28th February Thursday Update on True Love


28th February Thursday Update on True Love

Tapu is showing her newly bought designer sarees to nani in excitement, but nani is worried as rats hasn’t come back until 11 pm and she saw him talking to a girl in the morning. She warns tapu to be careful as rats is rich and many girls fall for him. Tapu rubbishes the claims but excuses herself from there thinking the same.

Rathod comes and she asks about his lateness, then some sweet moments as rats is head over heels again because tapu is showing a caring attitude. He shows baby bangles and wants tapu to produce a child. She gifts her a necklace at which tapu instantly gets in all lovey dovey mode. And apparently they consummate.

Is there going to be any punishment for her sins? Uff I cannot bring myself to write any more details about the romance between them.

Veer is dejected at night and thinks he so desperately wanted to see Ichcha but she did not let him have that chance. He thinks his punishment is to go so far away where he won’t be able to cone back.
Next morning he calls thakur jogi to tell him his decision. He tells about newspaper ad and that Ichcha will never forgive him. Jogi says Ichcha loves him a lot and so does veer. So do not take away that chance from veer and Ichcha to meet. Veer says he does not have the courage to face her anyway. Jogi exclaims why good people only have to suffer. He again apologizes for tapu and requests him not to go. Veer says he must go and to give him blessings and permission.

Jogi asks if he spoke with Umed Ji about this and veer says he is the first one to know. Veer then says his goodbyes and jogi blesses him to be happy. In the hall Mai asks Chanda if veer ate anything, Chanda says no, they see veer coming down with his bag. He announces his leaving. Dada says why is he punishing himself for their misdeeds. Mai urges him not to go as she does not have anyone else. Veer folds his hands and says not to stop him this time, everyone has to bear the sadness on their own. Umed pushes Mai to bless veer.

Veer gets blessings from mai and baba. Baba tells him that this house will always wait for him to come back. Dada says that they could not ask for forgiveness from Ichcha, but at least he can forgive him. Veer asks him not to worry, hugs and leaves. He asks Chanda didi to take care of everyone.

Ichcha feels some stomache, and damini asks her to drink milk and then come to the doctor. They also have to apply admission as the delivery can be anytime. Ichcha says she needs to go to work too. Damini is adamant to first go to the doctor.

Divya comes to tapus house with some shagun as pagphera rasam could not happen. dai ja welcomes her, but tapu is not home. nani comes out, and starts talking. she craftily gets dai ja to give home keys to nani for tapu. divya thinks that nani is spoiling the home by breaking off the relationship with dai ja. this was why she wanted her to leave the city to stay away from tapu, and she is right here. she wants to take her back, but nani refuses, and insults divya.

tapu comes home and she also takes nani side. and tells to convey to jogi that now tapu will not give them a chance to feel ashamed. divya leaves. both tapu and divya looked of the same age today.

Veer is at the airport waiting for announcements with Madura  when she constantly tells him to not go. She asks him to think carefully. Veer tells if he stays here he will do something bad. He is not going away because he wants to forget iccha, but because his sadness affects his family. He thinks they’ll be normal after he is gone, and for him whereever he goes Ichcha is always with him in his heart and so does the pain that he could not understand her. Madura says its very possible that ichcha did not read the paper, and she might need you. Veer sternly says that he cannot change his decision based on false hopes as he knows Ichcha will never come back, and that doesnt mean he will forget ichcha. he says he doesn’t want anymore arguments.

At the hospital ichchas check up is normal but her weight is less, she needs to take care of herself.  the doctor suggests to also bring ichchas husband from next time, and how its so important for the child to get both parents love. she insists ichcha to resolve her differences with her husband. they leave. ichca looks very pretty in the white dress, with the pearl jhumkis, and a star in her hair. ichcha is lost in thoughts about what doctor said that a child grows well only if both parents are there for him/her.

While they are going, jogi spots them from behind who has come for checkup at the same hospital. he calls out to ichcha and gets emotional. ichcha comes running to him and touches his feet. a very nice scene. he tells her she is so angry that did not even tell this big and good news about his second innings at being nana. he says he had thought when he meets her, first he will ask for her horgiveness and then he would pull her ears and ask why she left without telling him, but she has given him such a great news, he hugs her.

He then asks her if she has told Veer about her motherhood. He says she will have to tell him this news this instant only, otherwise she may not get that chance again. Veer is going to USA , Ichcha is shocked. Jogi tells Ichhca about all the flashbacks – Veer coming and meeting Jogi for his forgiveness that he could not take care of Ichcha, and that he wants to know her whereabouts. Then when he saw  him in basti at Ichcha;s school for peace of mind. Ichcha instantly starts crying and saying she needs to go to Veer to stop him. She askes Ammu and Jogi to go to the airport.

Veer is at the airport and constantly looks behind in the hope of some miracle happening. In the car Jogi tries to call Veer but cannot connect. Madura again says what if a miracle happens. Veer says if miracles were true Ichcha would have come at the restaurant, and your Yash…then says sorry. Madura says yash has left this world, and so cant come back, but ichcha is in this world, somewhere close. Her return is difficult, not impossible. Jogi tries calling again, but cell is switched off. They are worried if he would check in before they reach. Veer  tells Madura to take care of Umed in office. He says bye Madura , offers his hand shake and leaves for security.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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