7th December Friday Update On Young Love

As shiv and anandi sit down with the singh family, Dadisa is lamenting that jagiya’s life has become highly mundane, fom hospital to haveli, and then back off to hospital again. Shiv gives in a suggestion saying that just like they convinced anandi to remarry, they should try and get jagiya also to settle with another life partner. Ananadi and others are very happy at this suggestion. He says that he understood that jagiya is at the same threshold of life, that anandi was when he met her. Ananadi and others are very happy at this suggestion. shiv says that they are much more mature than him, and they should decide that if a mature girl, holds jagiya’s hands at this stage of his life, then they would get jagiya back. Bhairo thanks him for this suggestion, saying that they would have just kept asking jagiya, not really getting an answer. sumitra too applauds him and thanks him for this valuable suggestion thats the correct solution to their problems. shiv asks her not to thank and make him feel small. Dadisa too comes and blesses him saying that he might be young in age, but he thought what even the elders couldnt think of.

Bhairo says that they would have to tread cautiously, and even if they feel they have the solution to jagiya’s problems, but it would be very difficult to make him agree to this. Dadisa says that jagdish also might be angry at first, but then he too would come around just like, anandi did. She tells sumitra that they should gear up for further celebrations. Bhairo asks her to first ask jagdish, but she says that it too would happen and that too tonite only, and by none other than bhairo himself, as jagiya respects and idolizes him the most, and wuld respect his sentiments. Bhairo agrees to talk to him tonite. Ananadi looks at shiv with eyes filled with gratitude, while shiv looks lovingly.

gehna and basant are also discussing shiv’s suggestion, and how apt it is. gehna says that she’s surprised that noone thought of this fr4om their family, but she has a doubt if he would agree. Basant asks why is he thinking like that. She says that so much has happened in his life, and he would take time to balance everything out in his life. He says that even if he jagiya refuses, they wont sit down. Then he asks if she ate anything. she says that she didnt and would soon eat, once she goes down. Basant asks her to be more responsible and says that he would get herv food, brought upstairs only. But when he finds that nandu isnt in the house, he himself offers to get some food for gehna.

As he comes down, he finds mannu crying badly. Gnag too hurriedly comes to see what happened. she takies him in her arms and asks if he’s hurt. nandu, terrified, says that mannu fell while playing, and that he didnt make him fall intentionally.
Basant scolds nandu for being so irresponsible and hurting the little boy. As gehna comes out hearing the commotion, basant angrily sends her back too in the room, to rest. After that, he calls for makhan, so that they can go to the hospital, but ganga says that she would be able to manage alone, to which basant agrees.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
Sanchi walks in the hospital, while jagiya is treating another patient, and is asked by the nurse and jagiya too to wait, while he administers treatment. when jagiya attends to her, Sanchi says that she’s come for changing her dressing. Jagiya asks nurse to do it. Sanchi insists that she wants it done by her only, as she trusts him only. jagiya agrees and begins to change the dressing. But in the middle of it, ganga walks in carrying mannu, who’s crying incoherently, and jagdish goes to attend to him to a priority basis. He asks the nurse to finsih sanchi’s dressing, but she stops the nurse and walks out. Jagdish is surprised to see this.

As sanchi limps her way out, ganga comes back after her, saying that she must have felt bad, that she was neglected when ganga came in barging along with mannu, and she apologizes for the same, saying that she went berserk seeing mannu hurt, and that she shouldnt have barged in when sanchi was being treated. Sanchi retorts saying that she doesnt understand if she’s sympathising or making fun of her. Ganga says that she feels terribly sorry for her, but she got entangled in mannu’s wounds. Sanchi retorts ganga saying that she is taking the singh family, for granted, in the wake of her child and that she should now fend out for herself, and search for a job. Ganga says that she tried to go, but then was stopped by dadisa, and enthusiastically says that she’s stdying and would soon become a nurse. sanchi taunts her saying that if illiterates like her become nurse, then the patients would be doomed for life, and that there’s a vast difference between working in the kitchen and administering medicines to patients. Saying so, she leaves. Ganga, turns around, teary eyed, and is surprised to find jagiya standing there, having heard the entire conversation. Ganga silently comes back to her child. Jagiya too follows her inside.

Ganga comments that mannu quitens down everytime he sees jagiya. jagiya asks him to stop disguising that she is hurt at sanchi’s words. Ganga says that only he seems to have the faith that she can be a nurse, and noone else. He again convinces her that all it needs is a sense of firm will and determination, and she would cleave through adamant walls of difficulty and make a very good nurse. He then asks her not to overthink unnecessarily, and take mannu home. she complies and leaves with mannu. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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