22 November Thursday Update on Young Love

Episode Update on Young Love

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Sumitra gets milk for jagiya and lovingly pats on his head, while he’s sleeping. This wakes him up. He says that he never knew when he dozed off, unlike earlier when he used to keep tossing and turning sides every night. Sumitra says that he wasnt the only one, she and bhairo too felt the same way. She says that now bhairo has to be woken up when he falls into deep sleep. She gives him the milk, which he drinks. She takes his hand into hers and says that the child is the heart of the mother, and the mother cant survive without the heart. She says that now her whole life has been given back to her, when he returned. He says that now he is here forever, as a promise. She hugs him. Bhairo too comes in and pats his cheek.

Jagiya says that there comes a time when the situation between the father and child gets reversed, as in the parents are at the recieving end of their children’s care. He says that now he wishes to assme this responsibility and take care of the entire family, and spread happiness and cheer all around. His parents are overwhelmed with emotions.

While dusting, ganga accidentally switches on the tv, and is scared but then starts enjoying the cartoon airing on the channel. She laughs out loud, and jagiya watches her from the door and is excited seeing her having a nice time.

The next morning, Dadisa is meditating, when sumitra gets her tea. Makhan comes in searching for something, and tells that he’s searching for the broom. He tells that the whole house is entirely clean, and that he is confused who did that. dadisa finds that ganga is cleaning the main door at a distance. Dadisa scares makhan, teasing him about a ghost in the house, much to sumitra’s pleasure. Ganga sees this from the main door, and comes inside to find out. Dadisa scares him saying that the ghost is right behind him. He sees ganga and tells dadisa that he was scared unnecessarily. As makhan leaves, dadisa asks ganga why she did all the cleaning, she says that she didnt feel like sitting idle. Dadisa asks if she actually wants to do work. When ganga says yes, dadisa asks her to help sumitra in the kitchen and gehna in taking care of nandu. Ganga enthusiastically says yes and goes with sumitra to help in making breakfast, while dadisa smiles to herself thinking of ganga’s energy.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
While surfing through her clothes, she comes across the lingerie that ashima had given her and shiv had said that this gift is for him and not her, naughtily. She thinks to herself that earlier she wasnt ready, and not he’s not there when she is.

While anandi is getting ready for sleeping wearing the same lingerie, shiv comes from behind, and cuddles her from behind, while she smiles shyly. She asks when he came, and he says that he came because she wanted her to. She faces him, he takes her by the shoulders and says that this shyness accentuates her beauty all the more. As he tries to get intimate, she runs from there, while he smiles teasingly. He again comes from behind her, and whispers that he hopes that this isnt just a beautiful dream for him. Ananadi returns from her trance, which she had been imagining all this while, and closes the almirah.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and On the road
Ananadi, holding the sweater that she had gifted him, is revelling in her new found love, and happily sweeps her hand on his side of the bed. she says that she loves him and dozes off, while shiv returns from jaipur, thinking about his intimate moments with her. Shiv continuously tries her phone, but in her trance, she is unable to receive it.

The next morning, anandi is surprised to see missed calls from shiv. She reprimands herself for not receiving his call, and putting the phone on silent. She thinks that earlier intentionally, and now unintentionally, she couldnt receive. She dials his no, but doesnt get through.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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