1st March Friday Update on Young Love


1st March Friday Update on Young Love

Daddu comes to Shiv and asks with whom he’s flirting. Anandi hears it on the phone and laughs. Shiv says, I am talking to Anandi only. Daddu says, I don’t believe it. Shiv puts phone on the speaker and tells Anandi to say hello to Daddu. Anandi doesn’t say a word and disconnects. Shiv is tensed and Daddu laughs.

In her room, Ganga asks Mannu why do you do this that your mother has to hear scolding from everyone? Sumitra arrives with Sanchi. Sumitra says, scolding? You find my right advice as scolding now? I can’t even tell you to take care of your child? What did I say wrong? Ganga is crying. Sumitra says, first of all stop crying on every small matter. I agree Gehna asked you to get water, but couldn’t you tell anyone to take care of Mannu till then? Ganga looks at Sanchi. Sumitra says, if you had told me, then I would have handled him. But you don’t think all that. What if something had gone wrong. Try to understand. Sanchi interrupts and tells Ganga, maa is telling for Mannu’s good. What if something had happened to him? Leave this crying now.. and be careful from next time. Ganga cannot believe it. Sanchi tells Sumitra, everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Sumitra glares at Mannu and Ganga, and then leaves.

Sanchi now shows her true colors and tells Ganga, how anyone else would respect to someone who doesn’t have any self-respect? You don’t have any self-respect right? That you’re still in this house after everyday’s insult. If anyone else was on your place, then she would have left this house long time ago. But I guess, feelings – that you have for Jagya – still kept you here. If you have any shame left… Ganga stops her and says, I will leave very soon.. forever. Sanchi says, you better… because that will be better for you. Sanchi leaves. Mannu calls Ganga, “maa”. Ganga holds his hands and cries. She says, this house gave us a lot.. love.. respect. This house made your mother believe in living once again, but it’s time to leave from here. We have to start new life, right? Your mother has to become nurse. We will live somewhere else, but not here. She prays God to get her admission done soon. She hugs Mannu ( <3 ) and says, we will manage ourselves, but never look back to this house. Anandi comes there. Ganga wipes her tears.

Mahi is searching for his car key and sees Aashima’s scarf. He says, I never called Aashima back. He calls her now. During their conversation, Aashima says she is in Udhaipur. Mahi says, what? You’re in Udhaipur and you didn’t tell me. Aashima says, I just came with a client and was too hungry so thought to eat before calling you. Mahi says he will take her to a restaurant and make her eat what she wanted to. He asks her location and gets ready to leave by spraying perfume and all. He’s leaving and Daddu stops him. He asks him where he is going like that.. anything special. Mahi says, I was just going to meet someone. Daddu says, you must not be going to pay electricity bill by spraying half a litter perfume. Girl’s name? Mahi says, a girl? When did I say I am going to meet a girl? Daddu says, I am a retired soldier.. I can tell everything. Mahi accepts he’s going to meet a girl, but they are just friends, no affair. He leaves as he’s getting late. Daddu smiles and says, if you go like this, then affair will happen automatically.

We are back to Godh Bharai function. One guard comes to Dadisa and tells her that he wants a day off because it’s his daughter’s marriage. Dadisa says okay but make sure other guards are on the duty. The guard says they also want a day off because they want to help him in preparations. Dadisa refuses saying who will take care of Haveli then? The guard says he talked with Bhairo and he said if needed, then they will call police. He requests her and says everyone will be back by tomorrow night. Dadisa gives him permission now. Ratan’s men hear this conversation.

Sanchi takes Dadisa with her for the dance. All the ladies dance with them. Dadisa then takes Sumitra, Ira with her. Anandi and Ganga are coming down (didn’t show whether Anandi listened everything that Ganga said or no). Dadisa now takes them for the dance. Ganga didn’t want to go but Dadisa says, it’s your taisa Godh Bharai.. how can you say no. Anandi goes closer to Dadisa, but Sanchi comes in between and Anandi gets pushed. Anandi wonders. Sanchi then dances with Dadisa.

One of Ratan’s men calls him and informs him that there won’t be any guard in Haveli tonight and he can’t get better opportunity than this to take revenge. Ganga is dancing, but she is in no mood.

Shiv is in his office and Daddu comes there with someone named Girish who drives a rickshaw. Daddu tells Shiv about his problem that he has a year old daughter who has a hole in heart and needs to do an operation as soon as possible. In public hospital, he will have to wait and private hospital charge a lot. Daddu says, we can help but it’s about lots of rupees. Shiv takes some papers and assures him that he will help. He leaves.

Daddu and Shiv now discuss this matter that there should be some way for poor people like this to contact someone or NGOs for help. Daddu think of Anandi. Shiv says he also talked and Anandi was interested in doing social work. Daddu says, fantastic then.

Back to Badi Haveli, Sanchi is annoyed with everyone as she is taking tea for the guests. She says, caterer made tea, but they still want house made tea. She serves tea to the guests and everyone praises her. One guest refers her as Anandi’s sister-in-law and says, she should have some effect of her. Sanchi says, more than Anandi’s sister-in-law, I am this house’s daughter-in-law.. Jagdish’s fiance. Everyone is surprised. One guest asks Dadisa what she is saying.. when did this happen? Dadisa says, it is just decided between the families. When there is any function, then we will surely invite you all. That guest is happy for Jagya now. She gives shagun to Sanchi. Sanchi looks at Dadisa. Dadisa gestures her to take it. Sanchi takes it. The guest gives blessings to Sanchi.

Mahi and Aashima are in a restaurant. Aashima gets surprised seeing amount of food that Mahi ordered. Mahi says, you should always eat, sleep as much as you want. He asks her to start eating. Aashima loves it and thanks him otherwise she would be eating ‘boring’ sandwiches. Mahi says, it is a fashion and my passion to help beautiful ladies. Aashima is impressed. Manager comes and asks them if they would like to participate in lucky draw contest. Mahi agrees and asks Aashima if she believes in luck. Aashima says, yes. Mahi asks what’s the prize. Manager says, two tickets to Kashmir. Mahi tells Aashima, shiv and Anandi went there for honeymoon. He then realizes what he said and doesn’t want to enter the contest now. But Aashima says it’s okay and makes him participate.

Ira tells Dadisa that she is not letting her do any work. Sumitra says, Anandi and Sanchi are not letting me do any work, so there is no question for you. Ganga comes and tells Anandi and Sanchi that she will do rest of the work and asks them to rest as they have to travel to Udhaipur soon. Anandi says, how will you do all the work? And if there are 4 hands then it will be done faster. Sanchi interrupts and says, it’s house members’ responsibility to do their house work. Ira tells Anandi to let her know once she is free as they have to leave for Udhaipur. Sanchi says, but how can I go back without seeing Jagdish? Dadisa agrees with Sanchi but tells her, he will come home very late. Sanchi gets sad. Dadisa tells a worker to take out the car and take Sanchi to the hospital. Sanchi smiles and kisses Dadisa’s cheek and says, you’re awesome. Sanchi leaves happily. Ganga doesn’t seem too happy and Anandi notices it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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