1st March Friday Update on This is Love

1st March Friday Update on This is Love

Ishita hugging Adi and Ruhi. She asks Ruhi not to blame herself, they will find a solution, she is her mum and promises to make everything fine. Shagun hears her. She says this girl is her daughter, Ishita said she is her niece, even Roshni called her Ishimaa, this woman is lying so much, what’s happening, what’s Ishita’s position in Bhalla house, what is she upto, I can’t trust her. Ishita says we will stop this marriage. Adi says I have an idea. He tells what Ashok said. He says Papa would have arranged money if he was here.

Ishita says Ashok won’t agree, his life’s ambition is to ruin Raman, he will not leave us, he will do this marriage. Adi asks what shall we do then. She gets inspector’s call and asks how is Raman. He says he is fine, just
12 days of parole are left, hurry up, else you can’t save Raman, I heard Ashok is marrying Shagun, is this true. Ishita says we know this. He asks what’s your plan, just Shagun can save your husband, its imp for her memory to come back. Ishita says this marriage will happen. They all get shocked. Ishita asks Aaliya does she trust her. Aaliya says yes. Ishita says we will get Ashok and Shagun marry, her memory will come back, we have to go to Mani’s house, get the keys.

She asks Adi to inform Mrs. Bhalla that she will come home to talk to Shagun. Ishita gifts a saree to Shagun and asks her to wear it in marriage. Shagun says you got saree for me, why. Ishita says I was wrong about Ashok, I realized he loves you a lot. Shagun thinks what’s going on, she wants me to marry Ashok, I have to play along to know her plan. She says its very pretty. Ishita says sorry, you marry in court, Ashok was bankrupt, he has no money, don’t know if he will stay loyal or not, I just feel it will be good if you are legally secure, you can have grand traditional marriage later, I spoke to judge also, don’t tell Ashok that I said this, he doesn’t like me, he won’t agree. Shagun thanks and goes.

Mr. Bhalla thinks how is Ishita supporting this marriage. Ishita says we all want to stop this marriage, we will let this happen, Ashok will not listen, Shagun can get her memory back, Shagun and Mani’s marriage was very imp, why don’t we get her to court, in same bridal dress, between same people, maybe she gets her entire memory, I know we are tensed, but there won’t be any solution. Adi asks will Ashok agree. She says Shagun convinced him for court marriage. Shagun gets ready. Ishita comes and recalls Shagun and Mani’s marriage. She compliments Shagun and makes her wear a necklace. She hopes Shagun remembers this necklace. She says this is exclusive necklace, you may have not seen it before, what happened, did you see it before. Shagun signs no. Ruhi says Shagun got ready, she is coming. Mrs. Bhalla wishes Ishita’s plan works.

Ishita calls someone and says stay there, that’s my last hope. She takes Shagun out and says we shall leave now. They leave. Ishita stops and prays that Shagun gets her memory back, her marriage with Ashok should not happen, Lord save my Raman.

Everyone reaches the court. Shagun says I feel I know this place. Ishita says maybe you came here before. Shagun asks where is Raman. Ishita says he went Bangkok. Shagun enters the court and get flashes. Ashok greets her and asks her to come. Lawyer says I will check about the judge. Ishita hopes Shagun recalls everything. Shagun says I feel suffocated, I will walk outside and come. Lawyer says registrar changed, he will come. Ashok goes with him. Shagun goes out. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Ishita’s plan works. Ishita stops Aaliya and says I want Shagun to figure out everything. Shagun thinks of Mani. She gets restless and says what’s happening to me.

She thinks I feel as if some memory is snatched from me, with whom did I come here before, no. Registrar greets her and says how are you. Shagun asks do you know me. He says yes, I m senior registrar. Ishita signs him to say. Shagun says we never met before. He says no, last time I have done your marriage here. She says I married Raman in mandap. He says not with Raman, Mr. Abhimanyu Raghav, Mani. Ishita looks on and says please Lord, make Shagun recall everything. Shagun holds her head.


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