23rd January Wednesday Update On Young Love


23rd January Wednesday Update On Young Love

Matchmaker talks about Jagya’s ristha with girl’s family. She says to girl’s (Madhavi’s) mother that they liked your daughter and were very excited. Matchmaker shows Jagya’s photo to Madhavi mother and she likes him. When matchmaker tells her that he is from Jaitsar, the mother says, Mansi was going to get married to collector of Jaitsar and now again rishta came from there. Matchmaker then tells her, I don’t want to hide anything, and says he is a divorcee. Madhavi’s mother gets angry and asks how can you bring such rishta? Matchmaker explains that he got married at young age, but he is very responsible.. he runs his hospital. Matchmaker praises Jagya and his family and says Madhavi will live like a queen there. And his family will treat her as a daughter. Mother is happy now and says that is why maybe her wedding didn’t happen with collector. She asks matchmaker to arrange meeting with Jagya’s family.

Anandi talks with Dadisa on the phone, and Dadisa is very happy. Anandi asks her how is she. Dadisa says now as you’re back.. we all are fine. She tells Anandi, you could have called at least. Anandi says, what do you think I didn’t miss you all? Dadisa says that can never happen. Dadisa says then tells her that Jagya left gifts there.. and how Sanchi took Jagya out. Anandi gets surprised. Dadisa says, even I didn’t believe, but Jagya told me how she took care of him. Anandi says, I am happy knowing Jagya liked Udhaipur. Dadisa asks her when she is coming to Jaitsar..and says, when you come, I will give you a good news. Anandi asks what good news? Dadisa says, that I will tell when you come here.. can’t say on the phone. Anandi says, okay I will talk with Shiv.

Shiv enters and says so you going Jaitsar tomorrow. Anandi says, it’s not good to listen others conversations. Shiv says, I just listening my wife’s and dadisa’s conversation. He gives her permissions, but Anandi says, we just came back from Kashmir, and if I leave again.. family may not like it. Shiv says, no one will have any problem.. but still if you want, then I can talk with them. Sanchi hears this and gets excited as Anandi is going Jaitsar.

Jagya is playing with Manu. Ganga sees them and says to herself, both are so happy together. Ganga asks Manu to go to sleep now. Jagya asks her to let him play more as he’s enjoying. Ganga says, he’s enjoying now.. but after a while, he will start bothering by crying when it’s sleeping time. Jagya says, he won’t cry. We both enjoy with each other and have become best friends. When I play with him, all my stress go away. And I am sure it’s same with Manu..that’s why he gets happy seeing me. We are used to each other now. Ganga says, but habit has to be changed.. soon you will get married.. then you won’t have much time to spend with Manu. Dadisa asks Ganga to tell Jagya that girl’s family is coming tomorrow. Jagya heards it. Ganga leaves with Manu and Jagya is in thoughts.

Anandi is packing or unpacking her stuff and Sanchi comes there. She sees gift that Jagya brought for Shiv and remembers her gift. SHe tells Anandi that that gift reminds her of Jagya. Anandi looks at her. Sanchi says, I mean he’s such a good doctor.. and can’t stop praising him. She tells him about how he handled Sunny in her college and etc.. She then says, you must know all about Jagya as you stayed with him. Anandi says, yes.. but he has changed a lot today.. today he needs a true life partner.. who understands values of relationships. and when that happens.. I am sure happiness will be back in Jagya’s life.

Sanchi gets furious and says, you’re wrong bhabhi.. everyone says that you’re loving, matured, and sensible person.. but still Jagya didn’t get any happiness by marrying you. I think Jagdish needs a life partner who knows how to live a life.. and don’t expect Jagdish to be a God. Accept him as he is. And that is when Jagdish will get true happiness. She leaves from there and Anandi gets lost in thoughts.

Jagya comes to Dadisa’s room and says he wants to talk with her. Dadisa asks him if Ganga told him that the girl’s family is coming tomorrow. Jagya says, yes.. and I want to about it only. Dadisa asks what? Jagya says, I don’t want to marry. He says, I know I promised Anandi and told you all that I am ready for marriage, but somehow I don’t feel like it after what happened last time. I think it’s God’s signal to tell us that we should not think about marriage. It’s better if we… Dadisa says, if you think good, then good will happen. And don’t say me that marriage is not for you.. God will send a very good girl for you. Just don’t lose your hopes. Accept the rishtas that come for you and everything will be fine. The screen freezes on Jagya’s face.

