5th March Tuesday Update On Young Love


5th March Tuesday Update On Young Love

Jagya receives a call from someone and he gets shocked. He asks what happened. It’s Sanchi’s call. She laughs and says, relax, I was just kidding. Jagya says, life is not a joke. I don’t like such jokes. Sanchi says, okay okay sorry. But I also feel bad when you don’t call me in entire day. Jagya says, I am busy right now.. i have to finish work and then attend a wedding. Sanchi says, wow.. why didn’t you tell me before? I would have also come along. She asks whose wedding it is. Jagya says, a guard’s daughter’s. Sanchi asks, everyone is going? I mean he is just a security guard. Jagya says, yes.. but for us.. he is part of our family. Sanchi says in her mind, like that Ganga.. these people make everyone part of their family. I will have to change this thing first as soon as I go to that house. A nurse comes and tells Jagya one patient is critical. Jagya tells Sanchi, I will call you back. Ratan tells his men to search Ganga again. He says, I won’t leave this place without my son.

Anandi is worried. Shiv asks her what’s the matter. Anandi says, I am feeling like something bad is going to happen. I don’t know with whom, but yes. Shiv gives her a glass of water and asks her to relax. Right then, Jagya’s family’s photo falls down. And Anandi drops glass of water. Anandi says, they are in problem for sure.. that is why I wasn’t feeling good. Shiv tells her to relax and calls Jagya’s house, but phone line is busy. He then calls on everyone’s mobiles, but no one picks up. Worried Anandi asks, what shall we do now?

Jagya is guiding Lal Singh. Lal Singh tells him to go home now. Jagya is also trying to call home, but phone line has been busy and no one is picking up mobile phones. Right then he receives a call from Anandi. Anandi asks, why no one is picking up home? Jagya says, I also tried. I am going home right now. Anandi says, go fast. There is something wrong for sure. Jagya says, there is nothing like that.. I will call you as soon as I reach home.

One of Ratan’s men enter the room where Ganga is. Ganga sees a knife in his hand and she gets scared. Ratan’s man goes near the box in which Ganga and Mannu are. He’s about to open, but another man comes and says, I checked that already. There is no one inside. Both talk with each other. One says, you did good thing by catching that budhiya (Dadisa).. if you didn’t catch her, then she would have killed our Ratan Singh. She got too much strength. Another man says, that is why I tied her. They go upstairs now. Ganga is crying knowing these people tied Dadisa. She doesn’t know what to do.

Basant’s phone rings. Dadisa says in her mind, whatever God does.. does for good. No one will pick up and he (Bhairo) will understand and come right away. Ratan’s men come there with kerosene. Ratan tells everyone, you all were busy with the function, and we were planning to kill you all. Dadisa now realizes those suspected people who entered were Ratan’s men. One of the men tells Ratan they still couldn’t find Ganga and Mannu. Ratan puts a cloth on a sword and fires it. He takes it closer to Nandu. Nandu screams for the help. Dadisa says, nothing will happen. Ratan tells Nandu, she is lying.. she is tied.. she won’t be able to do anything. Ratan says, I told you to give me Ganga, else you all will regret.. you didn’t listen to me. You have lots of ego, but no sense. Does anyone give holiday to all the guards together? I swore of God that I will come to take revenge. So I will have to take the revenge now. You all haveli people made me angry. He now takes the sword near Gehna. My uneducated wife filed divorce case. She went to police as well. How can I take all that? Dadisa says, until how long you will survive? Animals like you should be hanged.

Ratan smiles and says, don’t worry about me.. think about yourself and your family. Just like this cloth, you all will be burned as well.. and when no one will be saved, then who will save and hide Ganga? He asks his men to spread kerosene everywhere including on all family members and create fire. When Ganga hears their screams, she will come out running. Sumitra recalls her words of telling Dadisa that everything was going so nicely before Ganga came. Ratan says, it’s so sad that because of an outsider.. a happy family will burn alive today. His men are about to start spreading kerosene, but Sumitra says, STOP. She asks Ratan, if we give you Ganga, then you will leave everyone, right? No family members can believe Sumitra said that.

