1st March Friday Update on This is Love


1st March Friday Update on This is Love

Ishita scolding Ashok. She says Shagun is married, what are you planning. He says I can marry her, Mani is dead. She says Shagun’s memory will come back. He says no, this won’t happen, I will make sure her memory does not come back, Raman won’t come out of jail, you are my puppets right now. Amma asks him to go, else she will call police. Ashok asks him to take care of Ishita, what will she do if Raman does not come back, I have much work, you all are invited in marriage, it will happen tomorrow. He asks Roshni to come and dance in his marriage. Ishita gets angry. Ashok goes. Ishita says how to get Shagun’s memory back.

Shagun thinks of Ashok’s proposal. She thinks does he have money to secure my future, shall I leave Raman, Raman has money and family,
what shall I do. Pihu asks her to come. Shagun asks her to get glue, she will choose crystals. She sees Raman and Ishita’s marriage pic and gets shocked. She gets dizzy and faints. Pihu calls everyone. Ishita asks what happened. She gets the pic and says maybe Shagun got shock, maybe she recalled everything. Roshni says maybe this happened. Pihu says then she will call me Pihu, not Ruhi. She sprinkles water on Shagun. Shagun gets up and asks what happened. Ishita asks how did you faint, did you recall anything. Shagun says no. Pihu says I have you much work, so you fell down. Shagun says no, don’t blame yourself, I will help you. Ishita says no, let mumma rest, we will make your dress. They go. Shagun says I saw that pic before fainting, what was that. Ishita says Shagun is not recalling things, how will these tests get over. Aaliya comes and asks her to stop Shagun’s wedding. She says I lost my dad, I can’t lose my mum. Ishita says this marriage won’t happen. She thinks how to stop the marriage, Ashok threatened us, Shagun is our last hope.

Shagun says everyone is hiding something, what was that pic, what’s Ishita and Raman’s relation, is she playing any game with me, she said her parents are looking a guy for her, how is their marriage possible, they all are fooling me, what’s Ashok drama, is he lying, why is he eager to marry me, he was commitment phobic, if he wants to marry me, I should bee happy, but I don’t feel anything for him, if Raman left me, what am I doing here, why are they lying to me, I have to find truth some way, I can’t trust anyone.

Ashok gets bridal clothes. Adi stops him and says you will have some motive behind marrying mom, I want to beat you a lot, I don’t want Raman to fall in trouble, what do you want. Ashok says you have grown up, are you sure you can give me what I want. Adi says I can do anything to make you away from mom. Ashok asks for 10 crores, tell me now, what happened, this is your last chance, if you give me 10 crores, I promise I won’t marry Shagun, nothing is imp to me than Shagun. Adi agrees.

Shagun asks Neelu to make coffee for her. Ishita comes and asks how is your health. Shagun says better, there is so much to do, its marriage tomorrow. Ishita offers help. Shagun says Ashok did everything. She thinks of the pic. Ishita asks is your decision to marry Ashok fine. Shagun says definitely, I know he has financial ups and downs, but see he gave me diamond ring, he loves me a lot. Ishita says good then. Shagun asks why did you not marry till now, you are single till now, don’t mind, I m asking like a friend, you saved my life. Ruhi looks on. Shagun says I think you should marry, find a nice guy and settle in life. Ishita says I m focussing on career. Shagun says guys are happy to have working wives, I can help you in finding a good punjabi man, will it work, I mean your parents have inter caste issue, I will fix few meetings. Ishita says I m not interested in marriage. Ruhi says sorry, but why do you care, why are you forcing her, being unmarried is not a crime. Shagun scolds her. Ruhi asks her not to say anything about her parents. Ishita asks Ruhi to say sorry. Ruhi says sorry and goes. Shagun asks who is she. Ishita says she is my niece, so she reacted such, sorry, I will handle her. Shagun says Ishita’s face changed on hearing marriage name. Ruhi cries and says its all my mistake. Ishita says its not your mistake, why are you blaming yourself. Ruhi asks how, I should have not hidden truth from you. Adi stops Ishita and consoles Ruhi. He wipes her tears. He says Ishita knows its not your mistake, its raksha bandhan festival after 2 days, I understand real meaning of it now, do you know it. Ruhi says sisters tie rakhi to brothers, he always protects them. He says yes, I will also tie a rakhi to you, you always stand for me and protect me like a tigress. Ishita hugs them.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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