18 March Monday Update on Young Love

18 March Monday Update on Young Love

Jagya is leaving the hospital. He sees Ganga praying and stops. Ganga tells matarani, you helped me whenever I needed help being doctor sahab. I am very happy that my new life will start with doctor sahab’s hand and in his presence. He will come back after dropping me, but he will always stay with me. His memories will always give me strength to succeed in my life. Jagya smiles and leaves without talking to her.

He comes home. Dadisa asks him to sit with her. Jagya says, I know you all must be thinking that I am being stubborn and not listening to you. But try to understand me.. she hasn’t seen any place outside Jaitsar.. how can I send her outside alone. Dadisa says, I understand you, but your mother is crying and crying. See her condition right now.. I can’t see it. and I can’t say her anything either.. she is your mother and is doing this for your happiness. Jagya says, I understand her feelings and even I am feeling bad, but on 16th.. Dadisa says, I changed myself thinking its all your lives and your all decisions. She asks him to think one more time saying many people’s happiness are with his decision.

Sanchi is asking Anandi about Jagya’s family members and making a list. Anandi asks why she is making a list. Alok says she wants to give gifts to everyone. Anandi says, but if you see they are my family and this is my sasural so we don’t need to give gifts. Alok says, but now with Sanchi getting engaged, and we are from girl side so we need to give gifts. Sanchi fumes and tells Anandi, stop saying my family my family everytime.. now they are going to be my family too and I can do whatever I want. Everyone glares at her. She realizes what she just said and laughs and says, I was just kidding. Alok then tells Anandi.. Sanchi is not wrong either.

Ganga is feeding Mannu. He sees Dadisa and says, Dadisa. Ganga says, you’re missing her? Dadisa says, Dadisa is also missing him. Ganga turns and is surprised to see her. She takes blessings and invites her in. Dadisa sits beside Mannu and asks him, how are you? Ganga is feeling very happy. Dadisa says, I miss you two a lot. Ganga gets emotional and says, we also miss you all and others as well. She asks her for tea. Dadisa says, i am not a guest.. I will ask if I need anything. You sit with me.. and then gives her money. She says, I know you won’t take it, but you’re like my daughter and am giving to my daughter so keep it. You’re going that far to a new place.. don’t know whether we will meet again or no.. keep it. Ganga still says no. She says, you came here to meet us and thought about us, that’s more than enough for me. Give me your blessings and that will be enough. Dadisa says, my blessings are always with you. n it’s a new place.. so know everyone well before trusting them. she then tells Mannu not to bother her mother a lot and tells Ganga to take care of him. She continues, I will never forget how you had to leave the house. Ganga says, don’t say that.. I am very happy that I got to know you all and got love from you all. Ganga then changes topic and asks about Gehna and her daughter. Dadisa says, both are fine and tell her about naming ceremony. Ganga says, thats very good. Dadisa now says, Jagya’s engagement time is on same day, but he is not getting ready. Ganga asks, why? Dadisa says, you’re leaving for Mangalore same day and he wants to come with you so you don’t face any trouble. Ganga says, because of me? But doctor sahab never told me about this. Dadisa says, he won’t tell you. Ganga says, such a big happiness in his life.. cant be postponed because of me. Dadisa continues, we told him that there is no other good time for next 4 months, but he is just not listening. Ganga says, I will talk to him and he will have to listen to me. Dadisa says, but how will you manage alone? Ganga says, many women do manage.. I will manage to and Ganshyam kaka is with me too. You don’t worry.. I will talk to doctor sahab and his engagement will take place on date and time decided. Dadisa gives blessings to Ganga and says, you took away big stress from me. She gives blessings to Mannu and then leaves. Dadisa says in her mind, please forgive me God.. I had to choose this way to stop Jagdish.

Jagya is thinking about Ganga and his argument with family about his engagement. He then comes to meet Ganga. Ganga is surprised to see him and Mannu is happy. Jagya asks her, can I come in? Ganga says, sure.. she asks him if everything is fine. Jagya says, I was missing Mannu so came to see him. Mannu smiles. Ganga again asks him if he is fine and everything is fine at home. Jagya says, everything is fine. Ganga seems him upset and says, you’re lying. There is something wrong for sure. Jagya says, i said na.. everything is fine. don’t worry about me. Ganga says in her mind, i know what’s bothering him.. if i ask him straight then he will know someone told me from haveli. She asks him again and says, seeing you upset like this, I am not feeling good. Tell me.. what’s the matter. Jagya now says, my engagement is fixed.. on 16th. Ganga says, that’s good. Jagya says, how that’s good? we have to leave for Mangalore on 16th. Your course is starting from 18th.. if I knew about this before, then I would have got some other date. And engagement can be done on some other day. He’s very furious. He continues, but no one listening to me. Ganga says, then you try to understand. Your happiness is more important than me going to Mangalore. Ghanshyam kaka is with me as well. Jagya stops her and says, I have taken your responsibility.. it’s my duty to settle you down in other city and I can’t step back from my duty. Ganga says, you have duty towards your family as well. A new rishta is waiting for you. Dont worry about me… Jagya gets more furious and says, I can’t stop worrying about you. Both look at each other. Ganga then joins hands to him and requests him, please do not postpone your engagement because of me. I am requesting you. That day came in that family after so long.. celebrate it with everyone. I will go Mangalore myself and everything will go fine. Jagya says, yes.. you will do everything. But if I don’t come with you, then I won’t be able to forgive myself entire life. And I don’t want discuss it anymore.

Ganga says, fine.. if you don’t listen to me, then I won’t go Mangalore either. Jagya is shocked. Ganga continues, try to understand me.. that family gave me so much love. How will I be able to see anything bad happening to that family. Think what people will say.. what Anandi’s sasural will think.. that you’re postponing your engagement just to drop another woman. What’s our relationship? Everyone will say anything about us tomorrow.. will you like that? Answer me. Do you still want to come Mangalore with me? Jagya is quiet. He then says, fine.. I won’t come Mangalore and leaves from there.

At Shiv’s house, everyone is the living room, eating ice cream. Daddu is teasing Sanchi that after her engagement, whenever she talks with Jagdish, she will talk in front of everyone. Sanchi says, so you don’t want me to spend any time alone with him, right? Seeing her sad face, daddu says, okay then don’t come in front of us.. we will stand behind you and hear everything. Everyone laughs. Shiv returns home. He tells everyone, there is a slight problem.. we will have to postpone the engagement. Sanchi and everyone is shocked! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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