6th December Thursday Update On True Love

Taps interrupts Veer-Ichcha and tells him she just wanted to check if Veer was ready. He tells her that he’ll be ready in 2 mins. He tells a flustered Ichcha to not worry as they are husband and wife. He leaves. Nani comes to Ichcha’s room, to reprimand Ichcha for talking back to Chanda. Ichcha explains that Chanda incited her and that she will not tolerate anything said against her mother. Later, Ichcha thinks that this time, she cannot let Taps use Veer.

Chanda is getting suitcases fixed and asks Nani if she needs any fixed. Nani replies that she’s not going anywhere soon, but she remembers that Taps will need her suitcase when going to the hospital. Chanda tells her to get a servant to get the suitcase, and then sees Ichcha and tells her to go fetch it. While getting the suitcase, Ichcha sees the tag of the hotel and thinks that she is going to get to the end of this once and for all.

Nani shouting for Ichha and getting irritated since she has not yet brought Tappu’s suitcase when Umed returns home and tells Nani that why she need to ask for Ichha here when this house has so many servants available ;Umed reminds Nani that Ichha is the daughter-in-law of this house which she needs to remember; Nani has no words in her defence now …

Meanwhile Ichha goes to that hotel where Tappu used to stay to enquire about Tapasya ;Ichha shows Tappu’s photo to the hotel manager when the manager remembers that Tapasya stayed in their hotel but nothing much ;Just then the entire hotel staff is shown making preparations for Mr.Rathod to arrive when Ichha asks them if its some special person on which the manager tells her that Mr.Rathod is someone who often comes and stays in this hotel for his work ;Ichha then wonders where she has heard this name before when Mr.Rathod comes in front of her and Ichha instantly recognises him ;They hv a very formal talk when Mr.Rathod asks Ichha whether she needs any bookings in this hotel on which Ichha tells Mr.Rathod that she had only come for some urgent work and nothing else but Ichha doesn’t tell Mr.Rathod any details about it ;After Ichha leaves, Mr.Rathod guesses the reason why Ichha came there and is happy with the fact that things r going in his favour related to Tappu and their child …

Gunwanti and Daddaji r hving general talks when Nani joins them and starts brainwashing them against Ichha by telling them about how careless she has become that without doing any work she just went somewhere out without even telling anyone ;Nani also tells Daddaji about how Ichha misbehaved with Chanda and told her very nasty words on which Gunwanti too agreed with Nani ..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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