A Touch of Love Teasers October 2022


A Touch of Love Teasers October 2022

Monday 3 October 2022

Episode 479

Bihaan accidentally applies ‘sindur’ on Thapki’s forehead when she tries to hide her medical report from him. Earlier, when Daadi tries to reveal the truth about Kosi to Vasundhara, Kosi and Naman intimidate her and threaten to kill her family. Meanwhile. Shraddha tests if Dhruv still has feelings for her.

Episode 480

During the ‘Chhath Puja’, Bihaan is outraged when he sees Kosi secretly eating a pizza. But, Kosi slyly handles the situation. Meanwhile, at the Pandey Niwas, Aditi has a surprise planned for Dhruv and confesses her love to him. Later, Thapki is in tears as she pays respect to her stillborn and tries to hide the medical report from Bihaan.

Tuesday 4 October 2022

Episode 481

Bihaan is put in a tough spot and Daadi expresses her protest when Thapki asks Bihaan to get engaged to her the very next day. What will he do? Earlier, Thapki drops her medical report in the water during the ‘Chhath Puja’ and jumps into the lake to retrieve it. As she struggles to stay afloat, Bihaan jumps in and rescues her.

Episode 482

Bihaan tries turning the tables on Thapki and puts forward a few conditions that she must agree to, for their marriage to take place. He asks Thapki to sign a legal agreement about the same. But, to his surprise, Thapki tears the agreement papers and burns it in front of him. Later, Bihaan is left speechless as Thapki gives him an ultimatum, engagement or face jail time. What will Bihaan choose?

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Episode 483

Terror is unleashed when a knife-wielding assailant tries to attack Kosi and gets caught. However, everyone is shocked when the assailant reveals that he was hired by Naman for the job. Earlier, a jealous Sankar drops a live scorpion into a bowl of milk to be used for the ritual of the engagement. Will the scorpion sting Thapki?

Episode 484

Thapki manages to get engaged to Bihaan. Earlier, Thapki gets Bihaan handcuffed to stop him from running away from the engagement. Elsewhere, Shraddha tries to get romantic with Dhruv and is shocked on finding out that Dhruv is now in love with Aditi. Meanwhile, Bihaan manages to escape, but is later found by Thapki at his favourite place behind the house.

Thursday 6 October 2022

Episode 485

In a fit of jealousy, Sankar pours kerosene around Thapki’s bed and lights it on fire. A shocked Thapki wakes up and cries for help! Who will come to her rescue? Earlier, a fuming Shraddha wonders why Dhruv is in love with Aditi. Later, Kosi shows Thapki her and Naman’s wedding album when the latter questions the legitimacy of their relationship.

Episode 486

Where Thapki plans to expose Kosi and Naman’s relationship, Dhruv confronts Shraddha for compelling Aditi to stammer for the entire day. Earlier, Bihaan vows to hate Thapki for the entire life. Also, Vasundhara urges Bihaan to call off his engagement. Lastly, fun galore when Naman hilariously loses his moustache.

Friday 7 October 2022

Episode 487

After Dhruv locks up Kosi and Naman, Thapki places their wedding album on the dining table for the Pandeys to discover Kosi’s secret. But, when Bihaan picks it up, Kosi and Naman arrive at the nick of time and stop him. Later, Aditi is ecstatic after Dhruv confesses his love to her.

Episode 488

After seeing Bihaan share a romantic dance with Sankar, Thapki gets furious and warns Sankar to stay away from her fiance. Subsequently, Bihaan asks Thapki if she has fallen in love with him. Later, Thapki informs Kosi that she won’t get married to Bihaan, until Naman and Kosi get married again.

Monday 10 October 2022

Episode 489

To prevent Bihaan from witnessing the marriage, Naman directs his goons to abduct him. Meanwhile, after learning about Bihaan’s abduction, Thapki becomes tensed. On the other hand, Shraddha drugs Aditi with an intention to kill her and locks her up in a refrigerator. Elsewhere, Dhruv discovers Bihaan and saves him. Will Bihaan witness Kosi and Naman’s marriage?

Episode 490

The Pandey family gets stunned at seeing Kosi getting married to Naman. Dhruv exposes Kosi’s wrongdoings towards Thapki and proves her innocence. In the meantime, subsequent to getting exposed, Kosi puts the blame on Naman, and Bihaan beats him. The Pandey family regrets not trusting Thapki. Earlier, Thapki saves Aditi from freezing down to death.

