15th October Tuesday Update on True Love

15th October Tuesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Chanda in Tej’s room thinking about the pandit telling her Tej is getting married. She has a flashback of finding young girls’ photos from his cupboard.
Tej comes to the room, and he says why do you appear everywhere like a ghost?
Chanda gets angry and says, are you marrying this ‘ghost’?
He says, you forgot who you’re talking to? Don’t talk to me like I’m your friend.
Chanda says, first answer my question… who’re you marrying?
Tej says, one more time you call me ‘tu’ I will slap you so hard, your teeth will fall on the ground.
Chanda says, oh, so you think you will hit me and I will stay quiet? Tell me when are you calling the pandit for muhoorat?
Tej says, what pandit-wandit? kundli etc. I don’t believe in all that. I will decide the date for my marriage, I will decide the muhoorat.
Chanda says, oh really? Then the pandit who came a short time ago, whose wedding muhoorat did he come for?? He told me everything.
Tej starts leaving and Chanda blocks his way.
She says, I am repeating it again and again, don’t try to deceive me. I’m understanding it now, you want to marry a young girl.
Tej says, yes, that’s what I plan on doing? He forcibly takes her to the mirror and says look at your face, you don’t look younger than 50. And you want me to marry you? This haveli is mine – Tej Singh Bundela’s haveli. You’re living here because I said so. Go away from here.
Chanda says, you haven’t recognized Chanda properly Tej Singh. I had doubts on you that’s why I kept a proof of all your black deeds.
Tej says, what proof?
Chanda says, I won’t tell you.
Tej says, tell me or else…
Chanda says, or else what?? What would you do? Kill me?? Like you killed Daddaji?
Tej is shocked and quiet.
Chanda says, YES, I know you’re the one who killed Daddaji and if you take one more step forward, I will scream and get the whole house here. She leaves the room angrily.
Tej holds his head in his hands.
Chanda comes to her room and says, Tej Singh, until I’m alive, you will marry someone else?? I won’t let that happen.
She goes to her cupboard again, takes out a locked trunk filled with jewellery and gets a small cassette out.

Someone walking in Bundela house late at night with chloroform bottle in his hand.

Chanda puts the cassette in the camera nad watches the video of Daddaji being murdered by Tej.
There’s a knock on her door and she hides the trunk but forgets the camera on the bed.
She opens the door and there’s no one outside. She asks who is it??
Tej puts a hanky full of chloroform on her face and she goes unconscious.
He says, what proof was she talking about? I can’t even ask her now. He looks around the room and finds the camera. He picks it up and plays it to see the video of him killing Daddaji.
He says, she is quiet clever. Even more clever than Tej.
He takes the cassette out of the camera and takes it with him. Says the proof vanished by magic.
He puts Chanda in a big bag with a zip.

Gunwanti calling Chanda in the house. Amla says, if she’s at home then she will listen to you? I’m looking for her too.
Gunwanti says, she must have gone to the temple?
Tej comes and says Chanda has gone somewhere (couldn’t understand the names of the places he mentioned).
Amla says, see? She told ‘chhotey sasurji’ but not us.
He says I took her to the airport and put her in the plane myself.
Amla says, she went in an airplane? He says yes.
She says, she’s lucky. We used to watch aeroplanes from our roof and she told me when she goes in one of them she will take me too, but now she went alone. Mai is making faces at Amla.
Left me alone over here.
Tej says, next time I will give you a ticket. He smiles and leaves.
Amla says, look he’s so nice, and here you are.
Mai says, enough talk… bring some chai, I have to go to the hospital too. Amla leaves.
Mai says, how dare Chanda leave without telling me? Let her come back, I will teach her a lesson.

Mukta’s phone ringing. She picks it up and it’s Tej on the other side.
He says, Good Morning Dream Girl. She says, please don’t call me. Whatever you have to say, say it to Nani.
He says, I am marrying you… I don’t have to do anything with Nani.
Please take your wedding dress and get ready.
Mukta says, but there are still a few days for the marriage. He says, no it’s today… the muhoorat came for today.
Mukta is shocked.
He says, come to Durga Mandir with Mataji at 8 pm.
Amla comes and sees Tej talking on the phone.
He says, bye… I have to go and get the room ready for my bride. She didn’t say bye, she’s shy.
Amla is thinking, there’s something wrong… I will go tell Mai. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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