The Power of Love Teasers November 2022


The Power of Love Teasers November 2022

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Episode 117

Tarabai threatens to cut Rasia’s hair if Bondita doesn’t put on the Ghungroo. Rasia urges Bondita to not give in to Tarabai’s demand, but Bondita refuses to let Rasia face humiliation. Will Bondita put on the Ghungroo?

Episode 118

Struggling to arrange one thousand gold coins to gift Tarabai as proof of his royalty, Anirudh’s plan to infiltrate her mansion is jeopardised. However, Trilochan’s arrangement of gold coins paves the way for Anirudh to gain access to the mansion. Will he succeed in rescuing Bondita this time?

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 119 

With Sourav’s help, Anirudh comes up with a plan to rescue Bondita from Tarabai’s prison. He masquerades as Salim, who is a pawn to the King, and pretends to scrutinise Tarabai’s mansion for its security but furtively attempts to look for Bondita. Will Anirudh plan to rescue Bondita succeed?

Episode 120

When Anirudh is unable to locate Bondita in the mansion, as a ray of hope, he finds Rasia. But she fails to recognise Anirudh in his disguise as Salim. With Rasia as the last hope of reuniting with Bondita, what action will Anirudh take to overcome this obstacle in the form of his disguise?

Thursday 3 November 2022

Episode 121

Anirudh’s search for Bondita finally comes to fruition when he finds her hiding in the basement of Tarabai’s mansion. However, the situation takes a shocking turn when Tarabai enters the basement before Anirudh manages to get Bondita out! How will Anirudh tackle the situation when Tarabai holds him at her knifepoint?

Episode 122

Anirudh inches closer to succeeding in his plan of getting Bondita out of Tarabai’s clutches. In addition to saving Bondita, he decides to save every other girl who is a victim of Tarabai’s atrocities. Can Anirudh rescue the girls and put an end to Tarabai’s menace?

Friday 4 November 2022

Episode 123

After hiding Bondita inside a trunk, Anirudh tries to escort her out of the mansion. However, his plan falls apart when Bondita slips out of the trunk and falls in front of Tarabai. How will Anirudh and Bondita escape this situation?

Episode 124

Rasia makes a heart-rending sacrifice and decides to stay inside Tarabai’s mansion to ensure Bondita and Anirudh’s safe escape. Furthermore, Rasia wages war against Tarabai and single-handedly reduces her brothel to ashes! But will Rasia survive the life-threatening situation?

Monday 7 November 2022

Episode 125

While Bondita is excited seeing the grandeur of the mansion decorated for the festival, she gets impatient to meet Trilochan and other family members. However, Bondita’s happiness is short-lived when she comes across a startling sight! What happens that leaves Bondita weeping?

Episode 126

Bondita feels overjoyed as Trilochan shows signs of improvement and earnestly prays for his speedy recovery. However, Binoy warns Soudamini about it and instructs her to stall the engagement discussion. How will Soudamini handle this turn of events?

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Episode 127

Knowing that a bedridden Trilochan won’t be able to tell Anirudh about her truth, Saudamini harasses him by dripping water on his face. She crosses her limits even further when she reveals to him that her ulterior motive is to replace Bondita in Anirudh’s life!

Episode 128

Bondita’s dislike towards Soudamini grows when she learns that Anirudh has invited a girl to breakfast. However, she soon realises the opportunity and decides to expose Soudamini’s lie of being blind. How will Bondita show her reality to the bamboozled family?

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Episode 129

Anirudh learns all the things that have been happening in the house in his absence. He also realises Soudamini’s lies and deceit. Will Anirudh finally expose Soudamini’s truth, or will she succeed in her wicked plans?

Episode 130

After Soudamini’s lies and deceitful plans are exposed, she reveals her true colours and threatens to wreak havoc in Bondita’s life. Trilochan lashes out at Soudamini after learning her true colours. Will Soudamini quietly accept the barrage of insults?

Thursday 10 November 2022

Episode 131

As the Diwali celebration begins, a joyous atmosphere prevails in the mansion, and Trilochan expresses his desire to fulfil everything that Bondita wishes. However, a sudden shock engulfs his senses when Bondita expresses her wish to reunite with her sister, Sampurna. Will Trilochan stay true to his word?

Episode 132

On the occasion of Deepavali, Anirudh surprises Bondita by gifting her books to restart her studies. Excited to have her books back, Bondita promises to face the difficulties on the path to her success. What does life hold for Bondita in her upcoming days?

Friday 11 November 2022

Episode 133

Bondita gets curious when she notices Batuk binding his books and preparing for school. While she desires a school bag for herself, Batuk rubbishes her request claiming that she is a girl. Will Bondita get a school bag for herself?

