1st January Friday Update On This Is Love


1st January Friday Update On This Is Love

Aaliya waking up. She recalls what happened the last night. She gets worried. Adi comes and gets coffee and rose for her. Adi asks her not to say anything, whatever happened, forget it. She asks how. He says I m always with you, whatever you said is right. Mrs. Bhalla comes there. He keeps lemon water. Adi asks her to take it back. Aaliya says sorry. Mrs. Bhalla says I had to say about yesterday. He asks is there any problem if we are talking, you can’t give us time alone. Raman looks on. Adi argues with Mrs. Bhalla. She cries and sees Raman. Raman stops her and says mum did wrong, it does not mean you will behave badly, say sorry to her right now.

Adi says I m sorry Dadi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman not to shout like this. Adi says I have apologized to Dadi on your
saying. Raman says you will have to apologize to her. Adi says I know what happens in this house, rules apply to few people here, I tried to become a good son and grandson, if I have to choose between becoming a good son or good husband, I decided to become good husband, I can’t keep everyone happy at once. Ishita looks on.

Ruhi sees Ishita trying to open the cupboard. Ishita says I want the keys. Ruhi asks what are you finding in my cupboard. Ishita looks around and sees Ruhi’s room. She says I got mad, why did I come in your room. Ruhi asks why are you worried. Ishita says Adi and Raman are arguing so much, you relax, everything will be fine. She hugs Ruhi and goes.

Mihika asks what happened, come and have food. Ruhi says I had to talk to you, I need your help, Ishita is worried for Adi and Raman’s fight. Romi says I think I should talk to Adi. Mihika says no, I don’t think he will understand us, just help Raman in office. Ruhi says yes, we have much work. Romi asks what about Adi, we can’t leave him like this. Ruhi says I think we should leave this on Ishita. Raman says we have made Adi, he is showing us attitude, if he does not stay like I say, he has to leave this house, he forgot I m his dad. She thinks how to sort this matter. She asks him to calm down.

Aaliya comes to Adi. Adi asks what are you doing. Aaliya says whatever happened, I don’t have courage to face everyone. He says nothing, they have habit of all this. Aaliya says I can’t do this. Adi says don’t worry, I m with you. Ishita says Adi is not wrong, you are very emotional, what’s wrong if he has supported his wife, you would have stood with me, you always misbehave with Papa ji. Raman says I will not tolerate Adi, either he will be as I say or leave from this house. Aaliya says I was not right, I have hurt everyone a lot, Ishita always supported me, how could I mean. Adi asks her not to think much and takes her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to have food. Raman collides with Adi. Aaliya says sorry. Adi says no need of saying sorry to anyone. Ishita asks what are you saying, talk to Raman with respect, you want us to silently see your misbehaviour. She asks Aaliya to be quiet, you came home in drunken state, we did mistakes, it happens, it does not mean you will fight, it takes time to adjust, Raman and Adi came home in drunken state, we did not clap for them, even if Ruhi did this, we would have slapped her too, wine is not allowed in this house, you are bahu and have responsibility on your head, we all have responsibilities and we fulfill it. Aaliya says sorry, this won’t happen again.

Ashok signs the deal. Taneja says now Raman will be worried. Ashok says yes, we made all packaging units before, Raman’s product won’t have any packaging units. Taneja says I have a product, I started its packaging right now, Raman can’t launch his drink. Ashok says you have played well, Raman should feel Adi did this. Taneja praises Ashok’s smartness. Ashok says I want Raman and Adi to get away, divide and rule is our policy.

Ruhi gets informed that packaging units are not available. She tells the problem to Raman. She says all production will get ruined. Raman says hire someone else. Ruhi says every packaging unit is busy. He asks how is it possible, whose orders do they have. She says forget it. He asks again. She says all units are busy for Adi and Taneja’s order. He says Adi is doing this, he thinks his ego is bigger. She says I know Taneja did this takeover, Adi does not know. Raman says Taneja is a businessman and will do this, tell Ishita how much her son fell low. She asks him to listen. He goes. She says Adi can never do this, Raman can’t see what Ishita can see.

Ishita says Raman feels Adi is his enemy. Amma says their products are different. Ishita says they both will have loss, others will use their fight. Mrs. Bhalla says when Raman and Shagun got married, he used to fight with Mr. Bhalla always, same thing is happening now. Ishita says we can’t compare Aaliya and Shagun, she tries to control Adi. Amma and Mihika say you can make things fine, this happens in beginning, relations break and house too. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t say this, Ishita can manage, I m sure. Ishita looks on.

everyone dining. Adi and Raman pick the same bowl. Raman leaves the bowl. The dish falls over Adi. Adi asks what’s this. Mr. Bhalla asks what’s happening. Adi says he has made this fall on me purposely. Raman says you are doing this purposely, you used all packaging units. Adi says you said we should not talk about work at home. Raman says this is my house, I will make rules, you get out. Ishita says Adi is our son, he will not go anywhere. She asks Adi to respect Raman, its fine, daal fell by mistake. Raman and Adi argue and shout on each other. Adi taunts Raman on his two marriages. Everyone looks on.

