4th March Monday Update on This is Love


4th March Monday Update on This is Love

Lawyer telling Shagun about Mani. Shagun says I don’t know any Mani, I did not hear this name before. Ishita looks on. He gives the marriage certificate to Shagun. Ishita says maybe she recalls everything by seeing the marriage certificate. Shagun gets flashes and holds her head. She recalls Mani and faints. Ishita runs to her. Lawyer asks Adi to come fast, his mum fainted. Ishita asks someone to call ambulance. The ward boy takes Shagun o stretcher.

Pihu tells about Rakshabandhan and makes Rakhi. Riya likes it and asks why did you make many Rakhis, do you have many brothers. Pihu says no, I have two brothers Adi and Shravan, but Adi said brothers will also tie rakhis to sisters, as they also protect brothers. Riya says its a nice idea, if I had a brother, I
would have protected him, you are lucky, I m alone, my mum would be busy in meeting. Pihu asks her to come her home, make two rakhis for Adi and Shravan. Riya says I have to mail my mum and take permission, she stays much busy, she sleeps when I go school, when I come home, she is in office.

Pihu says phone usage is not allowed in my house, my family is good, they will be glad if you come, you surely come. Riya thanks and hugs her. Pihu thinks to tell Riya not to call her Pihu in front of Shagun. Aaliya asks what happened to mumma. Ruhi asks Shagun to open eyes, how did she faint. Ishita cries and says it happened because of me, she fainted seeing marriage certificate, we will send her to doctor. Ashok says stop, where are you taking her, I m going to marry Shagun. Ashok and Adi have a fight. Ashok pushes him and says I will marry Shagun today. Ishita says did you see her state, stay away. He says you did this, and holds her neck. Everyone tries to stop him. Inspector comes and stops Ashok. Ishita says Ashok is misbehaving with us, he is not letting us take Shagun to doctor. Ashok says I want her memory to come back. She says why are you not letting ambulance go then. Inspector says Shagun is imp witness of our case, we want to reach real culprit, we know what you were doing, get out of here, let me do our work. Ashok asks you know who I m. Inspector says a defamed politician, its my duty to give police protection to Shagun, go away, else I have to arrest you, everyone has seen this, you have attacked on Ishita. Ashok goes. The ambulance leaves. Ishita syas thanks for coming on time. Inspector says its good you informed us. Ishita says Adi get the car, we have to go hospital. She asks elders to go home and take care of kids.

Kiran picks kids from the school. Shitija recalls Shravan’s words. Kiran says I want to give you all a surprise. She sees Shitija. Ishita worries. She says I was standing there, if anything happens to Shagun, it will be my mistake. Aaliya says we will know about her, don’t worry. Ishita says doctor told me not to show Mani’s pic, I thought this will be safe thing to do. Bala and Adi come. Adi says you did good to stop the marriage, mom will get her memory. Kiran asks kids how did they like the surprise. Pihu says really good. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla. Pihu asks where is Ishimaa and mumma. Kiran says you know Shagun is unwell, Ishita took her to doctor for checkup, rrakhis got completed, go and do homework. Amma asks why did you tell kids about Shagun.

Kiran says Ishita told me, kids understand more than us, Pihu is helping Ishita so I told her. Amma asks will you teach us how to raise kids, you can go now. Kiran says I made coconut sweets for rakhi day, I hope you like it. Amma says look at the situation, you got sweets. Kiran says I know one thing, till Ishita is here, nothing can go wrong. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Kiran for taking care of children and blesses her. Kiran leaves. Amma asks Neelu to throw sweets in dustbin.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to keep sweets. She asks Amma why is she getting angry on Kiran, kids are happy. Amma says she is impressing kids to marry Bala. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s wrong, Bala has to move on in life. Amma says kids did not cope up with Vandu’s loss, most imp thing is none can take my Vandu’s place. Mrs. Bhalla says kids’ sorrow can get less, Kiran can become Bala’s strength, I did not treat Ishita like this. Amma says Kiran and Ishu are different, this is our family matter, I don’t want to discuss this with anyone. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says when did our families get different, you did not think Ishita is my bahu.

Bala asks who is treating Shagun. Ishita says her hypnotherapist will be treating her. Aaliya says don’t know how is mumma. Adi asks her not to worry. Ruhi gets tea for them. Doctor comes. They all ask her how is Shagun. Doctor says her memory may come back, we don’t know the level of her memory, we have to handle this sensitively, I will ask her questions, I don’t want her to get disturbed, you two come with me, others wait here. Ishita and Aaliya go with her. Ruhi says I hope Shagun gets fine. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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