1st March Friday Update on True Love


1st March Friday Update on True Love

Veer shows his concern that Ichcha had to take care of two other children by herself but she says that because of them she got a reason to live in her life. Veer wants to take everyone with him but Ammu thanks him for his kindness but says she would keep kanha and Mukta for a few days while veecha can be together. Ichcha protests but veer makes her understand.

Veer recognizes kanha and thinks he is so unlucky to have missed Ichcha earlier but Ammu tells him not to worry, and everything happens at correct time.

Nani comes very happy to tappu all dancing because she found out that veecha don’t live together and Ichcha did not come to veer seeing his ad and veer left for USA. She says all because of Ichcha tapu lost everything in life even her dsughter. Tapu is shown positive and says that she doesn’t care about veecha as she is happy in her life.

Tapu have called a pandit who tells her that she will have lots of money and a loving husband but no kids or her parents love. Rats comes and scolds him for breaking his beloved wifes heart, and throws him out. He hugs Tapu and says so long they have trust and love they can change their destiny.

Nano had cursed Ichcha to never have marital bliss and kids, just the opposite of what she has. Ammu does Aarti and blesses Ichcha veer. At b house oldies are planning a teeryh Yatra when veer comes with Ichcha. Everyone is delighted to see them. Ichcha looks pretty in red.

Mai welcomes Ichcha, and she goes to take blessings from dada who asks for forgiveness but she says he should just bless her . Then baba and kasa bless her. She comes to Mai who asks her to meet like a daughter. She asks for forgiveness saying they couldn’t recognize her except baba. She guesses Ichcha is 9 months preg from the glow on her face. She says whenever Ichcha has cone she has brought happiness and now this new baby.

Veer takes Ichcha to their nicely decorated room. The room is at least 4 times bigger than rasya room. They briefly talk about meeting at restaurant but not about Avinash. Veer feeds Ichcha with orange juice and apples. He says she looks pretty in red and she says he is holding knife in wrong direction. Ichcha feels a kick and veer puts his hand himself on ichchas tummy to feel it. Update by Glowupdate,com.They share happy moments but Ichcha remembers kanha and muku.

Jogi tells Divya about veecha and daminis independence. She is unhappy and jealous. Pushkar adds fuel to fire too. Tapu calls and Divya does not tell about veecha and hides the fact that they are coming home tomorrow. She declines her invitation stating I’ll health. Tapu guesses something is fishy and asks nani to go home and find out. Nani too refuses to go. Tapu is looking very mature now with so much make up and chubby cheeks.