12th December Wednesday Update On This Is Love

Raman and Ishita finding the girl. Ishita says its all locked. The driver asks Shanti is Roshni ready. Shanti says yes. The man says its bachelors party, the guys have come to see pretty girls, will this work. Shanti says yes, we should get good money if anything happens with her. He says she is not able to sit, did you give her much dose. She says no, I know how much dose to give, make her stand behind other girls, guys like shy girls, maybe anyone chooses her. She says sometimes you talk right. She asks him to go, she will get her. She ties the veil to Roshni’s face.

Aaliya talks to friend and says I m very excited, I always wanted to go Greece. Mani comes to her and asks her is she fine. Aaliya says I m fine. Mani says I understand, you will be worried, are
you sure you are fine. She says I feel there is something I don’t know. He says I m not comfortable for Adi’s bachelors party, I know you are worried. She says no, its a simple party. Shagun comes and smiles. Mani says its not simple party, I attended it once, I feel shy to think of it. Aaliya says so cute, Raman and Romi will be with Adi, he is very simple like you, I know he won’t do such thing. Shagun says I knew Mani will overreact, even hens party is there for girls, let Adi enjoy, its last week of his freedom. Mani asks is Aaliya a jail, what do you mean. Aaliya asks what are you saying. Mani says girls will be in that party. Aaliya says Adi respects girls, he is Ishita’s son, he can’t break my trust. They smile.

Adi asks what’s all this. His friend says enjoy today. Romi says its your bachelors party, sing and dance. Adi asks Romi to listen. Romi asks the guys to start. Adi worries for Roshni. He says I left her in park, if she complains in police then. Romi says she is not a small kid, you did not get her call, it means everything is fine, your friends did arrangements, enjoy. Adi says Aaliya will not find this right, what’s the need of this. Romi says you are not old, Aaliya knows this, she is okay with it. Adi asks really. Romi says yes, its all perfect.

The guys tie the cloth to Adi’s eyes and take him to the dance floor. Adi asks what’s happening. The dancers dance. Roshni gets dizzy. Ishita hears the music and asks Raman about it. Raman says yes, lets follow the sound. Adi goes away. Romi takes drink for him. He asks what happened, have this. Adi refuses. Romi says listen, you know the guys who are going to get married, wait for bachelors party, enjoy it, I was mad in my party, what happened to you. Adi says I could enjoy in just drinks party, girls and all look strange. Romi asks are you of Bhalla family or Iyers, we don’t sit calm, see how mummy drinks and takes house on her head, come. Romi leaves Adi with the girls to dance. Roshni sees Adi and recalls their marriage. She thinks he is my husband, its not right if he sees me in this state.

Shagun calls Ishita. Ishita does not answer. Shagun says she is so careless, she did not inform me about embroidery. Aaliya says sorry, I also forgot. Shagun says anyway, I will go Bhalla house and wait for her. Aaliya says its late. Shagun says we can’t delay more, I will meet Ishita and decide, Ishita can’t do this always. Aaliya thinks no, if they meet, they will fight again, I will come along.

Shanti and the driver see Roshni. Shanti asks him to take Roshni to the groom, if groom touches her, I will pay double. Ishita says stop it, what’s happening. Romi asks who is it. Adi says Ishi maa. Romi sees Ishita and Raman. Shanti recalls Ishita and says she came to our house, she heard Roshni’s scream, I think she is following us, she can give us to police, we shall leave, we will see that girl later. They leave.

Raman asks Romi what’s happening. Romi says Adi’s friends gave bachelors party to Adi. Ishita asks will you call girls and keep such party. Adi says yes, I told Romi. Ishita says you know difference between right and wrong, why did you not say. Romi says its not Adi’s mistake, it was surprise for him, I planned this, its normal party. Raman says sorry, everyone leave, the party is over. Adi calls Aaliya. She asks about party photos. Adi says its fine. Aaliya says I won’t let you go in any party alone, is this silent party, what’s happening. He asks where are you. She says I m going Bhalla house with Shagun. He says fine, I will meet you. She asks why is he leaving party and coming home.

Ishita asks the dancers to go. Dancers ask for money. Adi signs Romi. Romi says I will pay. Ishita says I will pay. Raman asks Romi and Adi to go home. They leave. Ishita pays the dancers. Roshni stumbles. Ishita says Raman, she is falling. Raman holds her and says she can’t breath. He removes her veil. She sees Roshni and says I have seen her. She recalls meeting Roshni’s mum in temple and says she is from Khandpur. He says we will take her to doctor.

Shagun asks where is Ishita. Neelu tells Mihika she made dinner. Mr Bhalla asks Shagun and Aaliya to have food. Shagun says no, Mani is waiting at home. She asks Mihika to call Ishita. Ruhi comes with a lady. The lady says I got Gangajal bottle for you and Iyers. She goes.Muhika calls Ishita. Shagun says Ishita is so careless, she does not care for anything. Romi comes home. Shagun asks how did you come early, is party over. Romi says no, I came to meet mum. He goes. Mihika says what work he has with mummy ji.

Raman and Ishita make Roshni sit in car. She asks what now, we won’t tell police. He says someone would have kidnapped her, why don’t we tell police. She says her mum said her marriage happened by difficulty, we will ask her what happened with her when she gets conscious. He says we won’t tell family. She says we are taking her home, we can’t hide it. He says we will ask Gagan about her. Mihika calls him. He answers. Mihika asks is Ishita with you. Ishita talks. Mihika says Shagun and Aaliya are waiting for you. Ishita says sorry, we are coming, we will come and talk. Ishita ends call and says Shagun will get angry, I don’t have embroidery sample. He says don’t worry, Shagun will understand, saving this girl is more imp, we will talk to Gagan once this girl gets conscious. She says what would have happened with this girl.

Romi saying Ishita spoiled the party. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did you keep such party for Adi. He asks her to keep bag. She asks what’s it, tell me. He opens the bag. She sees wine bottles and says after Raman’s matter, Ishita banned wine at home. He asks her to keep it. She asks for Adi. He says I dropped him to Mani’s house, I will go now, Ishita will scold me. She says fine, go else everyone will doubt on you. He goes. Raman and Ishita bring Roshni home. Raman lies Roshni on sofa. They all ask who is this girl. Ishita asks Romi to say, or shall I say. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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