4th March Monday Update on True Love


4th March Monday Update on True Love

Mai pampering Ichcha asking what she would like to eat. Ichcha says she is good and doesn’t want anything. Mai goes on a guilt trip saying that if Ammu had asked would she say the same? Ichcha has always given happiness to them and wouldn’t she give Mai a chance to feed her? Ichcha then wants to eat something sweet, at which Chanda exclaims its gonna be a boy as it’s an old wives tale. Mai says whatever girl or boy they should always play in her godi and say her dadi. They happily go from there asking Ichcha to take rest.

Ichcha is looking a pic of muku kanha and remembering them when kanha comes from behind and playfully covers her eyes with his little hands. Ichcha is surprised and happy to see that veer got the kids. Veer explains that he told Ammu that his Ichcha cannot live without them so he got them here. All are excited but dada comes and asks why these kids are there and who they belong to.

Veer explains how when no one from b zoo were with Ichcha these kids gave her hope and now are a part of her and with Ichcha coming back veers responsibility. Ichcha adds that kanha is the grandson of a respectable mr mukerji and Mukta was named by her when she found her on a stormy night abandoned. And they are her life. With mais indication dada let’s them in and accepts kanha and muku. All are happy except Chanda, who doesn’t like happiness.

Thakur jogi is preparing halwa with his own hands and Divya does not like it one single bit. Veecha kanha and muku come home and jogi is playing with muku and calling himself nana. He is extremely happy and he doesn’t know this is his real grandchild anyway. He says that now play with nani and takes muku towards Divya, but ms jealousy changes the topic and does not hold muku. She herself unknowingly keeps herself away from her own blood. She halfheartedlyvasks Ichcha about her health and when she says she’s fine, Divya is unhappy as if she was expecting a negative answer. She gives a phony smile and offers her to eat something.

Divya is also jealous to see how ichha is all happy and mothering two kids who adore her. She has a loyal loving husband and one kid on the way. She calls jogi papa and Divya is devastated in jealousy. Jogi is also pampering Ichcha and Mukta. At the dinner table they talk about halwa that jogi prepared and Ichcha might have called jogi papa st least 5 times today making Divya feel worse.

While they are enjoying nani comes from behind and sees how Ichcha is happily sitting with veer and enjoying dinner with jogi papa and the company of two kids while tapu is mourning the loss of her baby( with expensive sari and jewelry shopping) . Kanha then runs away and Ichcha goes behind him when nani sees a full pregnant Ichcha and is further shocked.

Nani is shocked at veecha turn of events. She comes inside and Ichcha pays her respect. Nani tries to insult Ichcha by saying that she and her Ammu left but now have returned perhaps because they couldn’t survive in the outside world. Just then veer replies back that if she knows everything then why bother asking, and whatever happens between veecha is their private and personal life where she dies not need to meddle. Nani always addresses Ichcha as Chuhiya which is very disgusting.
So after veer gives back to nani she feels she needs to hide her face somewhere. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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