22 November Thursday Update on This is Love

Episode Update on This is Love

Ishita saying you have to sit in dickey to come with me. Niddhi says you are smart, you want to take me to police station. Ishita says you are smart, I will make you sit in front seat and pass by police station, you have fixed bomb to my mum, am I fool to take risk, I know you can press button anytime. Niddhi says fine, come, you have to drop me safely. Ishita opens dickey and asks her to come. She puts torch light on her face. Ruhi and Mihika attack Niddhi with chilli powder. They throw water on her. Niddhi screams.

Ishita injects Niddhi. Niddhi asks what did you do. Ishita says I injected poison in you, it will kill you in 10mins. Niddhi says just I can defuse the bomb fixed to your mum. Ishita says you can help and get saved, else police is ready to save Amma.
Niddhi says I will tell you. Ishit asks her not to act smart, else you know you will lose your life. Ishita goes to Amma to defuse the bomb. She says Amma don’t worry. Niddhi guides her to cut the wires.

Ishita sees the timer. She cries and cuts the wire at last sec. Amma gets saved. They get relieved. Ishita says bomb defused. Mihika and Ruhi run to Amma. Ishita says we are with you, are you fine. Niddhi says stop this drama, save me first. Ishita says I got peace seeing you this way. Police comes. Ishita says thank me, I m not heartless like you, I gave glucose injection to you, you will not die, now answer me, why did you kill Vandu. Niddhi says I did not do it. Ishita slaps her and tells Amma that Niddhi did the accident, your pen clip was found in Raman’s car. Vandu says accident happened by mistake. Ishita says just shut up, I know what you did. She says Niddhi will tell Amma why she killed Vandu.

Niddhi says I forgot my fake teeth on holi night, when I went home back, I did not had specs and fake teeth, Shagun was alone at home, I blackmailed Mani to help me, Shagun saw me and was going to call police, I pushed her and she fell over her tummy’s side. Ishita asks what, is she fine. Niddhi says when I went to her, bleeding started, I would have killed her, but she entered the room. Ishita gets shocked.

Niddhi says then Raman came, maybe Shagun called him, I had to run from there, I saw Raman’s car, I did not had keys, I had to open it by pen clip. FB shows all the moments. Niddhi drives Raman’s car and leaves. She says I did not know Vandu will come in my way, she came under my car and died, I did not do accident intentionally. They cry. Amma says you killed my daughter, and slaps Niddhi.

Niddhi says it was just an accident. Ishita consoles Amma and asks police to take Niddhi. Inspector says Ishita did the work which police could not, you women did big thing, we will be thankful. Police takes Niddhi.

Ishita says Raman did not kill Vandu, so I stood with him, I knew it. Amma apologizes and hugs her. Ishita says you forgive me, never get angry. They all hug.

Ishita brings Amma home. Mihika says I m glad you came home well. Ishita asks how did you get hurt. Mihika says we got hidden in trees, maybe that time. Ruhi says come with me, I will apply ointment. Amma asks Ishita won’t she come out. Ishita nods. Amma takes her home. Appa worries for Amma and asks Bala where did Amma go. Bala says I went to temple to do puja for Vandu, I have no idea.

Amma comes to them. Appa asks where were you, your phone was not connecting, how is your fever. Amma asks them to come along. She takes them to Ishita. Appa asks why did you come here, who called you here. Amma says I called her here, we all were wrong, I was kidnapped. Appa and Bala get shocked. Amma says Ishita, Mihika and Ruhi saved my life, Raman did not do Vandu’s accident, Raman is innocent. Bala asks who did Vandu’s accident. Amma says Niddhi, she did Vandu’s accident and kidnapped me. Bala asks why will you do this. Amma says I will say, Raman is innocent.

Mihika says its good truth came out, Niddhi should die. Adi applies ointment to her hand. He says Niddhi is dangerous, she faked her death and stayed as Tisha in Mani’s house, you all took big risk. Bala says I did not see such fallen woman. Amma says Niddhi pushed Shagun and ran away in Raman’s car. Ishita says Aaliya told me Shagun went out with her friends. She calls Aaliya and asks about Shagun, is she fine. Aaliya says sorry I forgot to say, Shagun is fine, she has network problem, I will ask her to call you. Ishita tells Amma that Shagun is fine.

Adi says anything could have happened. Mihika says we had no time, thanks to Ruhi, she has seen Niddhi kidnapping Amma. Mr. Bhalla calls her brave. Ruhi says thanks. Adi says yes, really, she could call everyone but not me, I think she did not wish to tell me.

Bala stops Ishita and apologizes for behaving badly. He says I also doubted on Raman. Ishita says whatever was happening, anyone would have doubted on him. Bala says how will I face Raman. She says Raman understands, he was worried that he was not with you. He says you did not doubt on Raman. She says I know him well, he is impulsive, but he is a nice person, his heart is very nice. He says I m so proud of you that you supported Raman and made us reach truth. She says I m worried for Raman, I hope he tells me what happened that night.

Ruhi asks Adi not to make it an issue, we had no time, would I inform you, I can’t explain myself. He asks her to listen and stops her. Bala and Ishita hear them arguing and come to see. Ruhi says Adi thinks I did not inform him purposely, we solved problem well, why do you feel I will come running with problem and you will do favor on me by solving it, I m not a helpless woman, I can solve my problem better than you. Ishita says how can you say that to Adi. Adi says I was worried for you.

Ruhi says you worry for me so much that you make me sit at home, I will not listen to you, if you are elder. Ishita throws water on them and asks them to just shut up. Ruhi goes. Ishita asks are you both mad to talk this way, Adi you should be proud of Ruhi. Adi says I m fed up hearing this, everyone thinks she is talented, throw me out of this house. He goes. Bala says I will talk to Adi. Ishita says no, he is misbehaving, don’t talk now, let him calm down, I will talk to them in morning.

Ishita asking everyone to have food. Bhallas and Iyers dine together. Mihika says Ishita and I made parathas in morning. Bala asks what’s Raman’s plan, when is he coming back. Ishita says he will take time to come back. Ruhi comes and greets everyone. They all ask her to have food. Ruhi says sorry, I have to reach office, there is a grand launch at night, our company is launching a product, I m nervous as Romi and Raman are not here, you all have to come. Amma packs food for her. Ishita sees Adi and serves him butter and paratha. Adi says I think Ruhi sees everything in office. Ruhi says finally, someone said right. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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