22 October Tuesday Update on True Love

22 October Tuesday Update on True Love

Nani and Tappu in Tappu’s car. They both hug each other and cry.
Nani asks her to return home, but Tappu says I can’t come back now. If I do, people will think the old Tapasya is back.
Nani says, I know you’ve changed.
Tapasya says, you know, but they don’t.
I have to do lots yet… I have to fulfil my daughter’s wishes, give her lots of happiness, lots of smiles.
I have to give my best friend her family. Get her back her place in the family with the same respect.
Then I will return.
I also want to come back to my house… but I will return when Papa can hug me and say I am proud of you Tappu beta – proud of both my daughters. And I know that day is not far away.
I will return to my house soon – to my mother, father and my best friend.
I know if I come back now, Papa will forgive me and love me too, but I don’t want his forgiveness and love like that. I want him to accept me from his heart. I want him to feel proud of me and accept me with all his heart, then I will come back.

Tej talking to lawyer on the phone (outside the house). He says, I don’t care about the will (waseeyat). Read every single line of the will and find a way to get me divorce and not damage the conditions of the will. He hears echoes of Tapasya’s dialogues about missing out on the property if he kills his wife or divorces her.
He says, Tapasya Thakur, you’ve stepped on a snake’s tail… he will turn back and bite you – when I get divorce from you!

Icha looking at an album with her and Tappu’s childhood photos and talking to it. Don’t you remember/miss me Tappu?
I only wish that everyone loves you, everyone respects you, that’s all I wish for. She’s crying.
Mukta comes up and says, let’s pack up the Pasta you made for Papa. We have to take it to him.
Mukta leaves and Icha hugs the album and cries a little more.

Tej comes back home drunk. Says I will shoot a film of your murder tomorrow Chanda Rani.
He knocks on the door and Chanda opens the door.
Tej is shocked and Chanda is angry.
He says, Chanda, how come you’re here? He thinks he’s seeing things because he’s drunk.
Tapasya is standing right behind Chanda and says what happened Pati Parmeshwar ji? Tej gets shocked once again lol
Tapasya says you’re looking at her as if you’ve been electrocuted! Why are you sweating so much? She has come back from Tikamgarh… today only… and not by aeroplane.
Tapasya asks Chanda to rest as she must be tired.
Then asks Tej to rest too.
Tapasya takes Chanda to the sofas and makes her sit. Talks to her and says, you’ve lost weight… looks like people didn’t look after you in the village.
You should have called before you come back… these days if a beautiful woman travels alone, anyone can kidnap her – isn’t it pati parmeshwar ji?
Tej gives weird looks and goes away from there.
Chanda also gets up and leaves after him.

Tej is talking to someone on the phone and asks how could she run away from there? Were you looking after her or lying there drunk?
I will have to teach you guys a lesson when I see you again. He puts the phone down and says, I will have to do something about Chanda. Tapasya comes up and says what happened Pati Parmeshwar ji? You look very tense! I brought juice for you… drink it, I haven’t put poison in it yet… she picks up the glass and drinks herself.
She says, you must be thinking how Chanda reached here? Should we go inside the room and talk? She leaves and he goes after her.

Divya is dialing a phone and Damini comes behind her to inform that food is served. Divya jolts and puts the phone down.
Damini comes to her and says I’m also a mother, I understand your pain… go ahead and call babyji.
Divya says, Thakur sahab won’t like it. Why should I call her? Our daughter is not worried about us, she didn’t come to see us even once. Didn’t check whether we’re alive or not. Why should I call her?
Damini says, you shouldn’t say that… even if kids make mistakes, we have to forgive them. My Icha is so grown up today, her daughter has grown up too, but she’s still my baby girl…
Damini has flashbacks of Icha as a child.
Divya says, I also remember the same Tapasya – the child. Who used to play with dolls. Divya has flashbacks of Tapasya as a child.
Divya says do you remember when they had gone missing one time, I scolded your Ichki a lot that day, and found out they had gone fishing that day. Damini smiles and says, I remember.
Divya says, and when Tapasya left Icha alone in a jungle… Damini has a flashback of that.
Divya says, now your Icha is with you and my bad luck, my Tapasya is not with me. When will she will come back to me?
Divya cries and Damini consoles her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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