23rd January Wednesday Update On This Is Love


23rd January Wednesday Update On This Is Love

Ishita asking Neelu to put the suit in Adi’s car silently. Neelu asks what, I already kept a suit in Raman’s car. Ishita checks the suit and sees red suit. Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla gave this. Ishita says why will she do this, keep this suit in Adi’s car. She goes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks what’s all this. Mrs. Bhalla says its Raman’s suit, he has meeting in office. Ishita asks why will he wear this. Mrs. Bhalla says I will decide his clothes. Ishita says I know what suits him, I m his wife.

Aaliya comes and says this rule applies to me also, I can also have right to decide what will Adi wear in meeting. Ishita smiles. Aaliya says don’t take inlaw word seriously, our relation is of mum and daughter, you told me old relations don’t break by new relations, I will wish you share everything with me. Ishita says you said the same thing to me, but understand why I did that. Aaliya says I know, but things change with time, I want Adi to wear new trend clothes, till he tries, how will he know he is comfortable or not, I want him to look good, we will revamp his wardrobe. Mrs. Bhalla says very good idea. Ishita agrees. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says I got this red suit for rent, to explain all this. Ishita says you can do anything. Ishita asks Raman what is he doing, have food. Raman says I have worked on this business strategy all night. Taneja will be shocked. She says Taneja is working with Adi, how will he work on this. He says doesn’t matter, he will give importance to him. She asks him to talk to any investor. He likes the idea.

The man says we have to think of new contractor. Mr. Bhalla says we will find someone. Appa says we will give contract to one who fills less tender. Mr. Bhalla says I know someone. Appa calls someone else to give the contract. Roshni gives coffee to Appa. Appa likes it a lot. Roshni says I learnt this from Amma. Amma says I m listening everything, if you ask me, you won’t get anything. Raman asks Taneja to listen to his brilliant idea. Taneja says our company has policy to do just one project at a time, we are already working with Adi Raman prepares to meet Dhanraj. He says Tanejo go with Adi on trip, I will convince Dhanraj.

Adi talks on call about work. Aaliya sits sad. He says sorry, once I come from trip, we will go on honeymoon. She says I m sad as I did not get the bag I liked online. He asks what’s this melodrama. She says I want this bag, see, its so good, personality enhances by a good bahu, its imp than having a husband. He says if husband is not there, bag won’t have money. Aaliya asks him to get bag for her. He says I will not get it, help me in packing, you can come with me. She says I will be bored there, I m thinking to cook for my friends, they are coming for lunch. Raman asks Dhanraj what’s his opinion. Dhanraj says its not so good, its an old idea, I know you are a good businessman, you don’t have that thing now, everyone is praising Adi, its time you let Adi manage the business. Raman says trust me, its profitable proposal. Dhanraj says if you are so sure, why don’t you launch it yourself. Ishita comes and greets Dhanraj. He goes.

She gives tiffin to Raman. Raman tells her that Dhanraj refused to his business idea. She says why do you feel Dhanraj refused to your business, I think he showed a new way, he asked you to launch your idea, why are you hesitant. He says I don’t have such infrastructure. She says idea and experience matters, I m sure you will be successful, you start this, I will give my savings, I m sure investors will come for finance. He says I will complete this project alone, Romi and Ruhi have to go Bangalore for this, I m sure Ruhi will give a good presentation to the company there and get finance. She says you are so sharp and made entire plan. He says you are behind my success, thanks. She says I wish to sit here and look at you, but you have to work, and I need to go to my clinic, I have some appointments. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya is she making something special. Aaliya says yes, my friends are coming, I m making pasta. Mrs.Bhalla tells her about special sauce pasta. Aaliya asks do you know making pink sauce. Mrs Bhalla offers her help. She coughs. Aaliya asks are you fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I just have some difficulty in breathing. Aaliya says I will call doctor. Mrs. Bhalla says I m fine. Aaliya asks her to rest.

