15th October Tuesday Update on This is Love

15th October Tuesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Raman getting angry on Sudha. Rohan stops him. He says look madam, I m not interested in this, do you like humiliating a family this way, I don’t care for Aaliya’s past, I don’t know why Ishita killed her son, there would be a big reason for this which I don’t want to know, Aaliya loves and respects Ishita a lot, do you like doing this, this doesn’t suit your personality, please don’t do this and leave from here. Raman asks Sudha to leave. Sudha goes. Shagun thanks Rohan. Raman says we shall leave now, I don’t want to have dinner. Raman, Ishita and Aaliya leave. Mani says sorry, I invited you so that you and Aaliya get to talk and know each other well. Rohan says its fine, I won’t lose soon.

Ruhi comes there and asks for Raman and family. Lady says the already left. Ruhi sees a lady coming and hugging Karan. She gets her husband Kushal’s call and lies to him. Ruhi hears them. Karan takes her to room upstairs. Ruhi says Karan is a cheap man, how can someone do this with his friend’s wife, I should inform Rohan, who knows Rohan is also like his brother. She hears Kushal. Kushal says I have come to meet Karan, he would be with some lady, what’s the room number. He goes. Ruhi says Karan is gone now. She goes to see. Ishita and Mihika go to cook. Aaliya stops Ishita and says we all are upset, why shall we listen to nonsense. Ishita says I didn’t wish to argue. Aaliya says I think we should do something legally. Raman says I would have not left her if I wasn’t on wheelchair. Shagun says I think Rohan is really good, he managed the matter and defended us, he is a man of integrity, why are we doubting on his background.

Raman asks why are you and Mani hurrying for Aaliya’s marriage, Mani why did you invite Rohan. Aaliya asks did you invite Rohan. Mani says yes, I want Aaliya to move, I wanted them to meet and talk. Ishita says we should not push her more. Mani says I think she is confused. Raman says she is not a kid. Mani says she is my daughter, I will decide right for her. Ishita says she is our daughter, she lives here, she will take the decision. Mani asks how can you say this. Aaliya says I have no interest in Rohan. She goes. Raman asks are you happy now, is this Aaliya’s happiness. Mani and Shagun leave.

The lady says I m madly in love with you. She flirts with Karan. Kushal comes there and thanks Karan. Karan says your wife is greedy gold digger, she can do anything for money, you can see the truth and take the call. He leaves. Kushal scolds his wife. Ruhi looks on and smiles. She thinks he is like dad, maybe I judged him wrong, he isn’t bad hearted. Mihika gets the grocery delivered. Ishita asks where is Ruhi. Mihika says she is getting ready for office. Ishita asks Ruhi to come back soon, they have to attend Navratri function. Ruhi says whatever Rohan did, do you think Aaliya will like to meet him. Ishita says we can talk about this later.

Ruhi says Rohan’s brother…. Door bell rings. A lady comes home and says I have come to meet Mr and Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita says they aren’t at home, come. The lady says you don’t know me, I know a little bit about me, I m Kaushalya, Rohan’s mom, sorry to come along with nurse, my health isn’t well, my kidneys are on dialysis, Delhi’s climate doesn’t suit me, my sons instructed nurse to be with me, they don’t know that I have come here, I want to request you, accept Rohan’s proposal, he loves and wants to marry Aaliya. Ruhi gets Aaliya there. Kaushalya compliments her and says Rohan has shown me your pic. Raman says we need some time. Kaushalya says we are a cultured family, Rohan is educated and handsome, Karan and Rohan started their own company. Ishita says we met Rohan, I know but… Kaushalya says I m helpless and want to settle my sons till I m able to manage, Navratri days are going on, if you say yes, we can do Roka.

Raman says we understand, but this doesn’t mean that we get Aaliya married soon, we have no objection if you are in hurry, you can get him married to someone else, we need some time. Ishita says sorry. Kaushalya gives a card and says feel free to call me if your decisions changes. Ishita says we will talk to Aaliya and tell you. Nurse takes Kaushalya. Kaushalya goes out and says they refused straight. She waits for lift. She goes towards stairs. Nurse is on call. Nurse goes to see her. Kaushalya gets dizzy and faints. Nurse shouts. Amma hears her and goes to see. People help. Amma says take her slowly. Mani comes to Rohan’s office. Rohan says I m glad that you have come. He says I want to meet you to talk, you handled situation well, you saved our family from humiliation, I m impressed, I want Aaliya to get a life partner like you. Rohan thanks him. He gets a call. He asks what, why did you take her there. He says so sorry, I have to leave. Mani asks what happened, can I help. Rohan says no, I have to leave. Mani says you can’t drive, sit, I will take you. Ishita says it will be your decision, what do you think. Aaliya gets quiet.

Aaliya saying I have no feelings for Rohan, whatever Adi did, I don’t think I can trust anyone, I met Rohan, he helped us, I met his mom, I think he is a nice guy from a good family, but I m not sure about this relation or marriage. Ishita says your confusion is stopping you, you face your fears. Aaliya says I don’t trust my judgement, I think your decision will be best. Ishita says we will have to take it slow. Raman says Mani is eager, I can’t trust him. Aaliya says he is emotional and thinking for me, he wants me to get remarried and settle down, he doesn’t know I m already happy, I trust you. Rohan asks is she okay. Doctor says her BP is high, is there any stress. Rohan goes to ask nurse. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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