6th March Wednesday Update on True Love


6th March Wednesday Update on True Love

Nani had called tapu to ask about collecting medical reports. Tapu tells nani about meeting ichcha and veer at the saree shop, and that he got ichcha to buy sarees for her, she doesn’t mention veer’s name but acts as if he shouldn’t have been doing that. (This woman is sick and needs some treatment for sure) Then she also says ichcha is pregnant. nani says she knew all this, and when tapu asks nani divulges the fact that jogi-divya had invited veecha for dinner that day. nani also tells ichcha had 2 other kids with her.

tapu like the greedy fox who couldn’t have the grapes, says she doesn’t care, and that she is happy with rathod (really..is she..she is the biggest liar and joke on the face of the earth) she goes back to where veecha and rathod are standing, with apparent her face blown up with jealousy and make-up. She is not able to see ichcha in her eye, but ichcha very confidently keeps looking at her and makes her feel even more embarrassed for all her disgusting acts of the past.

Tapu does not say hi or congratulate veecha, and just artificially holds rathod’s arm and exclaims they need to go to papa’s house, just so that veecha know tapu still has rathod and jogi with her even after all what she did. veecha care a damn, and they both leave.
Nani talks to the doctor who tells her about tapu not bearing children anymore. nani behaves rudely with the doctor, but the doctor calmly gives her the reports, indicating her to leave.
nani is worried that rathod may throw tapu out, and all the pandit’s words.

tapu reaches thakur residence and is welcomed by pushkar and divya. jogi also comes out, and tapu goes near him, starts her crying business the nth time when she sees jogi, but never even once asks for forgiveness for what she did. jogi is a great father and tells her he loves her a lot, and comforts her saying he remembered her every day.

The bell rings, its mai and chanda who have come with shagun and invitation for ichcha’s godbharai ceremony. divya does not like that mai came at that time, however they welcome them. Tapu looks at mai, but does not remember to pay her respects, in fact she does not want that mai be there from her expressions.

she does not like it that jogi went to receive mai leaving her behind. mai explains how they wanted a big lavish ceremony but ichcha wanted otherwise, so they have to follow their bahu’s wish. tapu does not like it one bit, and she is also not able to meet anyone in their eyes – after her shameful acts, thats what happens.

Then mai begins to leave, when rathod asks for her blessings, which mai gives by saying stay happy. he however volunteers to seek forgiveness for tapu who is shown standing at a distance waiting for mai to leave. indirectly he wants tapu to come and ask forgiveness, but she like a stubborn kid stands there in amazement as to how rathod could put her in such awkward position when she has to give her self the trouble to come and bend in front of mai. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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