Episode 134

Anirudh gets ecstatic and celebrates the fact that Bondita has learned the Hindi alphabets. However, his celebration gets ended abruptly when Saurabh brings a piece of news that shocks Anirudh to the core. What is the incident that has brought trouble in Anirudh’s life again?

Monday 14 November 2022

Episode 135

Anirudh’s efforts of setting a clothes stall come to fruition as he gradually garners customers and starts selling the clothes. However, Anirudh’s excitement fades away when the customers object to purchasing sarees made by the girls from Hiramandi. Will Anirudh manage to convince them otherwise?

Episode 136

Bondita is awestruck when her dream to meet Gandhi Ji comes true when he arrives at her brother-in-law’s school. Moreover, Gandhi Ji chooses her for extempore competition and asks her to speak on womanhood. Will Bondita impress Gandhi Ji with her speech?

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Episode 137

After having an enlightening conversation with Mahatma Gandhi, Bondita expresses her wish to join a school and get educated. Subsequently, Anirudh promises to fulfil her wish at all cost. What hurdles will Anirudh face to fulfil her wish?

Episode 138

Anirudh is left dejected when he does not get an opportunity to meet Mr Greenwood to discuss Bondita’s admission into the school. Soon, he is left delighted when his family receives an invitation to a party from the Greenwoods. However, Trilochan refuses to grace the party owing to Mr Greenwood’s refusal to visit their house. Will Anirudh be able to convince Trilochan otherwise?

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Episode 139

When Anirudh and family go to Mr Greenwood’s party, Bondita finds a clever way to sneak inside. Subsequently, things take a shocking turn when they learn that Mrs Greenwood is none other than Soudamini. Hell-bent on taking revenge on the Choudharys, what evil action will Soudamini take?

Episode 140

Soudamini tries to prove to Anirudh that he is so much inferior to her husband. Then Mr Greenwood makes fun of Anirudh for asking for Bondita’s right to education just like the women in London have. How will Anirudh react to the humiliation?

Thursday 17 November 2022

Episode 141

Mr Greenwood humiliates Binoy in front of everyone at the party and asks him to clean his shoes if he wants permission to open his factory. Soudamini watches silently in delight as she succeeds in her ploy to exact revenge on Binoy. Will Binoy succumb to Mr Greenwood’s pressure?

Episode 142

Soudamini and Mr Greenwood challenge the Roy Chowdhurys that if Anirudh fails to educate the rescued girls from Hira Mandi, the family will have to serve the British Raj! Well aware of Soudamini’s ulterior motives, will the Roy Chowdhurys agree to the Greenwoods’ condition?

Friday 18 November 2022

Episode 143

After the rescued girls from Hira Mandi rejects Anirudh’s offer to take part in the challenge, he goes to accept defeat in front of Mr Greenwood. Subsequently, Soudamini leaves Anirudh shocked when she places a dog collar before him and asks him to bow before Mr Greenwood. Will Anirudh agree to be a slave of Mr Greenwood?

Episode 144

With the help of the girls from Hira Mandi, Bondita prevents Anirudh’s humiliation and provides him with the much-needed support. Later, Anirudh and his team gear up to face the challenge from Mr Greenwood and Soundamini. Will Anirudh emerge victorious?

Episode 145

Anirudh commences his first lecture with Bondita and the girls from Hira Mandi to win the challenge against Soudamini. However, things take a shocking turn when Soudamini arrives with a band to disturb his ongoing lecture with loud music. Will Anirudh flare up and react to her foul play?

Episode 146

Determined to win the challenge, Anirudh decides to take night lectures for the girls. During the lecture, one of the girls breaks the light bulb, and Bondita faces a harsh punishment for it. However, the ruthless punishment turns into an enlightening lesson for Bondita. Will Anirudh praise Bondita’s actions?

Episode 147

Enraged by seeing the progress of Anirudh and his students, Soudamini fumes with rage and burns his school down to ashes. Subsequently, Anirudh rescues Bholi from the fire and discovers that Soudamini is the person behind the fire. Well aware of Soudamini’s foul play, will Anirudh take any action against her?

Episode 148

After Soudamini burns Anirudh’s school down to ashes, he decides to bring the girls of Hira Mandi to his mansion. Subsequently, Bondita goes to persuade Trilochan to let the girls reside with them for a few days. Will Trilochan agree to Bondita request?

Episode 149

Soudamini is left shocked when she learns that the Chowdhury’s have permitted the rescued girls from Hira Mandi to stay at the mansion. She decides to apply the ‘divide and rule’ policy to break the unity between Anirudh’s team and stop them from winning the challenge. How does Soudamini intend to do so?

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