7th December Friday Update On This Is Love

Gagan’s mum saying Adi has to die. Roshni’s mum says I came to see who killed Chandan, don’t kill him, death is an easy punishment for him, what about the thing he did with us, he broke my daughter’s dreams. Adi says I did that by mistake, I will give you as much money as you want. She says fine, give money, I will tell Roshni that this money is her groom. He says sorry, I m ready to do anything you say. She asks are you ready to do what I say. He nods. She says fine, life instead life, and sindoor instead sindoor, you snatched her suhaag, now you will become her suhaag, you will fulfill Chandan’s responsibility, you have to marry Roshni. Adi gets shocked.

He says what are you saying, I m engaged, I have a fiancee, I can’t marry Roshni. She says
my daughter’s marriage was today, you will become her suhaag now. Gagan’s mum and Roshni’s mum scold him. Gagan’s mum says you have to marry Roshni now, I have seen my son’s funeral pyre, I will not leave you. Adi says you can kill me, but I can’t marry Roshni. Gagan says you all go and get ready, prepare mandap, I will make Adi ready. He asks men to make Adi wear Chandan’s clothes.

Ishita says there is another route, but it will take 5 hours to reach there, we are going for Adi. Raman agrees. Gagan asks Adi why did you not get ready. Adi cries and gets up. He falls. Gagan says stand straight. Adi says I m going to get married, how can I marry Roshni, please leave me. Gagan says you have to take Roshni’s responsibility, get ready now. Adi asks him to listen. Gagan pushes him and says remember what my mum said, you took my brother’s life, just do as we say else…Adi cries. He says I can’t do this marriage, you can take my life. Gagan punches his face. Adi falls down. Gagan goes.

The men come and make Adi ready as the groom. Gagan comes to his mum and says groom is ready. Adi is brought by some men. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita says our Adi will become groom, see baraat will also be such. Raman says we came on wrong route. She asks can’t you find a way. He asks her not to scold him. He says I m becoming Sasur now, Aaliya won’t respect me then. She says Aaliya is a nice girl, now we shall leave. He says on one condition, you won’t boss around there. She says I won’t. They leave.

The men make Adi sit in the mandap. Gagan asks him to sit silently. Adi cries and thinks of Aaliya. Roshni comes and sits beside. Adi says I won’t do this marriage and pushes Gagan. He takes the gun and asks Gagan to shut up. He says you do anything, but I won’t do this marriage, I already told you, that happened by mistake, I will not ruin my and this girl’s life. He asks pandit to give his phone. He says police will take decision now. Gagan signs his mum. She takes the gun from Adi and aims at him. Gagan catches Adi. His mum says we don’t accept any laws here, its our laws here, sit quiet in mandap else… Adi says shoot me, I won’t marry. Gagan asks his mum to shoot. Adi asks her to shoot, its better I die. She asks the men to make Adi sit in mandap. She goes and says Gagan, we want this guy alive, he has to marry Roshni, else I would have killed him, he would have some weakness by which we can break him. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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