16th October Wednesday Update on Young Love

16th October Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Ganga politely scolding Mannu for Gauri’s fall. Mannu says sorry. Ganga apologizes to him and says she didn’t know what she is doing. Jagya asks Ganga not to take his words seriously. He says, I can’t see you in this awkward condition. I want her to get well and leave from here. I wonder why I took her here. Ganga says, she can understand him and she also agreed with him. She promises to take care of Gauri. She asks Mannu to change the clothes and then have food.

Subhadra puts the powder inside the laddo to be given to Anandi. She says, now see what I will do with your reputation. She says, Vaid ji said that it will show its effect after 1 hour. Today’s breakfast will be good. She says sorry to God and says she is doing this for Hardik.

Suman makes Puri chole for her husband. She goes to pick the call, but the call gets disconnected. Again phone starts ringing. Hot oil falls on her hand. Saachi comes after hearing her screams and puts water on her hands. Suman cries. Saachi calls Vivek and Roshan, but their phones are not connecting. Saachi takes her to the hospital.

Meenu tells everyone that Shiv’s photo is published in the newspaper. Alok says, he is very handsome and is photogenic. They argue that Shiv is handsome and also photogenic. Daddu says, he will decide. Anandi comes. Daddu puts the food in his plate. Anandi asks him, if you eats this much then what we will eat. Nothing will be left for us. Daddu gets shocked and says sorry. Anandi says, she was just joking. She made enough food. Everyone get tensed. Subhadra smiles.

Saachi and Suman are in the car. Saachi asks the driver to drive fast and calls Vivek. Vivek sees her missed calls and calls her. Saachi informs him about Suman burnt hand. She says, she is reaching the hospital in 5 mins. Vivek says, he will be coming there with Papa.

Amol says bye to everyone before going to school. Subhadra stops him and gives him candies. Amol looks at her. Subhadra says, I behaved rudely with him and kisses him while apologizing. Amol asks her not to apologize being an elder. Subhadra says, your mom can’t be wrong. Everyone is surprised at her behavior. Subhadra asks him to kiss her. Amol gives her a kiss. Anandi takes Amol outside.

Roshan comes to the hospital. Suman asks him not to worry. Vivek asks Doctor about her. Doctor says, burn is serious but Saachi told immediate action. She will be fine in some days and suggest them to let her stay here. Suman refuses to stay in the hospital. Saachi says, maa is right. We shall take her home. I will take care of maa. Doctor agrees and asks her to take care of her.

Meenu gives clothes to Ira. Ira thanks her. Meenu asks, are you thinking something? Ira says, Subhadra seems to be acting when she was speaking to Amol. Meenu says, I didn’t feel like she is acting. Ira says, buaji will be same like before. Meenu disagrees. Ira says, we will take her test. Meenu agrees.

Jagya gets a call. He says, he will be reaching there in 5 mins. Gauri asks him to come near him and asks Ganga to click their picture so that she can tell everyone how Jagya treated her. Gauri pulls him closer to her. Ganga takes the photo. Gauri sees the photo and praises it. Ganga looks sad. Jagya says he will leave. He looks at Ganga. Gauri tells her that she always wanted to see Jagya like this. Ganga says she will give her medicines. Gauri asks, can we get back together. She says their lives would be different if they behaved maturely. Ganga says, she will bring water. Gauri says, I love you Jagat and looks at the photo. Ganga is shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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