19 March Tuesday Update on This is Love


19 March Tuesday Update on This is Love

Ruhi coming home and asking Neelu to get tea. Mihika checks the pics sent by Pihu. Ruhi asks her about Pooja, Ishita told her husband didn’t want a child. Mihika tells everything. Ruhi says how can anyone think of aborting a girl child. Mihika says Pooja hates her husband for this, but she is not protective and loving towards Riya, she is busy always, when Ishita tried to talk, she got angry, Garewal also got annoyed.

Ruhi says maybe she found managing child alone, I think we should not judge her, I wanted to meet her, maybe next time. Pihu tells Riya that Raman and Ishita reached Mumbai, they are coming home. Garewal says Pooja, we will wait till Raman comes, I will get idol along with him. Pooja agrees. Raman and Ishita are on the way and talk. Raman says

whenever I think of Riya, I think of that creep, I would have killed that man if I knew him. Ishita thinks of Ruhi’s words.
Pihu says we will do puja together, it will be fun, what happened. Riya says I wish my Papa was here, I want to do puja with my mum and dad. Pihu says Lord hears kids’s prayers, you also pray to him, Ganesh ji is coming today, you pray to him, he will send your dad to him. Ruhi gets Pihu’s message. She gets the pics and checks. She gets shocked seeing Riya with Pooja. Mihika asks what happened, why are you shocked. Ruhi says nothing. Mihika asks her to have tea. Ruhi recalls Mihika and Nikhil’s words. She thinks if Ishita doesn’t believe Pooja, I m sure she is lying, but Nikhil doesn’t know Riya is his daughter, I have to tell this to him and Ishita. She goes. Mihika says what happened to him.

Ruhi shows the pic to Nikhil and says Riya is your daughter. Nikhil recalls Riya and gets sad. He says I have to meet him. Ruhi says she has gone to her Nanu’s house to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. He says so what, I can’t wait. She says you know what story they said at home. He says I don’t care, just I know what I have gone through, I will tell Riya I love her, and her mum didn’t want her. Ruhi says this will badly affect Riya, trust me, I know this, it will affect her. He says fine, tell me is this right that Riya and I long for each other. Ruhi says I understand, you are her dad, try to understand, they will not let you meet Riya. He say they can give me to police, but I want to meet her, hug her and tell I m her dad, I love her. Ruhi says I will come along, Riya trusts and loves me. Garewal likes me and knows I m imp for her, I promise I will make you meet her.

Raman and Ishita meet Garewal. Raman thanks him. Garewal asks him to come, they will go and get idol, kids are excited. Pooja comes and says sorry, you guys carry on, I have work. Maid asks her about ordering prasad. Pooja asks her to give money to driver, he will get it. Maid says we have to pre order modak. Ishita asks shall I make modaks, Raman you go with kids. Garewal asks her to go by car if she wants to go for shopping. Maid talks to Ishita and says Ganesh ji enters home today, we don’t shut the door. They leave.

Raman, Garewal and kids see the idols. Raman says I also want to give money for this idol, we are celebrating for the first time. Garewal agrees. Pihu asks what about decorations. Riya says we will decorate as you want. Few goons come there. The man says I did the work as you want, pick this Modak and see. The goon checks the modak and puts diamonds inside.


Nikhil and Ruhi check in Mumbai hotel. He asks her not to tell anything to her parents, he will talk to Pooja. She says wait, Ishita can talk to Garewal. He says no, I want to confront Pooja, let me fight this alone. He reaches Garewal’s house and hears from servant that only Pooja is in the house today. Nikhil comes to Pooja. She gets shocked and asks how did you come here. He asks where is Riya. She says she has gone with Papa to get Ganpati idol.

He says I know she is my daughter. She says she is not yours…. He says stop lying, you wanted to do abortion, why did you give her birth then. She says yes, I didn’t want a child that would tie me to you, so I came to Papa feeling he will help me, but he forced me to have that baby. He says you would have given that baby to me. She says how would I get sympathy then. He asks are you hearing what you are saying. She says yes, I didn’t like raising a child, Papa gave us a good lifestyle, I don’t care what you think. He says you made me villain in your Papa’s eyes, are you serious, what kind of woman are you. She asks him to go away. He says your dad should know what you did to get his money. Garewak asks Raman to pick the idol, we will cover it. They cover the idol. Goon sees the modak with that idol. Pihu collides with the goon taking the idol. Few things fall down. Garewal holds Pihu. Raman sees the goon. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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