The Power of Love Teasers October 2022


The Power of Love Teasers October 2022

Monday 3 October 2022

Episode 85

Anirudh implements a unique technique to teach Bondita, which would help her learn in a better way. However, Soudamini doesn’t like it and pretends to fall sick to stop Anirudh from teaching her. As Anirudh tends to Bondita, will he realise that he has been tricked?

Episode 86

Bondita learns from Sampurna that her in-laws have rejected her because her parents could not give the required dowry. When Bondita offers to ask Anirudh’s help, Sampurna begs her not to. Will Bondita be able to help Sampurna?

Tuesday 4 October 2022

Episode 87

Bondita and Sampurna manage to sneak out of the house after almost getting caught by Trilochan. And as they struggle to find a way to Brijwasi’s Krishna temple where the god’s idol speaks, they hear Trilochan’s voice closing in on them! What will the duo do next?

Episode 88

In an effort to save Sampurna’s marriage, Bondita seeks Brijwasi’s help to buy goats for husband. But little does Bondita know that Anirudh has plans for her in return for all the help she is rendering for them, which may put her life in imminent peril. Will Bondita take the risk to save Sampurna’s marriage?

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Episode 89

As advised by Brijwasi, an innocent Bondita enters the darkroom. Even though she feels scared in the room, she gathers the courage to go ahead with the plan for the sake of Sampurna. What awaits her in the darkroom?

Episode 90

Bondita neglects her studies and goes to meet Brijwasi in the temple. However, as she realises that Anirudh will be back in the mansion to check her progress, she rushes home and manages to sneak into her room in time. But with zero progress in her homework, how will Bondita face Anirudh?

Thursday 6 October 2022

Episode 91

While Anirudh and his family rejoice over Bondita’s success, Bondita feels dejected over having to lie to Anirudh. Marred by the guilt of betraying his trust, Bondita confesses her actions while Anirudh lays asleep. Will Anirudh hear Bondita’s confession?

Episode 92

As Anirudh summons Bondita to teach her, she cleverly ropes in Batuk to study with her. Furthermore, when Anirudh wishes to see her progress during the lecture, she throws dust into his eyes and uses Batuk’s notebook to show that she is making great progress in her studies. But for how long can Bondita deceive Anirudh?

Friday 7 October 2022

Episode 93

When Binoy notices Bondita secretly escaping out of the mansion, he follows her. Furthermore, he finds out that Bondita has fallen into the devious trap of Brijwasi, and she is ditching her lecture to help him in his religious trickery. Will Binoy expose Bondita’s lies in front of the whole family?

Episode 94

Anirudh loses his calm on learning that Bondita has failed to do her homework, and he suspects whether she had gone to Kanha’s temple. However, to get to the bottom of the issue, Anirudh questions her. Will Bondita reveal the truth to Anirudh?

Monday 10 October 2022

Episode 95

Anirudh locks Bondita inside the room and instructs her to complete her homework. However, she sneaks out when Binoy unlocks the door. With Bondita following Brijwasi’s instructions at Kanha’s temple, will Anirudh be able to locate her whereabouts?

Episode 96

Hell-bent on proving Brijwasi as phoney and fraudulent, Anirudh forces his way into the temple and finds nothing but an empty treasury and exposes all his devious deceptions. On the other hand, Brijwasi abducts Bondita and escapes from the village with all the temple’s treasures. Can Anirudh rescue Bonita and catch Brijwasi?

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Episode 97

Upon learning that Bondita helped Brijwasi in his religious trickery, the family faces bitter humiliation from the villagers. Fuming with rage, Anirudh regards Bondita as the biggest mistake of his life and decides to end his relationship with her. Will Bondita defend the accusations and save their relationship?

Episode 98

Anirudh is agitated by the fact that Bondita has brought down the name of his family by helping Brijwasi fool them and he decides to cut off ties with her for good. Will Anirudh have a change of heart?

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Episode 99

Bondita bids a tearful goodbye to the Roy Choudhary mansion. While Sumati is delighted to see Bondita, she gets curious as to why Anirudh has not accompanied her. Will a guilt-ridden Bondita reveal that Anirudh has sent her to her maternal house for good?

Episode 100

Sumati is distraught when Devoleena informs her that Anirudh has disowned Bondita. Suspecting something fishy, Sumati confronts Bondita and demands to know the truth! Will Bondita reveal that Sampurna’s marriage is falling apart and that she lied to Anirudh to help her sister?

