7th March Thursday Update On This Is Love


7th March Thursday Update On This Is Love

Ruhi asking Pihu why is she making sorry card. Pihu cries and says I m making this for Riya, I have hurt her. Ruhi asks what happened. Pihu shows the picture and says I knew this uncle is a model, I have seen him on tv, he is not married, why did Riya lie to me. Ruhi says sit here, sometimes we lie and then get defensive, I can understand her situation, you know her parents don’t give her time, she is so lonely, she misses them a lot, all kids are not lucky to get loving and caring parents like us, she is very lonely, so she couldn’t understand you. Pihu says right, when I dropped Riya, her mum was angry on her for breaking time table, I realized now, I don’t want to lose her. Ruhi says give her this sorry card whenever you go school. Pihu asks will you take me to her house tomorrow. Ruhi agrees. They hug.

Mrs. Bhalla says everything will get fine, don’t worry. Amma says yes Ishu, I went to temple and prayed for you. Mr. Bhalla says you have to be alert, killer knows you are going to tell his name to police today. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you took Shagun’s risk on your head. Shagun cries and goes. Adi comes and says I m ready Papa. Ishita says I think you should stay here, she is very upset, be with her. Adi says how will Papa go alone, its too risky. Raman says we will manage, you go. Ishita says yes, be with Shagun, mumma needs you. Amma says none can fail Raman and Ishita when they are together. Raman and Ishita leave.

People celebrate Janmashtami. Kids get prasad. Everyone dances. Bhuvan comes there. Watchman’s wife keeps a box. Kids come to her house and ask for donation. Bhuvan sees her and thinks to get the proof before Raman and Ishita come. The lady gives money. Kids leave. Bhuvan enters the house. She asks who are you, what do you want. He pushes her and asks where is the proof. Adi says I can’t come factory today. Mr. Bhalla asks is everything fine. Adi says there is some work at factory, but Raman asked me to be here. Shagun says please don’t do this, you go, I m fine, your work should not suffer. Mr. Bhalla says yes, someone has to see work, go soon and manage work, we will take care of her.

Adi says I can talk to Priya and meet her, till Raman and Ishita find any evidence, I can know her relation with Mani. He calls Priya. She refuses to meet him and ends call. Adi leaves for factory. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to go and rest. Shagun says I feel uneasy by just sitting, I feel relaxed when I do cooking, I m making veg pasta, you also taste it. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to go and ask Amma if she has corn. Neelu goes.

Ashok comes home and greets Shagun. He asks Shagun you should be in your room, are these people making you work. Shagun says never, I don’t like food made by Neelu, I wanted to make pasta for myself. He says I m shocked, your mum in law is helping you. Mrs. Bhalla says I m cutting vegs for soup, I m not helping her, who are you to spy in our house. Ashok gives flowers to Shagun. She likes them. He asks where are Raman and Ishita. She says who cares, you tell me, will you have coffee. He says yes, we will have it outside, we can go on long drive. She says I don’t want to go, I have a headache. He says I will massage, come we will go to room. She says no, doctor said there should be no pressure on nerves. Neelu gets parcel. Shagun says maybe its of Pihu, she ordered online bag. Ashok looks at her and thinks how does she know Pihu. He asks Pihu. Shagun says who is Pihu, you got wrong parcel, go and make strong coffee. Mr. Bhalla goes and asks courier guy to get parcel later. Ashok says I got a call and goes.

Mrs. Bhalla says be careful, I was so worried, you managed well, you fooled Ashok. Ashok says there is some planning going against me inside. He calls doctor and says I m Raman Bhalla, I wanted to talk about Shagun. Doctor asks is everything fine, since her memory came back. Ashok gets shocked and says no, everything is fine, I was just worried. Doctor says have patience, she will recall everything. Ashok says they all are cheating me, Shagun is also with them. Bhuvan asks the lady to give proof. She holds the pendrive and shows him the box. He pushes her and checks the box. The lady runs. Bhuvan follows her. She hides from him and puts the pendrive inside a pot. Bhuvan finds her and catches. He takes her away at gunpoint. Raman and Ishita come there. Bhuvan ties the lady. He sees Raman and Ishita coming and thinks how shall I go out, if they see me, everything will go wrong. Raman knocks the door. He asks a man about the lady. The man says I did not see. Kids ask Raman to donate some money. Raman sees the pendrive inside the pot.

kids asking Raman for some donation. Raman does not see the pendrive in the pot and gives money. Bhuvan runs from back door. Raman and Ishita see the door locked from outside and enter the house. Ruhi and Pihu come to meet Riya. Ruhi says Pihu has come to say sorry to you, see she has made sorry card for you. Pihu asks Riya will she get her dad’s autographs for them. Riya says I lied, my dad is not a model, I don’t know anything about him, I felt very bad when Pihu caught my life. Pihu apologizes.

Ruhi asks why did you lie. Riya says I didn’t like Pihu saying about her dad, mom doesn’t like when I ask about my dad, I have no one, I m alone, I m not lucky, I hate my life. Ruhi promises to make her meet her dad. Riya thanks her and takes Pihu to play. Nanny says I m glad someone cares for Riya, we are not allowed to go close to her, I joined job six months before, the old Nanny was removed as she asked Riya about her dad, she was with Riya since her birth and loved her, Riya was crying a lot, madam did not change her decision. Ruhi asks do you know where does her old Nanny stay. Nanny says yes, this has the address. Ruhi gets the address and says even Ishimaa and Papa went there, I should go there but I have to drop Pihu. Nanny says I will drop Pihu. Ruhi thanks and leaves.

Shagun asks Ashok to leave. He asks her to show her files, he will show it to other doctor. He adds a pill in the water and insists her to have water, stay hydrated. She refuses. He says please for my sake. She drinks water and faints. He says sorry Shagun, even you cheated me, so I have fainted you, now you won’t be in senses to stop our marriage, I have to fool these oldies, Raman and Ishita are not here.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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