1st February Friday Update on True Love


1st February Friday Update on True Love

Tappu leaving her baby in the baranda of that orphanage and going to meet Mr.Rathod when that thief takes the baby away. Veer in his house is remembering Ichha and crying his heart out in depression Tappu reaches Mr.Rathod’s house and tells her that she is ready to submit herself to him but she wants to know that whether he will accept her without the baby ;Tappu further asks Mr.Rathod that if he really claims to love her then is he ready to accept her without the baby right now ;Hearing this Mr.Rathod tells Tappu that he will give reply to her query later but first she needs to tell her where is his baby …whether its in Veer’s house or her father’s house ? ;So then Tappu tells Mr.Rathod that she knew he never loved her but only wanted to marry her for the baby ;Tappu further tells Mr.Rathod that people call her selfish but in reality everyone from the Bundelas to him r selfish because all only wanted the baby from her for various reasons but noone really cared about her ..Tappu also tells Mr.Rathod that Veer is better than him because at least Veer never claimed to love her but he accepted her only for the baby and he was clear about it…;

Meanwhile Gunwanti and Nani returns home when Chanda gives them the breaking news of how Veer kicked Tappu and her baby out of the house and is in ferocious mood sulking alone in the room ;Hearing this Gunwanti rushes to Veer’s room to know the reason while Nani is scared now Tappu continues to accuse Mr.Rathod and question his love for her when finally Mr.Rathod asks Tappu that does she know the true meaning of love ;Mr.Rathod further tells Tappu that yes he loves her a lot and thats the only reason he went through all the humiliation because of her or else he would hv never bailed out Veer from jail or he would hv never returned back with his baarat from Bundela house but he did all that for her happiness and peace of mind because he cares for her and her life or else she knows very well that if Mr.Rathod wants to get anything in life then he can do it with his money power and that includes getting a baby too since every women will b ready to stand in a queue with their babies for him ;

Mr.Rathod also tells Tappu that he hated her arrogent attitude and lies but today he saw the change in her when she herself came to her house and opened her heart out to him …Mr.Rathod then tells Tappu that they can talk about all this later but first he needs to know where is his baby Hearing this Tappu tells Rathod that she wont tell him about the baby unless he gives the answer to her question that whether he is ready to accept her without the baby ;Hearing this finally Rathod tells Tappu that yes he is ready to accept her without the baby because he loves her a lot and he dunno if its some sort of madness or obsession but he can do anything for her ;

Mr.Rathod further tells Tappu that when a man loves a woman then he really wants to b committed towards her by marrying her and starting a family with her and thats the only reason why he always


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