23nd January Wednesday Update On True Love


23nd January Wednesday Update On True Love

Tappu asks  Veer to get some water from her ..so while Veer steps down from the car to get water for her ,she takes the fuse out of the car to make sure it does not take a start ; Veer gives water to Tappu and as per plan ,Veer’s car does not take a start and both get stranded near a jungle .. At Jogi’s house ,Divya is looking at Tappu’s photo and crying her heart out and telling to herself that today she and her daughter Tappu’s life r more or less going in same direction and its all because of Damini and Ichha’s presense in this house .. Veer takes Tappu to a small hut in the jungle and makes her sit there because she was hving some trouble ; Veer then calls up someone on phone asking for a mechanic but the guy on the phone replies that since its rainy season ,so the mechanic will take some time to come and it will take 3-4 hours to repair;

Hearing this Tappu is very happy Tappu even holds Veer’s hands with a excuse of she is scared in darkness ;Veer then lights up the lantern and tells her that this light will not go off since the roof has glass panes but Tappu continues to show how she is all scared and insecure about her dark future once the baby is born since Ichha will become mom of her baby and he will get a full family with this baby and Ichha but what about her future…where will she go ..what will b her position in that house after the baby is born ? ;Veer has no answer to her questions ;Tappu further tells Veer that she knows that he loves Ichha and whatever happened between them was a weak moment but the fact is they both were equally involved in that moment and so its important that in this case they both take the responsibility of that moment and thats the reason she wants to know from him that what will b her position in his life once the baby is born .. …While Veer-Tappu interaction is going on in the hut, Mr.Rathod reaches the spot and sees Veer’s car there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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