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Episode 491

Kosi meets Naman, who is behind bars and vows to him that she will take revenge from Dhruv and Bihaan for exposing them. Meanwhile, Bihaan falls on his knees, apologising to Thapki and pleads to her for another chance. However, Thapki puts her foot down and states that she can’t forgive him as she is not his Thapki, but Vaani Oberoi

Episode 492

The Pandeys are shocked, when Dhruv announces that Aditi and he are in love with each other. Earlier, hell-bent on exposing Thapki’s secret, Sankar looks for the letter Thapki had written to Bihaan. Meanwhile, Thapki intervenes and stops a jealous Shraddha from strangling Aditi.

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Episode 493

Sankar finds Thapki’s letter and uses it to manipulate Thapki against Bihaan. Subsequently, a furious Thapki rips her wedding card apart in front of Dhruv and then asks Sankar to marry Bihaan. Later, after the Pandeys celebrate the ‘haldi ceremony’ with music and dance, Bihaan applies ‘haldi’ on Sankar

Episode 494

Determined to get Sankar married to Bihaan, Thapki gets Sankar dressed in the bridal attire and sends her to the ‘mandap’. Will Bihaan marry Sankar? Earlier, Shraddha tries to poison Aditi but in vain.

Thursday 13 October 2022

Episode 495

As Thapki insults and makes it clear to Bihaan that she is Vaani Oberoi and not Thapki, Bihaan throws a challenge at her. He decides to get married to Sankar before Thapki. Will Thapki stop their marriage? Earlier, Shraddha helps Naman escape from jail in order to kill Dhruv.

Episode 496

Recalling various moments spent with Thapki, Bihaan stops the marriage with Sankar. He then states he will marry Sankar, if Thapki also marries someone. Does Thapki agree to this condition? Earlier, Naman reaches the Pandey house to shoot Dhruv.

Friday 14 October 2022

Episode 497

With a motive to kill Dhruv, Naman fires a bullet, which misses Dhruv and hits Kabir instead. Later, the cops arrest Naman. Meanwhile, Bihaan denies acknowledging Sankar as his wife, who later tries to burn herself. Subsequently, Thapki assures Sankar that Bihaan will eventually accept her as his wife.

Episode 498

Bihaan loses his temper on Thapki for not accepting her real identity and challenges her to marry Kabir to prove her words. Meanwhile, Shraddha runs her wicked mind to destroy Dhruv and Aditi’s first wedding night. Earlier, Kosi gets tensed and tries to convince Thapki to marry Bihaan, but soon remains speechless after she is insulted by Thapki over her relationship with Naman

Monday 17 October 2022

Episode 499

When Thapki requests Kabir to marry her, he down right declines the proposal. Unable to find any other way out of this situation, Thapki is determined to make Kabir help her out. Later, Shraddha plans to accuse Aditi of trying to kill her.

Episode 500

Kabir changes his mind on seeing Thapki’s anger towards Bihaan, and decides to help her by announcing their marriage and proposing to her in front of everyone. Earlier, Shraddha tries to conspire against Aditi, but fails in her endeavour as everyone supports Aditi instead of her. Thapki’s hatred for Bihaan takes a new turn as she joins hands with Kabir, but is she doing the right thing?

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Episode 501

On seeing Kabir getting close to Thapki, Bihaan loses his temper and threatens to get him evicted from the house unless he backs down. As Kabir stands his ground, Bihaan turns furious and threatens to kill him with a sword. Will Kabir succumb to Bihaan’s threats? Meanwhile, after ruining Dhruv and Aditi’s wedding night, Shraddha plans to get Aditi out of Dhruv’s life

Episode 502

On finding Shraddha plotting to hurt Aditi, Bihaan warns her to stay away from Dhruv and Aditi. Earlier Bihaan loses the contest to Kabir, which Thapki puts forth before them. Later, Aditi catches Shraddha red-handed after Dhruv falls in Shraddha’s trap.

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Episode 503

On witnessing Bihaan’s feelings for Thapki, Kabir urges Thapki to marry Bihaan. Subsequently, Thapki breaks her silence and reveals her true identity to Kabir. Earlier, Shraddha exchanges Aditi’s gift with an intention to hurt her.

Episode 504

In order to win Thapki’s heart, Bihaan conveys his feelings to her and also presents her an adorable painting. Earlier, Kabir promises Thapki to help her in taking her revenge. Subsequently, Thapki accepts Kabir’s marriage proposal, leaving Bihaan fuming with anger.

Thursday 20 October 2022

Episode 505

Thapki informs Kabir that accepting his proposal was merely a part of the plan. Meanwhile, a drunk Bihaan, in order to prove his love, harms himself. Later, in order to seek revenge, Shraddha tries to turn Bihaan against Aditi.

