7th March Thursday Update On Young Love


7th March Thursday Update On Young Love

Jagya comes to Ganga’s room to see Mannu. He doesn’t find anyone there and then he sees a note from Ganga. Ganga wrote, I just heard about heaven, but I experienced it in your house. She thanks him for giving her support and making her worth to read and write. She has also left teddy bear that was gifted by Sanchi saying Sanchi said it’s for Mannu, but it was for you so leaving it here. The note reads, I am not worth to get your support so I am leaving this house. Jagya has tears in his eyes and says, how did you decide what you’re worth of? Why did you do this?

In the hall, Bhairo asks about Ganga. Jagya comes and tells everyone, seeing your expressions, it looks like you all knew about it. Why didn’t you stop her? Sumitra says, she didn’t come to ask us.. she had decided it and came with her bags to get permission from Dadisa. Jagya asks Dadisa why she gave permission. Dadisa says, what else could I do? Ganga had decided it. Jagya says, but you could have stopped.. you know very well she can’t go against you. Sumitra says, she wouldn’t stop. Jagya and Sumitra have an argument. Jagya says, if she was Anandi or Sugna, would you let her go this late? Sumitra says, she is neither Anandi nor Sunga.. she is Ganga. We just allowed her to stay in our house, we didn’t make any rishta with her. Bhairo remembers Sumitra’s words that if Ganga goes away from this house, then they will be safe. He is angry as well and decides to stay quiet. Jagya says, we made her study and today when Ratan Singh is in the jail.. this was the right time to support her in starting her new life, but we took away that new beginning from her. Jagya goes to find Ganga. Bhairo asks Basant why he didn’t stop Ganga. Basant says, I didn’t want her to go, but Dadisa gave permission and how can I go against her? Bhairo leaves from there. Sumitra follows him.

Anandi is crying. Everyone is in her room. Ira consoles Anandi. Sanchi gives tissue to Anandi and says, please wipe your tears.. we can understand how you must be feeling right now. Everyone got saved because of you. Sanchi says to daddu, you used to say there are some people who live away from their family, but are still very close to them. Daddu says, I too just had heard about it, and today I am seeing such person in front of me. Shiv tells everyone that they are going to Jaitsar tomorrow. Sanchi says, I would also come along, but it’s not good to go to sasural again and again before marriage.

Bhairo is not happy with Sumitra’s decision and feels she should have stopped Ganga. Sumitra is worried as jagya went out this late. Bhairo says, he is not child anymore.. he can take his decisions by himself. He brought Ganga home as his responsibility. And if you have problem with Jagya going out this late, then what about Ganga? Ratan Singh is in jail now.. so what was the problem if Ganga stayed here? Sumitra says, he won’t stay quiet even in the jail. Bhairo leaves from there saying he didn’t expect this from her.

Meenu and Ira are in a room. Sanchi comes there. Sanchi says, I can’t forget about the incident. If anything happened, then what would happen to Anandi bhabhi? The way they supported Ganga, I really appreciate it. But I feel they should have been careful. There are so many shelter homes where many people like Ganga live. Meenu says, what are you saying? They really want to help Ganga. Sanchi says, Shiv bhaiya helps so many people as well, but he doesn’t bring anyone home. Ira agrees with Sanchi and says, you have to be practical sometimes. Meenu doesn’t agree with them and says, we all know in which condition Ganga came to that house.. and if Ganga was in shelter home, then she would not be like how she has become today. Sanchi says, but for Ganga, whole family would have lost their lives. We can’t know what criminals like Ratan Singh can do.. and I feel there is only one solution – to shift Ganga out from there. Ira agrees with Sanchi and says, tomorrow our Sanchi will go to that house as well and we have to think about her safety. I will talk to them and Ganga must leave that house.

Ganga is walking in the rain, remembering her memories in Jagya’s house, especially the ones with Jagya. She says, please forgive me doctor sahab.  Ganga is walking in the rain with Mannu. Jagya is driving, searching for Ganga. He sees a lady sleeping with a baby and thinks it’s Ganga. He runs and finds it’s someone else. Ganga is remembering her memories with Jagya and is smiling. A truck is coming towards her and she is lost in her thoughts. She screams when she realizes it.

Shiv tells Anandi that he will always regret of not catching Ratan other night. Anandi says, you did your best.. maybe this was bound to happen with my family. Shiv says, I didn’t try hard enough.. anyways whatever had happened has happened now. Sanchi comes to their room with dinner. Sanchi tells Anandi, I am not as understanding as you’re, but not eating is not the solution for any problem, please don’t say no. Shiv says, I am sure Anandi won’t say no now. He goes somewhere.

Sanchi tells Anandi, I still cannot forget the incident. It keeps coming in my mind.. How everyone would have suffered that, and Ganga must be affected the most. Poor girl, she saw her husband trying to kill people who are more important than her own family. It’s so horrible. Anandi agrees with Sanchi and says, now we can only hope no one blames Ganga for the incident. Sanchi says, whether others blame her or no, but the kind of person Ganga is.. she will definitely blame herself. Anandi again agrees with Sanchi and says, I will talk to her tomorrow and explain her not to blame herself. Sanchi says, absolutely.. she will feel good talking to you. read full updates daily only at Sanchi then says in her mind, but I am feeling very bad that Ganga is still there after all this. I will have to find a permanent solution for this. Sanchi sees Shiv coming back and she hugs Anandi and tells her to take care of herself. Anandi seemed surprised for a moment. Shiv smiles looking at them and then goes to them. Sanchi tells him, it’s your responsibility to feed Anandi bhabhi. Shiv says, okay and I am seeing that my younger sister is growing up and getting matured. Sanchi leaves. Shiv tells Anandi, maa was right.. Sanchi has really changed. Anandi nods with a confused face.

Everyone is waiting for Jagya. He returns. Sumitra says, you must be hungry.. I will get something for you. Jagya just leaves from there. Dadisa asks Jagya if he found any news about Ganga. He doesn’t answer her either. Basant now tells Jagya, Dadisa is telling you something. Jagya stops and says, I heard, but all the questions were related to Ganga staying here.. after she left, there should be no questions. Then why are you asking me all these questions? Jagya leaves in anger. Basant screams, what kind of way is this to talk? Dadisa calms Basant and says, try to understand his situation. She then tells Sumitra to get something to eat for Jagya.. who knows since when he didn’t eat. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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