22nd January Tuesday Update On True Love


22nd January Tuesday Update On True Love

Jogi tells Damini about Divya’s worry related to Tapasya and mayb thats why sometimes she behaves rudely on which Damini tells Jogi that she can understand a mother’s pain and then Damini also tells Jogi that she wants him to give her half property to Ichha’s child and half to Tappu’s child because she herself does not want anything ;Jogi is shocked but respects Damini’s decision and leaves While coming out of Damini’s room ,Divya sees him and misunderstands Damini ;Divya and Jogi’s conversation in the room indicates that there is trouble in paradise ;Jogi informs Divya that he is going out of station for few days and leaves …

At Bundela house ,Veer sees that Ichha is hiding those Mai’s bangles in cupboard which she gave to Tappu and is shocked ;Those bangles fall on the floor when Ichha tries to hide it from Veer but Veer sees it but acts as if he has not seen it to get the truth out of her mouth ; Veer then indirectly asks Ichha to give him the towel and when Ichha tells Veer that the towel is in front on the bed only ,that time Veer sarcastically tells Ichha that sometimes thnigs r in front of their eyes but still they fail to see it ;Veer then asks Ichha about whether she knows where those bangles hv gone on which Ichha replies that she has no idea about the bangles ;Veer then wonders why is Ichha lieing to him and then remembers all that Tappu told him last night.

 At night, Ichha sees that Veer is not sleeping besides him and so she gets up and goes outside the room to search for him and finds him in the store room where he is fixing a jhula ;Veer sees Ichha and tells her that he was not feeling sleepy and so he came to fix this childhood jhula in which his and Vansh’s childhood too has been spent ;Veer tells Ichha about how his dad and Mai made this jhula special for him and his brother and so he wants even Tappu and his baby to hv this jhula only ;Ichha sees Veer all excited about his baby and wonders what will happen when he will come to know the truth ;Veer then asks Ichha about whether its a good idea of gifting this jhula to Tappu but before that Ichha leaves from there ;Veer is left shocked and confused. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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