Episode 506

Shraddha, disguising as Bihaan, molests an unconscious Aditi in the dark in order to take revenge against Bihaan. Later, Aditi slaps Bihaan in front of everyone and accuses him of trying to molest her. Bihaan pleads innocence in front of everyone but no one believes him. Will Bihaan be able to prove his innocence?

Friday 21 October 2022

Episode 507

As Kabir proves Bihaan’s innocence, Shraddha is about to be thrown out of the house. But before she leaves, she threatens to expose Kosi. Frightened, Kosi convinces everyone to punish Shraddha by making her a servant in the house. Later, as Bihaan and Kabir argue about Thapki, Sankar is determined to win over Bihaan

Episode 508

On finding a girl’s picture among Kabir’s belongings, Bihaan confronts him. Earlier, Kabir sneaks out of the house to meet a girl who is kept shackled in an abandoned mansion. Who is this girl and how is she related to Kabir? Later, Shraddha makes Kosi do the house chores

Monday 24 October 2022

Episode 509

Kabir’s secret finally comes out. Bihaan had burnt down his sister Neha’s house, in which her child and husband died. Earlier, Thapki insults Bihaan for consistently trying to interfere in Kabir’s business. Later, Kabir plans to take everyone out for a picnic. But is that all he has planned?

Episode 510

In order to take vengeance, Kabir fires a bullet at Bihaan. Fortunately, the bullet misses Bihaan and hits a tree. Meanwhile, Thapki becomes suspicious on seeing the bullet mark on the tree. Earlier, Shraddha manipulates Aditi and sends her to the haunted house, but her plan fails.

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Episode 511

Vasundhara learns that Vaani Is Thapki! Earlier, after hearing the cries of the children, Thapki enters the haunted house, which turns out to be a base for human trafficking. In order to help the children, Thapki puts herself in trouble, but Bihaan comes to her rescue.

Episode 512

After confirming that Vaani is Thapki, an emotional Vasundhara promises Thapki that she will seek answers from Bihaan. Meanwhile, Sankar decides to obtain Bihaan’s love by hook or by crook. What will be Vasundhara’s next step? Will Sankar harm Thapki?

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Episode 513

Sankar initiates her plan and uses chloroform to make Thapki unconscious. She then leaves Thapki in a chamber which is slowly filling up with sand. Will someone save Thapki or will she be buried alive? Earlier, Shraddha plans to foil Dhruv and Aditi’s ‘suhaag raat’, but due to Aditi foreseeing the same, she fails.

Episode 514

Kabir manages to save Thapki from being buried alive. After this, he proposes that Thapki should get married to him and she agrees without hesitation. Will Thapki proceed with this decision? Earlier, Bihaan is heartbroken with Thapki’s decision. Later, Dhruv plans to talk to Thapki, but is stopped by Aditi.

Thursday 27 October 2022

Episode 515

Watching Thapki getting married to Kabir, Bihaan loses his cool. He severs all ties with her and leaves from there. Earlier, Vasundhara tries to find the letter Thapki had written to Bihaan, so as to clear the misunderstanding between them.

Episode 516

Thapki gets married to Kabir in order to expose the biggest culprit, Kosi Devi. Earlier, Thapki tells Kabir that she is unable to bear the pain of watching Bihaan go through all that suffering. Later, Dhruv refuses to provide any further help to Thapki. How will Thapki execute her plan?

Friday 28 October 2022

Episode 517

Finding out that Naman has betrayed her, Kosi poisons him. Will Naman die? Earlier, Thapki and Bihaan get into an argument over Sankar. Later, Shraddha adds a sedative to Dhruv and Aditi’s drink as she plans to take advantage of Dhruv.

Episode 518

The seed of revenge is planted when Thapki, in a Goddess costume, manages to scare Kosi out of her wits. Meanwhile, Bihaan is emotionally torn at losing Thapki, and Kabir’s conspicuous closeness to her is only making things worse for him. Sankar’s infatuation for Bihaan is complicating matters even more!

Monday 31 October 2022

Episode 519

Sankar tries to burn Thapki’s last letter, which she had written for Bihaan, but Vasundhara succeeds in taking possession of the letter. Earlier, Thapki terrifies Kosi by trying to run her over with a car. In order to expose Kosi, Thapki makes her drink a juice laced with something suspicious.

Episode 520

Thapki goes to the jungle to put into action her plan of terrifying Kosi. But, little does she know that Kosi has planted a time bomb there to entrap her. Thapki falls for the trap, looks around for help and sees Bihaan. Will she cry out for help and let her secret be revealed? Elsewhere, Shraddha tries her level best to ruin Dhruv and Aditi’s marriage.

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