Shiv’s family is at dining table. Shiv tells his mother that everyone at Jaitsar missing Anandi so would it be okay if she goes there. Shiv’s mother says, why not.. she asks Anandi, when are you going? Anandi says, there’s no rush.. I will go after few days. Shiv’s mother tells her to leave tomorrow only as there’s not much work in their house. Meenu asks Shiv if he’s going with her. Shiv says, I am starting work from tomorrow so won’t be able to go. Daddu then says, I will go and that way I will meet Dadisa too. Everyone laughs. Sanchi says to Daddu, no need to.. I will go along with Anandi. Everyone is surprised. Sanchi says, I have to attend some birthday party in nearby town after 2 days.. so I will meet everyone before that. She asks Anandi if she is okay with it. Anandi says, she doesn’t have any problem.

Dadisa is getting decorations done in their house. She hears car’s horn and worries thinking girl’s family is already here. But it’s Anandi and Sanchi. Dadisa is happy to see them. Sanchi looks around (for jagya). Dadisa tells Sanchi, Jagya was so happy after returning from Udhaipur. Sanchi says, he was missing you all a lot. Dadisa tells her to take this as her house only. Anandi asks where is everyone. Dadisa gives whereabouts for everyone. Sanchi is curious to know about Jagya. She asks herself and what about jagdish? Dadisa says, he’s in his room.. go and meet him. Sanchi goes and Anandi watches her. Dadisa then tells Anandi about jagya’s rishta and says they are coming today.

Sanchi gives surprise to Jagya and gifts him perfume. She says, I told you and you promised me when I come here, you will take me out. Jagya says, yes I said.. but it all depends on my work schedule. Sanchi is all praising him. She asks him, so where are you taking me today? Jagya says, today i have some work.. so it won’t be possible. Sanchi says, this time I will forgive you, but tomorrow.. I don’t want any excuse.

She then looks around and there are some books. She takes one. Jagya tells her, you won’t understand. Sanchi still checks and finds Jagya and Anandi’s childhood wedding photo. Jagya feels embarrassed. Sanchi says, you were looking dashing in your childhood too, and if you become dulha again.. you won’t seem bad either. They are talking, and Ganga comes there to put clothes in cupboard. Seeing Sanchi there, she says, I will come later. Jagya says, do right now. Ganga goes in.. and tells Sanchi that Manu loved the teddy bear that she gave to him. Sanchi says in her mind, I bought that to give to Jagdish, but what to do.. had to take your Manu’s name. Ganga is then having conversation with Jagya, and Sanchi is not pleased. Ganga then has to change bedsheet.. she says to Jagya, when you go down, let me know. Jagya says, we were about to go down.. you can change. He leaves. Sanchi gives kinda angry look to Ganga before leaving.

Anandi meets Sumitra and Gehna. She hugs both and congratulates Gehna. She says, I heard good news on the phone but couldnt see happiness on your face which I am seeing now. Gehna says, it’s all thanks to Jagya. They sit down in the hall. Anandi says, Dadisa told me about a girl coming to see Jagya. Sumitra says, they should be coming shortly. Right then Jagya and Sanchi come there. Jagya tells Anandi, I didn’t know you also came. Sanchi says, why.. you thought bhaiya bhabhi still at honeymoon? Anandi says, we just returned yesterday.

Bhairo calls Dadisa and asks her to meet them to sign some important papers. He says, Basant is also with me.. as soon as you sign papers, we all will go home. After Dadisa leaves, Gehna says, I think she will be here before they come. Sanchi says, seems like someone special is coming today. Before anyone answers, Ganga comes running to see Anandi. They hug. Anandi asks about Manu. Ganga says, he is in room. Anandi goes to see him. Sanchi also goes with her. After they leave, Madhavi’s mother arrives with matchmaker, Nirmala. Nirmala introduces everyone to Madhavi’s mother. Madhavi’s mother is pleased seeing their house. Sumitra says, it’s all thanks to Dadisa. We just try to maintain happiness in this house. Madhavi’s mother is also pleased with everyone’s nature.

Anandi is playing with Manu, while Sanchi is looking at teddy bear which she actually gifted to Jagya. Anandi asks her, why are you bothering Manu, and asks her to return it to him. Ganga comes in to tell Anandi that Madhavi’s mother is here. Sanchi is confused. Ganga tells her that a girl is coming to see Jagya. Sanchi says, what? Dr. Jagdish is going to get married? Sanchi is shocked and drops teddy bear. Anandi notices it.

Madhavi’s mother is talking with Jagya about his studies. Right then she sees Anandi coming down with Sanchi and Ganga. She glares at Anandi recalling her previous meeting with Anandi when she asked Anandi to break her engagement with Shiv. She asks her, you’re same girl who I saw in mandir with Shivraj Shekhar, right? Did you got married to that rude, and egoistic person? Everyone is surprised and Sanchi is somewhat angry.