Raman slaps Adi. They all get shocked. Raman scolds him. Adi goes. Raman asks everyone to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla says what’s happening in this house. Ishita goes to Raman. Raman asks her to go to her son and take side. Ishita says you scolded Adi a lot, why are you arguing with me. Raman says Adi is my son, I raised him, how can he insult me, what shall I listen now, everyone feel its my mistake, its better I should leave, I will go office, don’t come after me, don’t follow. He goes. Ishita gets sad and thinks what to do of Raman and Adi, don’t understand, my husband and son are on either sides, I just want my family to be together. Roshni comes and tells about some patient’s emergency. She says I will tell them that you can’t come for work. Ishita says no, I will be leaving. Roshni says no, Mihika told me what happened, be with Raman here. Ishita says Raman is not calm, I will go for work, ups and downs come in life, it does not mean we stop working, we should not mix personal life in work. Roshni says I will come along. Ishita says you learnt everything soon, I m very proud of you.

Someone comes to Pihu industries to meet Raman. Guard says see the time, you can’t meet him, Raman is not here. Lady says he has come to meet me. He asks who are you. She says I m Kiran, I m his business partner. Raman comes and greets her. She says Romi has sent me the address. He asks her to come.

Romi thinks of Adi and Raman’s fight. He cries. Mihika asks what happened, are you fine, even you are not getting sleep. Romi says you have seen Raman’s state, what’s happening, Raman is much hurt. She says you feel Adi realized this, no, he can’t understand this. He says I thought why we have no child, I m glad that I can’t become a father, I don’t want such children like Adi, I can’t see Raman like this. Mihika consoles him. She says this phase comes in everyone’s life, parents always want good for children, Adi will also realize this, stop crying.

Raman asks Kiran to sit. Kiran says I m very sorry, can I call you Raman. He says sure. She compliments him. She asks do you think I m flirting, I just say what’s in my heart. Raman says I like your honesty. She says I have disturbed you late night, I can understand, your and your son’s project had launch on same time, you are a good father to sacrifice for son, my dad says nothing is imp than family, I m sure your son is proud of you. Raman recalls Adi.

He gives her tea. He says we will talk about work. She says I feel we are doing business together and share things. He says you said right about family, family should come first, don’t know why everyone doesn’t understand this, my friend has problems with his son, his wife is also misunderstanding him, I was thinking about him. She says don’t worry, relax.

Ishita sees Adi’s childhood pic and shows Roshni. She says he was away from Raman for long time, but Raman loves him a lot, Adi was very angry, more than Raman, then he started loving Raman and me so much, he became the world’s best child. Roshni asks what happened. Ishita says things changed a lot, they became each other’s enemy, Raman feels I m supporting Adi and not him, he is fighting with me, Raman feels so angry, its not right to make son an enemy, I have to choose between my husband and son. Kiran says my dad says many ups and downs come in life, you can come out of problem by patience, tell this to your friend. He says thanks for advice, where are you staying. She says I booked the room, but I landed late. He says I will book another room, or you can stay in my home. She says no, I will stay in some hotel. Roshni asks Ishita to go home and relax.

Aaliya talks to Shagun and says I will not talk to Adi right now, he is in tension, he went to see packaging unit, he is doing everything alone, Adi would be coming, I will call later. Adi comes. He asks whom is she talking to. He tells about Shagun’s call. She says why did Shagun give wrong advice to Adi.

Raman and Kiran are on the way. She says Jhansi ki rani’s call, I m sure she is your wife. He says yes, I will talk to her later. Ishita looks for Raman and thinks where is he, how did he not reach till now. She calls again. Kiran says she is calling again. Raman says I don’t answer calls while driving, she will scold me if I do. Raman drops Kiran to the hotel. She says I think you should talk to your wife and son, how long will you be upset. He asks what are you saying. She says I know your friend’s story is yours, its useful to think from someone’s mind. He says I appreciate your concern. She asks him not to think much, she is explaining him as a good friend. He shakes hands with her and thanks her. She says we are good friends from now on. He says sure, take some rest. She goes. Raman says sweet girl and smiles.