Thursday 13 October 2022

Episode 101

The news that Bondita has been deserted by her husband spreads like wildfire around the village. Unaware of the situation, Bondita is left aghast when she is not permitted by the womenfolk from participating in her friend Bela’s Haldi Ceremony. Meanwhile, Soudamini manipulates Anirudh into believing something which puts his marriage with Bondita in jeopardy. What does fate have in store for Anirudh and Bondita?

Episode 102

Anirudh wakes up in Soudamini’s room and finds her whole family at the doorstep. A pandit, who has accompanied them, accuses him of indulging in immoral activities. Even though Anirudh tries to convince the pandit of his pure intentions, he refuses to pay heed and threatens to take the news to the panchayat. Will Anirudh manage to convince the pandit of his innocence?

Friday 14 October 2022

Episode 103

Sumati faces humiliation when she goes to purchase ration from the shop. The villagers taunt her for being a widow and the mother of a girl who was abandoned by her husband. However, the situation worsens when Bondita learns that Sumati has fallen into a ditch. With the entire village standing against her, what will Bondita do now?

Episode 104

The villagers consider Bondita’s return as a bad omen for the society and threaten to kill her. Moreover, when her mother goes to reconcile, they lock her up and light the hut to kill her. Will Bondita be able to save her mother before it’s too late?

Monday 17 October 2022

Episode 105

Bondita sees no other way but to seek the village vaidya’s help to bring her unconscious mother back to normal. However, she gets challenged by the situation as she fails in convincing the vaidya to help her! With nowhere to seek help from, what will Bondita do next?

Episode 106

Anirudh and the entire crowd stand speechless as Rasiya Bai accuses him of being a hypocrite when he kicks Bondita out of the house but stands up against the society in another lady’s defence. Struck heavily by Rasiya Bai’s verbal jabs, will Anirudh realise his mistake?

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Episode 107 

Upon learning the truth about Bondita’s action, Anirudh abandons the function and heads to bring her back home safely. Things take a fortunate turn when he overhears Bondita singing and stops the bullock cart in which she is travelling. Will Anirudh be able to save Bondita from falling prey to a heinous crime?

Episode 108

Anirudh lashes out at villagers for treating Bondita inhumanely but receives a jolt of shock when Sumati refuses to forgive him for leaving Bondita to bear the atrocities of the society’s superstitions. Burdened by the guilt of his mistake, Anirudh takes a pledge to bring Bondita back at any cost. Will Anirudh be able to find Bondita before it gets too late?

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Episode 109

Unaware of the grave danger, Bondita ends up in a brothel and falls into Tara’s vicious hands. On the other hand, a worried Anirudh searches for Bondita in the large city. What fate has in store for Bondita?

Episode 110

Unaware of Bondita’s current location, Anirudh goes around the city sticking posters of her portrait. He starts a fight with a police officer who tries to stop him from sticking posters, and he lands in trouble. Will he manage to escape from the police?

Thursday 20 October 2022

Episode 111

Anirudh learns about a mysterious person buying out all the Rosogolla in the store and assumes that it must be for Bondita. Anirudh tracks this person to a shady part of the city named Heeramandi. Will Anirudh be able to find Bondita?

Episode 112

Tarabai senses that Anirudh is somewhere nearby and is looking for Bondita and makes sure that he doesn’t find her. She also tells Bondita that Anirudh has been engaged with Soudamini. Will Bondita believe Tarabai?

Episode 113

Bondita notices that Sampoorna is locked inside a room and tries to get her out. Sampoorna tells her the true nature of Tarabai and how she locked her there because she defied her. How will Bondita react to this revelation?

Episode 114

In an attempt to escape from captivity, Bondita burns coal which in turn produces smoke and makes everyone believe that the mansion has caught fire and runs away with her friend Sampurna. Will Bondita manage to find her way to safety?

Episode 115

Despite strict security, a defiant Anirudh manages to infiltrate the mansion. While Anirudh is adamant on returning with Bondita, Tarabai warns him of dire consequences if he does not give up his search for Bondita! To his shock, Tarabai approaches Anirudh with a dagger! Will Anirudh invite Tarabai’s wrath?

Episode 116

Bondita is inconsolable as she sees Anirudh on the cusp of death. However, as the new day arrives, Bondita challenges Tarabai with renewed vigour, that her husband is alive and will rescue her. Will Bondita’s belief come true?

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