thapki and Kabir a honeymoon trip. But his generosity is struck down when Kabir asks him and the whole Pandey family to leave. Bihaan is dumbstruck when Kabir shows him the eviction notice signed by none other than Thapki.

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Episode 543

Kabir challenges Bihaan to a cricket match where the winner will take the ownership of the Pandey house. Bihaan then forces Thapki to break pots bearing names of the Pandey family members to symbolise the end of her relationship with them.

Episode 544

When Bihaan’s ‘badi daadi’ visits the Pandey house, Vasundhara introduces Thapki as his wife. However, when Bihaan reveals the truth to his cousin Sonu, he mentions that the truth about their divorce shouldn’t be revealed to ‘badi daadi’. Meanwhile, Kabir has other plans to disrupt the occasion. How will Thapki and Bihaan put up a convincing charade?

Thursday 17 November 2022

Episode 545

To retain his pride and the ownership of the Pandey Niwas, Bihaan sets up his mind to defeat Kabir in the cricket match. Despite being on Kabir’s side, Thapki plans to support Bihaan and help him win the match. Meanwhile, Sankar plans to disrupt Thapki and Kabir’s preparation for the cricket match and builds a trap to keep them out of it. Will Thapki fall for Sankar’s trap?

Episode 546

Sankar points out Thapki and Kabir’s absence during the match. When Bihaan goes looking for them, he finds them together in the closet, adding to his hatred for Thapki and Kabir. After Kabir’s confrontation with Sankar regarding her misdeed, he shows his surprisingly new side in the cricket match.

Friday 18 November 2022

Episode 547

Thapki gets injured after Bihaan’s fast delivery hits her head. Earlier, Kabir bribes Preeti and Suman, who belong to Bihaan’s team, in order to fix the match. However, due to the bad performance on the field, Bihaan and Thapki learn that Preeti and Suman are involved in a match fix. Will Bihaan take any action against them?

Episode 548

Preeti and Suman apologise to Bihaan for taking the bribe. Later, Sankar plants a bomb inside the cricket ball which detonates when Thapki tries to hit it, resulting in her dismissal. Later, Thapki attaches a GPS device inside Kabir’s coat in order to know his dark secrets.

Monday 21 November 2022


Neha unlocks her shackles and quietly follows Kabir straight to the Pandey house!


A deliberate push from Kabir dislocates Bihaan’s shoulder. With the situation turning around swiftly, the battle to conquer the Pandey Mansion continues.

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Episode 551

Thapki and her team win the cricket match and Thapki conquers The Pandey Mansion.

Episode 552

Vasundhara tries to keep her family together with love.

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Episode 553

Kabir challenges Bihaan to earn 5 million and take back his house.

Episode 554

Thapki helps Neha to recover.

Thursday 24 November 2022

Episode 555

For the sake of the family’s name, all the members are ready to sell their jewellery.

Episode 556

Kabir is worried when Neha goes out for a stroll with Sankar, without informing anyone.

Friday 25 November 2022

Episode 557

After drinking the cursed water, Thapki is affected by black magic.

Episode 558

Sankar is stunned after Neha gives a demonstration of her supernatural powers by influencing Thapki to go near the electricity circuit board!

Monday 28 November 2022

Episode 559

Under the influence of black magic, Thapki performs a ‘Naagin’ dance.

Episode 560

With the help of her evil powers, Neha takes control of Thapki’s mind.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Episode 561

The bizarre behavior of Thapki astounded the Pandey family.

Episode 562

When Thapki begins acting more like Kosi Devi, her behavior becomes darker.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Episode 56

Bihaan and the Pandey family are forced to call the doctor due to Thapki’s excessive and aggressive behavior, who advises that she be given an emergency electrical shock to calm down.

Episode 564

When Kabir is revealed as the quiz competition’s host, Bihaan’s joy is short-lived.

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