Dadisa asks Sumitra, what are you saying? Stay quiet. You won’t say anything now. Sumitra says, nothing will happen by staying quiet. We stayed quiet till now, that is why this happened. If we had done something before, then we wouldn’t have seen this day today. There is a limit of tolerating. I can’t tolerate it anymore. There is no sense in risking entire family’s life because of an outsider woman. That Ganga can’t get along with her husband and his family.. why should we suffer for that? She tells Dadisa, look at Gehna’s condition.. Nandu is so scared.. and he insulted you so much. I can’t see this anymore. Dadisa says, I understand you, but.. Sumitra says, no… enough is enough. She asks Ratan if he will leave family members if they give Ganga and Mannu to him. Ratan says, if you had said this before, then you all wouldn’t have to go through all this pain and my time would have saved too. I don’t have anything against you all.. once I get my son.. I will leave.

Dadisa tells Sumitra, he’s lying.. don’t trust him. Sumitra says, it’s still not too late. We can correct our mistake of allowing Ganga to stay here. Please tell where Ganga is. Dadisa says, it’s our religion (duty) to save Ganga.. we promised her that we will save her from every problem. And I never learned nor I taught my children to step back from your promise. Sumitra says, for someone else.. put your entire house on fire… even God wouldn’t want you to fulfill your promise like this. Meanwhile, Ratan is feeling happy.

Ganga is worrying for the family. She says she just can’t hide and save herself by risking other family members. She says she will have to do something. They did so much for her and Mannu, and if she doesn’t help during their bad time, then she won’t be able to forgive herself. She says she has no option but to break Dadisa’s swear. She won’t let family suffer more because of her.

Ratan is laughing. He says, you will lose your lives because of all your big talks and your values . He asks his men to spread kerosene around all family members. He says, you supported Ganga a lot and now when she hears your screams, she will come out running. You took away my Mannu from me.. now pay for it. Dadisa says, it’s all drama.. if you had father’s heart, then you would have seen that she (gehna) is pregnant. There is an unborn child.. what did he do to you? God is watching all and will punish you. Ratan laughs and says, stop worrying about me.. think about your family. He turns on his lighter and Jagya enters. Nandu sees him and screams… bhaisaaa. Jagya is shocked. Hearing that, Ratan’s smile too disappears, at least for a moment.

Jagya enters the Haveli and is shocked to see everyone tied with ropes. Nandu sees him and screams, bhaaiisaa. Ratan welcomes Jagya and says, you took too much time in coming. Now as you’re here, call Ganga out. She will definitely listen to you. Jagya gets angry and starts fighting with Ratan’s men. He now hits Ratan. Ratan’s men come to save him, but Ratan tells them to step back as it’s his and Jagya’s matter. Both start fighting. In end Ratan hits Jagya on his head with a heavy object. All family members are shocked. Jagya falls down on the floor, pretty much in unconscious condition. Ratan is about to kick him, but Ganga screams, stop it Ratan Singh. Ratan smiles and says, so you finally came. Ganga runs to Jagya. Ganga tells Ratan not to dare to touch Jagya, and if he does anything to any family member, then it won’t be good for him. Ganga is crying and she starts beating Ratan saying, you will harm doctor sahab? you will take life of my family members? Don’t even think about it in your dreams. You are not even worth to wash their legs.. If you touch them with your dirty hands, then it will be their insult.

Ratan laughs and says, in couple of days, you started loving them so much. Give me my Mannu and save your family. Ganga looks at almost unconscious Jagya and other family members tied. Ratan’s father is already doing arrangements for a big party on Mannu’s return. His mother is nervous. Ratan’s father says, now we just have to wait for Ratan’s call. His mother says, Ratan said he will bring Mannu, but do you think that girl will give Mannu that easily? We tortured her so much, but she still didn’t die. Her life is inside Mannu.. she won’t give him that easily. Ratan’s father says, don’t think about all that and waste your time.. I have full faith in my son. He will definitely bring him back. A servant brings a bicycle. Ratan’s father says, it’s for Mannu. Ratan’s another wife, Padma, is getting angry listening to their conversation. She says, no one loved my daughter and doing so much for that daayan’s son. Ratan’s mother shuts her saying if she had a son, then he would be getting all this love as well. She tells her, you should feel lucky because you will become mother of a son in just one night. read full updates daily only at Padma says, you want me love him instead of my real child? Fine.. let him come.. I will raise him the way so he becomes a bigger goon than his father.