Mr. Bhalla asks the man to do his work well, fill tender. Appa asks someone to fill less amount in tender. Both the men are needy of work. Mr. Bhalla and Appa assure them the contract. Aaliya’s friends like the food. Aaliya says my Dadi made this food. She praises Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita. She says I feel like I stay in my dad’s house. They call her lucky and asks shall we celebrate and have icecream out. Aaliya says we should leave, else we will get late. She asks Neelu to take care of Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says I will order food after this meeting. He starts discussion about his new project. Ishita talks to Ruhi and says Raman was so excited about the project, you and Romi work hard and make it successful. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

nurse helping Ishita. She asks did you have food. Ishita says yes, why. Nurse says I thought Sir will come to have lunch with you. Ishita says oh, my husband, yes, I was thinking to call him, you call him and ask him did he had food or not. Nurse asks what. Ishita says I heard you guys talking my husband is handsome, you tell this to him, he will be glad. Nurse says sorry. Ishita says its good, I m proud of him, he is handsome, call him, I m liberal. Raman is busy and ends call. She calls again. Nurse asks Raman did you had food, I wanted to say you are very handsome and look SRK. Raman says shut up, did you call to say this. He ends call. Nurse says he is very angry. Ishita says I know, person has to become strong wife to manage such husband, I really hope you get some
good husband, go and have food. Ishita laughs and says Raavan Kumar is predictable, I knew he will give such reaction.

Roshni comes and asks for Aaliya. Neelu says she went out with friends, I was going to tell this to Mrs. Bhalla. Roshni says I will tell her. She looks for Mrs. Bhalla. She sees her fallen on ground and shouts to Neelu for help. They make Mrs. Bhalla lie on the bed. Roshni calls Ishita and says Mrs. Bhalla is having difficulty in breathing. Ishita asks her to feed a tablet to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita guides Roshni. Roshni takes care of her. Mr. Bhalla, Amma and Appa come home. Neelu tells about Mrs. Bhalla. They rush and see. Roshni says I gave her medicines, we will take her to hospital. Mr. Bhalla looks for car keys. Neelu says Aaliya took the car. Appa says even my car is not here.

Ishita and Raman are on the way and talk. Ishita says maybe she had dust allergy, Romi and Adi are not at home. Raman says I m stuck in traffic. Mr. Bhalla calls them. He says we have no car at home, there is taxi strike and ambulance will take much time to come. Raman says I will get doctor home. Ishita says I m coming home. She thinks where did Aaliya go, why is her phone off. Aaliya says I had enough, I will leave now. Her friend asks her to stay back, as she said her inlaws are cool. Aaliya says I have to go and prepare dinner, my inlaws are good, its fun to stay in joint family.

Aaliya likes the icecream and says I will just call home to inform, my phone got dead. Her friend says you informed your maid, chill. Ishita reaches home. Raman goes to meet doctor. Guard says he is leaving for marriage function. Raman asks doctor to come with him, his mum got asthma attack. Ishita says its about mummy’s life, your anger will ruin everything, what are you doing. Raman apologizes and requests doctor to check his mum well. Doctor says calm down, but we doctors have a life too, its home minister’s son’s marriage. Raman says please come with me, you can apologize to minister. Doctor agrees. Raman says I m getting the doctor.

Doctor checks Mrs. Bhalla. He says I gave her injection, she had some allergy, its good you gave tablets on time. Ishita thanks Roshni for managing everything. Raman tells Appa that Mrs. Bhalla is fine. Raman thanks doctor and apologizes. Doctor says thanks for reminding me my duty. Ishita thanks doctor. Raman goes to drop doctor. He sees Mr. Bhalla sitting in compound. Mr. Bhalla says I got worried seeing your mum, if anything happened to her, I would have…. we did not stay away since marriage, when you were young, she used to take you all to her dad’s house, she used to come back in few days knowing I can’t stay without her, I did not know when did all these years passed. Raman says nothing will happen to her, come, be with her.

Mihika says I feel so bad, I went for yoga camp today, it was good Roshni was at home. Ishita asks her not to blame herself. Raman gets Mr. Bhalla home. Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla to feed soup to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says yes, he will feed her. Aaliya comes home and says surprise, I got icecream for everyone, I think we should have it after dinner, I went there with my friends. She sees everyone upset. She asks what happened, why are you all seeing me this way. Raman asks did you go, where was your phone, why did you not answer the call. Aaliya asks why are you angry, I went out, did I do any mistake. She asks Ishita what happened to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman scolds her. Ishita asks why are you shouting on her. Aaliya asks Mihika why is Raman so angry. Mihika tells about Mrs. Bhalla’s critical state, you took the car, everyone called me many time, you did not answer, its good Raman got doctor home, Roshni arranged first aid for Mrs. Bhalla. Aaliya says sorry, I did not have charger, I did not know all this will happen because of me. She cries.