19 March Tuesday Update on Young Love


19 March Tuesday Update on Young Love

Ira, Sachi and Meenu are at a store checking out jewellery for Sachi. Sachi expresses her desire to look her best on the engagement day, so that Jagya (J) would not look at anyone else other than her.

Badi Haveli

At the haveli the ladies of the house are deciding what jewellry they need to give Sachi. In the midst of these happenings, the days are passing by (depicted on a calender). Gehena’s baby girl is in DS arms when DS assures the kid that she has reserved her sshare of jewellery. In the next scene J is shown walking into a room (think it is the room Ganga (G) stayed while in the haveli) in the haveli and remembering the time spent with Mannu and Ganga. DS notices J in the room.

Days are passing by and the women are busy in the engagement preparations. On the other hand J is busy in the hospital with G playing nurse but J is shown giving her a cold shoulder. Basant and Bhairav are also shown involved in the preparations of all the ceremonies.

G calls Gehena to find out about her and the baby’s health. In the next scene its the 15th of the month and G is shown packing for Mangalore with little Mannu sadly watching her. She puts him to sleep since they have to leave early the next day. She sadly tells Mannu that the train will take them far away from Jaitser, the village, the people their memories, all will remain her but they will go far away.

Badi Haveli

Nandu is playing with his little sister when Dadi Sa (DS) asks him to sleep since he needs to wake up early. Nandu requests to play for some more time. Gehena tells him that when he was a kid, DS played with him the most. Nandu is happy to hear that. Nandu then exclaims how Mannu used to play with him and then is left disappointed since Mannu is not around. He asks DS when Mannu will be back but before Ds answers, their conversation is interrupted by Makhan who comes to give DS some stuff. DS takes an account of the stuff that Makhan brought and tells Nandu that it is needed to keep Gehena and the baby healthy. Nandu is confused as to how the baby will get healthy if Gehena eats all the stuff. To this DS asks him to stop asking so many questions and asks him to go to sleep.DS asks Gehena also to rest.

Next day, DS is up and about the preparations for the day. The whole family are also doing their bit. DS takes an account of all the preparations including the decorations and gifts for the Shekhars. Sumitra tells DS that she is waiting for the engagement to get done after which she will look forward to the wedding. Sumitra tells DS that they should get them married as soon as Sachi finishes her exams. DS asks Sumitra to slow down and take one thing at a time.

They get back to the preparations. Gehena is shown getting the baby ready. Nandu asks Gehena what name were they thinking for the baby. Sumitra who is also in the room tells him that after the pandit suggests the first letter for the name they will think of something. Nandu is shown exicted about the day. Sumitra asks Gehena to get ready.

In the next scene Nandu is downstairs asking DS when Anandi (A) and Sachi will arrive. Just then A announces their arrival. Nandu tells A how cute his new sister is. A and Sachi greet everyone. Basant and Bhairav leave. A tells DS that she is so happy since the family is going to witness happy days after such a long time. Hearing this Sachi feels left out and calls for attention from DS. DS exclaims how bright DS is looking. Sachi asks for J. Sachi asks DS if she can meet J. DS asks her to meet him for sometime only after which they cannot meet until the engagement. Sachi runs upstairs to meet J.

In his room a sad J is sitting in deep thought. Sachi closes his eyes with her hands when J guesses that it is her. Sachi is surprised as to how J guessed correctly. J tells her that no one else would do this other than her. Sachi exclaims how excited and in disbelief she is about their engagement. She asks J how he feels when A interrupts their conversation. Sachi is irritated with this interruption but masks her feelings. A tells Sachi that she will now have to cut their meeting short since they need to abide by the customs. A forces a adamant Sachi to rest in the guest room until the time of the engagement. Sachi is irritated about the old fashioned rituals and walks away.

A turns to see a sad J and asks him if he is ok. J says he is fine when she asks him about G. J tells her that G will leave soon to Mangalore. A is surprised as G is leaving on this day and also wonders why since J was planning to drop her. J is just about to tell her the reason when Sumi enters. Seeing her A hugs her when Sumi tells A that she was worried that A is still angry with her. A tells her that she is her daughter and hence she cannot be angry with her for long.


A then asks J what he plans to wear on the engagement. J tells her that he will be wearing his normal clothes. Sumi tells them that she has got a new shervani made for him. Sumi asks A to come for the Suraj Poojan when A tells her that she will be back after seeing the new baby. J is left sad and looks at the clock when he realizes that its time for G to leave.

In the next scene Sachi is shown in Gehena’s room with the baby when she is adoring the new baby. Just then A enters which draws Gehena’s attention from Sachi to A. Sachi is irritated about this. Gehena takes the baby from Sachi’s hands and gives her to A. A cuddles the baby while Sachi is left irritated.


G and Mannu are leaving the house. G tells herself that J is very angry with her and did not talk to her either. She feels that it is the right thing since it will be easy for her to forget him that way. Back int he haveli J is remembering the letter that G had left for him before leaving the haveli. He remembers about the doll that Sachi had gifted J saying that it was fro Mannu. J takes the doll and says to himself that Mannu is very attached to that doll. With this the show ends showing J, G and Mannu in one frame CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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