Their argument continues and Ratan’s mother is about to slap her, but Padma blocks it. She says, I am not Ganga that I will tolerate all this. I am leaving this house. You can stay in this house.. with your son and that Mannu. Ratan’s mother warns her not to leave before Ratan comes else it won’t be good for her. Ratan’s father is calling him, but he’s not picking up. He then calls Ratan’s man. He says I can’t give phone to Ratan. His father gets worried and asks not to hide anything from him. Ratan’s man tells something (in muted voice). Ratan’s father says, has he gone crazy? He just came out of the jail. Give him the phone. Ratan’s man says, it was his order not to tell this to anyone, but I still told you. If he finds this out, then he will kill me. He hangs up.

Ratan’s mother asks what he did. Ratan’s father says, your son has gone crazy. He has gone to set Haveli on fire. Ratan’s mother is shocked and says to stop Ratan. If he does this, then neither him nor his family will be saved. Ratan is not picking up phone and they are getting worried. Ratan’s mother says, what will happen now? Padma listens all this and says, revenge will happen now. She takes her daughter and leaves.

Ganga asks Ratan to promise her that he will leave everyone if she gives Mannu to him. Ratan says, you know very well that I don’t want anything else beside Mannu. I just came out of the jail, I don’t want to go back to jail by killing all these people. But still okay I promise you. Jagya tells Ganga not to give Mannu to him. Ratan’s man is putting cloth on Jagya’s mouth. Ratan tells him to stop and says, after I get Mannu, I have to free everyone so why give trouble to doctor sahab. Ratan tells Ganga, if you want to get this family freed, then give me my Mannu. Jagya is still telling her not to give Mannu to this devil. Jagya screams, Ganga Ganga.. as she runs upstairs to bring Mannu. Ratan sends some of his men outside so no one can enter like how Jagya did. Dadisa is waiting for Bhairo to come as no one picked up his call, they still didn’t reach wedding location.

Anandi is worried as she didn’t get call from Jagya and now he is not picking up either. She calls on Bhairo’s mobile again. Ratan’s men have tied Jagya now as well and he seems to be fine. Ratan sees Ananid’s name and says, one more stoppage in my way… she is my biggest enemy. She is very sharp. He looks at everyone and then tells his man to put a gun on Nandu’s head. He now takes phone to Sumitra and tells her to talk with Anandi the way so she doesn’t find anything happened here. Anandi is relieved hearing Sumitra’s voice. She says, I called everyone but no one was picking up. Jagya said he will call after reaching home, but he didn’t call either. Sumitra says, everything is fine. Jagya has returned home. He might have forgot to call you. Anandi asks if everything is fine. Sumitra says, everything is fine.. home phone is not working and Bhairo forgot to take his phone with him. It rang now so I picked up. Anandi says I was feeling very worried.. don’t know what happened. You all are really fine, right? If there’s anything wrong, then tell me. I can come there. Sumitra says, no.. you don’t come here. Anandi says, I am just saying if you need me, then I can come. Sumitra says, we are going to guard’s daughter’s wedding. You don’t come here. Anandi is still talking and Ratan disconnects the call. Anandi tells Shiv, there is something wrong for sure. From maa’s voice, it seems like they are in some problem.

Anandi now calls Sugna. She tells her how no one was picking up her call and when Sumitra picked up, there was fear in her voice. She says, and it’s not possible that Jagya forgets to call me. She asks Sugna if she can go there just to make sure everything is fine. Sugna says, I will go there right now and call you when I reach. Shiv calls police station and asks them if any inspector can go to Badi Haveli. Anandi asks him what they said. Before Shiv says anything, Sanchi comes in running and asks Anandi if she has any clue why Jagya is not picking up his phone. She says, I am trying since so long.. I tried land line as well. Shiv says, we are worried about that as well. I just called and an inspector is going there to check. Sanchi says, whether that Ratan attacked them again. They all are tensed.