12th December Wednesday Update On True Love

Veer is angry on Ichha for not coming for the dinner while Ichha tells to herself about how she cannot tell anything to Veer about Saanchi or Tappu’s truth yet without any proof Tappu gets a phone call from Mr.Rathod who tells Tappu that she shouldn’t hv gone to the restaurent with Veer and then reminds her that only 29 days r left for their marriage and so during this time period she can meet all her loved ones before coming to his house forever;

Mr.Rathod also asks Tappu to take good care of their baby ;Tappu throws the phone away in frustation Jogi tells Divya that they should bring Tappu back in the house now on which Divya tells Jogi that she asked Tappu about it but she seems to b happy in Bundela house with Mai,Baba,Daddaji and others; Hearing this Jogi in concerned tone tells to himself that he knows why she is so happy in that house on which Divya in confused tone tells Jogi that why is he not sounding happy about it ;Jogi doesn’t respond to Divya and goes from there…

Chanda and Mai are shown cleaning the store room where Veer and Vansh’s childhood toys r kept ;Mai sees each of those toys and relives the childhood memories of both Veer and Vansh and how they used to fight over a ball ..; Jogi comes to meet Tappu when Mai tells Jogi that Tappu will come downstairs once she finishes her breakfast on which Jogi tells Mai that it seems very good care of his daughter has been take here; Hearing this Mai tells Jogi that why not since Tappu is carrying their Vansh in her womb;

Jogi then tells Mai that till the time Tappu comes ,he wants to meet Ichha Jogi then himself goes to Ichha’s room to meet her and ask her whether she is happy or not on which Ichha as usual try to lie and show her fake happiness to Jogi; But Jogi catches her lie and tells her that he saw Veer-Tappu in the restaurent yesterday but she was not there..why ? ;Hearing this Ichha once again lies to Jogi that since Kasa Kaka is not at home,so she was busy in some work but Jogi in his reply tells Ichha that this is her childhood habit …she always tried to hide the truth related to Tappu and always gives away her part of the happiness to Tappu but this time it will not do since she has grown up now and is married as well. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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