23 October Wednesday Update on Young Love

23 October Wednesday Update on Young Love

Anandi hugging Shiv and says I love you. Shiv asks her to leave him. Subhadra says, what she is doing? she is doing it openly. Anandi laughs and asks her to open her heart talk. She congrats Ira for winning the challenge and tells that Meenu have lost. She sings the song Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya……………and says she lost her heart. Subhadra says she has gone shameless. How can you tolerate her shameful act. She asks him to take her inside. Shiv takes Anandi to their room. Daddu wonders what happened to Anandi? Anoop says, it was a shameful thing. She should have think. Ira says, she has become strange. I will talk to Shiv. Daddu says, this was strange but I was not unique thing. She just confessed her love for Shiv. Subhadra says, she confessed her love infront of all the elders. We are concerned for her and adds fire.

Anandi wakes up in the morning. Shiv tells her that it is 9 am. Anandi wonders that she slept till 9 am. She asks about Amol. Shiv says, he went to school. Anandi asks, why you didn’t wake me? Shiv gives her water and tells that I thought you needs a good sleep after whatever happened last night. He tells her everything. Anandi is shocked at her behavior. She says, I should apologize to everyone. Everyone must be angry at me. Shiv says don’t know. Anandi says, she don’t know how to face them. She says, something wrong is happening with her and says we shall see a doctor. Shiv says, he took an appointment.

Lal Singh checks a patient. His friends tell him about Chetan and says he is a chain smoker. Ganga gets the sonography reports. Lal Singh sees it and tells that his condition is serious. He tells about the abdominal vein which was swollen and needs to be operated. His friend says that they have informed his family and asks Lal Singh to wait. Lal singh says, they can’t wait and asks Ganga to prepare for the operation. Ganga tells him about the consent form. Lal singh says, his condition is serious. We have to save him.

Ira tells Subhadra that breakfast is ready. Subhadra says, how can we eat without Anandi. She tells Daddu that she is really worried for her. Anandi and Shiv come there.

Daddu tells her good morning and asks are you fine? Anandi apologizes to them for her yesterday night behavior. Anandi says, she is feeling very ashamed. Daddu says, let begone be begone. Meenu asks, are you fine? Anandi says yes. Daddu says, we shall have breakfast. They go for breakfast. Ira comes to Anandi and says I feel you should see a doctor, may be it is happening because of hormonal changes. Anandi says, I told Shiv about it. Don’t know why it is happening. Anandi tells her that Shiv took an appointment for today. Subhadra asks them to come for breakfast. Subhadra eyes her and asks her to take prasad kept in the temple. She thinks everyone will stop loving you and will throw you out.

Hardik and Gulli come with their bags and says they are going for their honeymoon. Hardik asks Shiv to drop him till the airport. Anandi asks them to have breakfast first.

Chetan is being operated by Lal Singh. Lal singh says, he is bleeding more. Chetan’s relatives ask his friends about Chetan. They ask Ganga how can they operate without their consent. Ganga says, she don’t have time now. They stop her and keep on arguing with her. Ganga goes to bring blood. Chetan’s mom cries.

Ira is working in the kitchen, Anandi says she will boil the milk. Ira leaves. Suddenly Anandi feels head ache and tiredness. She gets dizzy. She hears the phone rings and attends Shiv’s call. Shiv tells her that they have to meet Dr. Chauhan as Dr. Hastak is out of city. Anandi says, she is feeling sleepy and will sleep for sometime. Milk starts boiling and overflows on the gas stove. Anandi feels cold and sleeps.

Alok calling Ira asking her to boil tea. Daddu says, he will do it and will add kali mirchi . Daddu keeps the pan on the gas stove and puts tea in it. He is about to light the stove, just then Ira comes and shouts Papaji. Daddu gets shocked too. Meenu, Subhadra and Alok comes there. Ira tells them that gas stove was on. Daddu says, his nose was closed. Subhadra hugs him and says I would have died if anything happens to you. Anoop asks who kept the burner on. Ira says, Anandi did it mistakenly. Subhadra says we have to talk to her. Anyone would have died. Anoop says, bua ji is right.

Lal Singh operates on Chetan. He starts sinking and his heart stop beating. They try to revive him. His heart starts beating again but then Chetan dies. They try to revive him but fail. Lal Singh and Ganga get shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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