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December Teasers, here are the Weekly/Monthly highlights for the upcoming  episodes for the popular series  drama, Young  Love.

January Teasers on Young Love

Monday 03 December

Anandi feels left out when she finds out the news of Shiv’s transfer  from other family members.

Although he is leaving for Udaipur, Shiv doesn’t let anyone badmouth Jaitsar. Ganga decides to gift out her precious earrings. Shiv is tensed on how to reveal his relocation to Anandi’s family.

Tuesday 04 December

Shiv tries different methods to pacify Anandi. Ganga keeps up her hopes of being a nurse in future.

The Shekars pay a visit to the Singhs. However, they are still yet to break the news to Dadissa

Wednesday 05 December

Sumitra urges Dadissa to stop Anandi from leaving the city with her in laws.

Ganga sees that Jagiya has still not forgotten his memories with Anandi. Meanwhile, Jagiya forms a bond with Mannu.

Thursday 06 December

Anandi requests Ganga to look after the family when she is gone. While jogging, Sanchi almost gets hit by a truck..

Shiv suggests remarriage for Jagiya but will he agree to this? After seeing Jagiya concern for Mannu, Sanchi confronts Ganga.

Friday 07 December

Anandi takes Shiv to where they first met each other and confesses her love for him. Ganga sees Nandu upset and tries to cheer him up.

Bhairo talks to Jagiya about remarriage but the outcome doesn’t yield positive results.

Monday 10 December

Anandi tries to change jagiya’s mind, saying that he should forget the sad memories of the past, and move on in life, by remarrying, not just for himself but for the sake of his family’s happiness too.

He stops her in between and says that he cant forget those memories, and asks her not to call them bad ones, as she is in them. Anandi is surprised to hear this. They are at a confrontational facing moment.

Tuesday 11 December

Shiv, hesitatingly tells dadisa that jagiya said no to anandi, on the prospect of remarrying. when dadisa asks why, shiv reminisces what anandi had told him. Dadisa is shocked when she understands that jagiya is saying no, as he still loves anandi.

Wednesday 12 December

Dadaji and shiv are discussing as to how hard it is for anandi and her family to part like that. Shiv says that they may be very sad, but nonw is crying, so that their sadness doesnt come out, and upsets the other person too. Hence all of them are keeping it buried in their hearts.

Thursday 13 December

Anandi says that she’s nothing without them, as its because of them that she got to stand up on her feet again. Sumitra tells her that she has shiv no, and a very loving family, and hence she should step into her new life with confidence, and enthusiasm. Anandi asks her if they would be able to live without her.

Friday 14 December

The sarpanch says that they have kept a fest for anandi and shiv, as its their last night in jaitsar, and they wont let them go without celebration. Shiv, anandi and their family are given a warm and grand welcome at the fest arena.

Monday 17 December

An act is being performed. A group of people act as Singh parivaar and child bride Anandi is shown to enter their lives. Suddenly DS shows her disappointment that the performers are also enacting her. Everyone in audience is shocked

Tuesday 18 December

Everyone dancing. Jagya says to anandi that he will marry only on one condition that anandi will search a girl for him.

More Teasers soon When Available

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