22 October Tuesday Update on This is Love

22 October Tuesday Update on This is Love

Raman thinking of Ishita’s words. Mr. Kakkad comes. Raman says I want to make some new necklaces for Aaliya’s marriage. Kakkad says no one told me about it. Raman says I thought Ishita told you, Romi has taken the jewellery for polishing. Kakkad says no one came to my store with jewellery, else I would have known it. Raman says maybe I got mistaken. Bala gives fav chocolates to Pihu. She says there was surprise test in school today. He says you should thank Pihu for this. She says yes, but I m still angry, she scolded me. He says yes, you should be angry, you should understand that mum and dad can have their bad mood days too, I feel like I m talking to angry Raman. He laughs. She says I just want to be like Pihu. She comes home and asks Ishita did she bake cookies.

She goes. Mihika says wow, I will have the delicious cookies.
Ishita says no one else seems to have interest in cookies, you eat all of it, Pihu looks upset. She goes to Pihu. She says you have many cookies, why do you worry, I have made these for you. She feeds Pihu. She comes to Raman and says Pihu’s anger is gone. Raman says we had promised that we won’t lie, how much we fight, if you remember this, why are you lying to me, I spoke to Kakkad, you and Romi lied to me, he didn’t get any jewellery from our house, what are you hiding. She says yes, jewellery wasn’t sent to Kakkad, I have sent it to other store for polishing, that’s it. He says fine, I will believe you, if there is even a pinch of lie, this won’t be right for you and our relation. She worries.

Everyone prepares for Kanjak puja. Ishita gets ready. She sees Raman. She says you are looking good, I have a gift for you, close eyes. He says fine and closes eyes. She holds him. Pihu comes calling them. She asks how do I look. Ishita says so pretty. Pihu asks did you get gifts as Mrs. Bhalla said. Ishita says yes, go and help her. Ishita gives the stick to Raman. He says I m better off walking with it. She says I was going to kiss you. He says thanks but no thanks, if you want to gift me, gift me honesty, is it necessary to become great, can you be normal for once, fine if you don’t want to say, I will figure out myself. He goes. She says you can get angry at me, I will stay calm, I won’t lose my temper.

Ruhi says wow Aaliya, you have worn a good outfit, when did you buy this, you look pretty. Aaliya says Rohan gifted this. Ishita shows some gift. Aaliya likes it. Ishita says its a keychain of responsibility, I wish you go to that house and handle responsibility. Aaliya thanks Raman. Raman says its just from Ishita’s side, its a surprise for me as well, I have planned another surprise for you. Rohan and his family comes. Kaushalya says we also wanted to become part of celebrations. Everyone welcomes them. Rohan and Aaliya smile. Raman and Ishita wash the girls’ feet. Everyone does the puja. Kaushalya asks Rohan to gift them from their side also. Rohan gives them gold coins. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to feed the girls. She asks Ishita to get something similar like Kaushalya gave them. Raman says we should have thought well. Ishita says little girls won’t like gold gifts. She stops Raman and says I have something really nice, better than gold, we can gift that, their parents will really praise us for the gifts, I will get the gifts, don’t worry. Raman goes.

Ishita gives gifts to girls and says this pen is special, whenever you see this, you will recall my words, everyone worked hard to get the gold coin, they studied a lot and worked hard, and then, they could get gold coins for you all, this pen will always remind you that you study hard. The girl says thanks, we will study well. Kaushalya says thanks, so sorry, I should have thought of it and not given gold coins to girls. She says Mrs. Bhalla, you are really lucky to get bahu like Ishita, she handled the situation so well, I m so lucky that Ishita is Aaliya’s mum. Ishita says don’t praise me much. Raman goes taunting Ishita. Ishita says Raman is so arrogant. Sudha says how did Raman give permission to Ishita to sell jewellery, I know Raman well, he would never sell jewellery, this is against his pride. The man says Raman isn’t aware of this. She says so, its simple, Raman isn’t are of anything, how could Ishita do this, she is hiding a big thing from Raman, its very wrong, but I m here to tell Raman what’s happening behind his back, the game is going to be fun.

Raman saying I have got a wedding gift. Ishita plays with dumbell. She sees bank’s incoming call on Raman’s phone. She answers. The man says sorry, bank declined your car loan. Ishita asks what, are we buying a car Raman. Raman takes phone. She says I asked you something. He asks what, how can my loan request get declined, I will be there right away. Ishita asks him to stop, did he buy the car, how expensive is it. He says stop it, surprise will be out, I got a high end car as wedding gift for Rohan and Aaliya. The man calls again and says sorry, the loan is approved, the car is on the way. She says you have bought an expensive thing. He says we can afford it, stop behaving like a miser, I can afford a lavish wedding for my daughter. Sudha says you are right. They

see Sudha coming. Ishita says no need to argue with her, come.
Sudha says you won’t be owner of your company for long. He asks what nonsense. She asks Ishita didn’t you tell him, I didn’t know Bhalla men live in ignorance and women manage everything. He asks what is she saying, tell me. Sudha says she won’t say it, I will say, your company suffered a big loss, it will be mine soon. He gets shocked. He says sorry you are mistaken, my company is doing great. Sudha says your wife Ishita has sold all her jewellery, she bought back some shares of the company by that money. Raman recalls Ishita’s words. Sudha says I get vibes of middle class housewives from Ishita, maybe she thinks you aren’t capable of saving your company, so she has hidden this. He asks Ishita is this true. Sudha says the truth lies in her silence. The car gets delivered. The man says madam, its all done, here are documents and keys. Sudha gives it to Raman and says I heard your bank loan was rejected, I got the loan approved by becoming your guarantor, this car is from my side, take this charity, and enjoy this gift. Raman looks at Ishita. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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